09.14.3013: A Kiss to Build a Dream On
Summary: Solon visits Eirene in the guest room she occupies at the Fortress in Phylon. He is frazzled from almost being kissed publicly at Talayla's wedding and Eirene offers him the gift she's brought from Mare Maris to console him.
Date: 8 September 2013
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Solon Eirene 

TP Room 2
Guest Chambers in the Cindravale Fortress (in log)
September 14, 3013

The past few days vacationing near the beaches of the Southern Wilds have been like a dream for Eirene. Upon her return to Phylon and the Fortress of House Cindravale, the young noblewoman has been keeping herself busy tending to a few work details and some artistic projects she has put off. Sadly, she was unable to attend the wedding celebration of Lady Talayla to Lord Barton. Surely she will catch some heat for this, but she has a lovely present to offer the newlyweds. Eirene is aware Solon was going to try to pass by and after spending a few days in each other's company, it's best to have a little space.

Sitting in her guest room, the young noblewoman is dressed in a dark blue gown with delicate silver embroidery upon the neckline, wrists, and hem. Her hair is left loose as she has been fairly casual for most of the day. As she paces back and forth, she glances to her tablet, humming some of the lyrics she's written down, finding something odd with the sequence and in the harmony. However, the reason she is on edge is because she sent a message to Solon perhaps thirty minutes ago asking him to stop by her chambers before retiring for the night. It's already ten in the evening. Maybe she is being /too/ forward, but as their friendship continues to grow, she hopes he will see this as an opportunity to catch up with each other and a moment where she can share the gift she brought for him.

There is a fire crackling in the hearth, and the lovely room is lit by a dim glow. The air is soft and lightly breezy as it spills in through her open windows. So far, her favorite spot has been finding refuge on the comfortable window seat that faces the gardens. "If he does not reply soon, I might as well just retire for the night. I cannot push too hard. We are just friends." The words are like a mantra. /Just/ friends, even if in her heart of hearts, she would like for more.

Indeed, Solon did receive the message left by Lady Eirene, but a series of small unfortunate circumstances have let him slightly shaken. He's tried to search out his siblings and cousins first, perhaps as a way to try and find someone to talk about things, but it doesn't seem that is an option with none of them in sight. Finally, he decides that it might be best to go ahead and speak with Eirene, he's already a little late and it would be rather rude of him to continue to make her wait.
Still dressed in the finery he wore to the reception, Solon approaches her room, his hands ensuring that his clothing is still presentable. Finally reaching the door, he extends a hand to knock, but before he does he pulls back and swallows. Is she asleep? Is he too late? He could come back in the morning, but… if she's not asleep and she's waiting for him? That would be rather unfortunate as well. Taking a chance he reaches back out and knocks on the door.

Eirene is startled by the knock but there is a sheepish grin on her face as she rises from her seat and tip toes over to spritz on some perfume. She checks her hair in the mirror and smoothes over her dress before running to the door. Then, on second thought, her chambers are large enough to have a small table and two chairs in the petite seating area kept separate from sleeping area. "Yes, come in. It's open." Her sweet voice calls out on her way back towards the window seat where she practices a pretty lounge for Solon to catch her in a tender repose. As the door begins to open, Eirene finishes fussing and just /relaxes/ against the fine pillows. She's been observing Jane.

Hearing her voice bid him enter, Solon goes ahead and does so. As he enters the room, his eyes dance around the room, finally finding Eirene. Although he smiles at her, he does blush softly. Closing the door, he realizes that he still has his sword at his hip. Removing the sheathe, he places his weapon so it is leaning against the wall by the door before turning and moving across the room. "My Lady, pardon my interruption. I did not know if you were still awake or not. Do you mind if I sit?" He motions towards one of the empty chairs.

Eirene sits up nice and straight before rising to her feet when Solon comes in. She brims with joy and shares the glow of blush on her cheeks at the very sight of him. "It is no interruption at all, my lord, please. I would love for you to join me." She gestures to the window seat as there is more than enough room for the two of them to sit and maintain propriety. "I am happy to see you. I had hoped I was not being too forward with my invitation. I fear I am becoming a bit homesick and a friendly face brings me much comfort. How was your evening? You look very handsome in your attire. I am sure Lady Talayla was happy to see you at her wedding reception."

Nodding, Solon goes ahead and takes a seat in the offered location, first making sure one last time that his clothes are neat and pristine before doing so. "It is my pleasure to join you, La…" He pauses here, considering for a brief moment before continuing, "Eirene." Yes, it seems he shall make an effort to be less formal today. "I am sorry to hear about your homesickness? Would you like for me to try and see what we can do about getting you home to alleviate these feelings?" He does pause to blush slightly at her compliment, saying only, "She seemed to be in good spirits overall. I am glad I was able to give her my wishes and a gift, although I fear that some of the other guests need to learn some etiquette."

Eirene maintains her sweet countenance while Solon takes a seat and makes himself more comfortable. Just from the overall look on her face, she quite enjoys the sound of her given name rolling off of his lips. If given a moment of privacy, she would swoon with delight. "I have been keeping in touch with my mother. She is a charming and darling woman. I would very much like for you to meet her one day. She would adore your company." Quickly turning to retrieve something from her belongings, Eirene returns to sit beside Solon on the window seat. "I am thrilled for Lady Talayla. She deserves a lifetime of happiness with Lord Barton." In her hands is a medium sized aqua gift box with a pretty white bow wrapped around it. "I have been a terrible guest. I meant to give this to you when I first arrived. It is something from Mare Maris, a personal token I wish for you to have as a symbol of my thanks and gratitude." Attempting to overcome her shyness, Eirene holds the box out for Solon to take. Much like a child, full of wonder and mischief, there is a brilliant innocent aura about the songstress that radiates about her.

"Yes, I feel that Lady Talayla and Lord Barton will be happy together in their union, they seemed quite happy already about it all. I am very pleased for them." He winces slightly as he recalls the Bianka trying to kiss him incident. "Again, I wish that some of our peers would realize that trying to kiss someone you just met isn't really the type of behavior one should engage in. Perhaps it was due to an excess of drink, or perhaps it was how some people behave during weddings. I cannot say, I am not the most experienced person when it comes to weddings, after all."
As Solon watches Eirene pull out the aqua gift box, his eyebrows raise. "A gift? You need not have done such a think, but I appreciate the gesture nonetheless." Taking the box from her, he holds it for several moments, taking it in. Finally, he places the box on his lap and runs his hand over the cover once before going ahead and opening it up.

Eirene gasps and giggles. She feigns finding this topic /oh so scandalous/. "Kissing someone you've just met?! Young Lord Solon Cindravale!" She chides. "I take it you were the recipient of such an event? I cannot say I could blame a woman for trying." Was that flirting? Oh the flutter of her lashes suggest so. She turns a lovely shade of pink and turns her attention to the gift. Once the lid is removed, inside the medium sized box is a beautiful conch seashell with a pale beige exterior and a silky, shimmery pink inside. Eirene watches Solon as he discovers his gift and gives him a moment to realize what it is. "It is from my private collection. If you hold it up to your ear, you can hear the ocean crashing onto the shore. When I return home, if you ever feel lonely, or in need of a friend, you can place the shell near your ear, and think of me." The gesture itself is extremely thoughtful and there is nothing flirtatious about the tone of her voice or even her body language. Eirene is very much sincere in her gifts.

With the lid cracked, Solon offers Eirene a slight frown, "Indeed. Lady Sir Bianka Ibrahm decided to try and kiss me. I just met her, and there she was, trying to… well, that is probably more I should have said, I am sorry for burdening with you with such things." Removing the lid now, he glances inside to see the conch shell. Setting the box to the side, he lifts the shell carefully with both hands and gives it a cursory examination before bringing it up to his ear. Closing his eyes he smiles slightly, listening to something it appears. After several minutes of this he blinks his eyes open and pulls the shell away from his ear. Bringing it back to his lap, he continues to stare at it as he says, "It is wonderful. I will treasure it always and think of you whenever my eyes shall fall upon it. I only wish I could offer you something so wonderful in return."

Eirene places the back of her hand to her forehead and once more feigns total and complete shock. "Wait, Lady Bianka, I have met her. She's extremely tall and broad and brawny!" Oh the images. "She would crush you, Solon!" There is a fit of giggles while the young heir of Cindravale examines his gift and becomes acquainted with the shell. Only after she has composed herself, Eirene reaches out and lightly places her hand on Solon's. "You have. You've given me refuge, opened your home to me, and offered me your friendship." The touch of goosebumps riddles her skin despite being clothed under her long sleeved dress. "Solon," Eirene looks up with a wide look in her eyes. "I.." She pauses again. "What were those sounds on the beach the other evening, behind the rocks?" Clearly this is not what she wanted to say, but since they both heard the strange sounds. "It was almost like a goat was being tortured. Did Lord Garus kill a goat by chance?"

Blinking for a second, Solon then shifts his expression to offer a light laugh. "Yes, I suppose she could if she wanted to. She seems to be rather strong, probably a very formidable fighter on the battlefield though." He places the conch shell back in its box for now, keeping it safe until he can put it in a good location back in his chambers. "There is nothing to thank me for, Eirene. What I have offered you is simply what anyone would do in these circumstances. I am just glad you can enjoy your time here." The question about Garus though… that totally throws him off. "I… I do not think he was slaughtering a goat… uh… I do not think so anyway."

Eirene nibbles onto her lower lip and rises from her seat. She takes a few paces and finds her fingers twirling idly into her hair. While her back is turned to Solon, she searches for the strength to say what is on her mind. "That was a silly thing to say. You intimidate me. I am so sure of myself when you are not around and I plan out all these beautiful and elaborate things to say to you." She turns slowly and glances just over her shoulder. "Then, you are in my presence, and I become weak. I do not want to say the wrong things in front of you for fear you may think ill of me. But, is it really what you would do for /anyone/ in this circumstance, or, is there perhaps the chance you might have taken special care of me because you wanted to and not because you had to?"

"Wait… You are intimidated by me? May I ask why you would feel such a way?" Solon seems a little taken aback by this, he's never seen himself as someone who is intimidating. "You are far from a weak woman, Eirene. You have a great strength within you, look at the joy you bring to the lives of others because of your singing? No one who is weak could be capable enough of accomplishing such feats." Solon is still trying to wrap his head around where this discussion may be headed, actually truth be told, he's still recovering from the question about the sounds on the beach, and it's probably due to this confusion that he offers Eirene a simple shrug when he responds, "I may have but more effort into seeing after you than I would most of our guests, yes." It's only after he says this that he realizes what he's done and his eyes widen slightly.

Eirene turns around and leans slightly against the edge of the table, facing Solon. She smiles softly and he can see her cheeks beginning to blush. "I am very much enjoying getting to know you, Solon. I am intimidated by you, because, I wish to be perfect for you." It is then the young woman plucks out a dainty white handkerchief from her bell sleeve. Delicate lace trims the border and stitched in an elegant script are the initials 'EV'. A step or two is taken forward to narrow the gap between them. "I wish to offer you my favor, for the tournament." At least that is how Jane phrased it. This is what she should be doing before some other floozy gets in her way. "We've only just begun to scratch at the surface, getting to know one another, but I would like to know you more. You intrigue me and inspire me. You are my muse."

Reaching out to take the handkerchief, he holds it delicately as his mind processes everything that has just been said. A finger traces the 'EV' over and over again. It finally occurs to him that he probably shouldn't keep doing that, and so he rises to face her. "Eirene, I will ride in the tourney, and the Six willing, I will do well to honor the favor you have shown me." He doesn't want to say win because that wouldn't be very humble, but a strong part of him does wish to win, if only to make her proud of having given him her favor. "You humble me greatly with your claim that I am your muse. I do not know how a simple man such as myself could ever be the muse for someone so talented as you, but you honor me." Something grabs him then, and for reasons he knows not why, he leans forward and gently places a chaste kiss upon her cheek.

Chaste or not, the affection sends rivulets of shivers down her spine. Eirene suddenly feels very lucky and blessed that she mustered up the courage to as Jane advised. Instinct takes over and her hand gently rises to caress Solon's cheek. Every part of her body trembles in the wake of his kiss. "You will be spectacular. I have no doubt in my mind." The words are simple and reassuring. "I cannot wait to attend." Her next bold move is to lean into the man and take him into a delicate embrace. Her finger idly traces his lips as the sting of his kiss continues to burn her cheek. "Do you think your paramour will be there, too?" The slow incline of her brow and wolfish grin gives way to her devilish and playful nature. She pokes a bit of fun before offering, "I will protect you. She will have to get through me first if she wishes to bestow a kiss upon heir of Cindravale."

It surprised even him that he would take such a bold action. It is on the tip of his tongue to offer any number of apologies. As he prepares himself to do so, or to deal with her getting upset, he feels her press lightly against him as well. Taking in a breath he freezes for a moment or two, letting his mind take control of the situation rather than react on reflex. His first instinct may have ended up causing a bit of damage to his reputation at the very least. Finally reaching an arm up he meets her embrace with one of his own, trying his best to maintain propriety. "My paramour? I suppose one would be there if I had one. What would ever give you the idea that I had a paramour?" The entire question causes him to blink in surprise, but only for a moment. Offering her a slight grin he asks, "Oh, are you my protector now?"

Eirene mouths the name 'Bianka' as Solon didn't get her little joke. As for protector, again, the young noblewoman smiles boldly and nods sagely. "Indeed, I mean, look at these muscles!" To which Eirene proceeds to flex her slender biceps. "Solon," She whispers. "I could never think poorly of you. You are the epitome of chivalry, so, you need not fear to hold me with gentleness as you do now. I have been kissed, but never more than that. I promised myself I would only give myself intimately to my husband. I know you will honor and respect me. But, the warmth of your arms around me," Eirene leans in once more and rests her head against his shoulder, "is comforting. I could only pray I give you the same solace in return."

Solon licks his lips once, his entire mouth feeling like it just went dry. "I… yes, I find this rather comforting, though like you, I have also made myself the same vows. I…" Again he feels himself at a loss for words as she rests his head against his shoulder. He's not exactly sure what he should do, or if he can say anything else without his voice sounding very raspy. His heart is beating faster than normal, and well, it's just all very confusing. He finally decides that the safest course of action in this circumstance is to lean down slightly and kiss the top of her head, hoping that the gesture is received as one of comfort more than anything else.

Eirene tilts her head back to catch the look in his eyes. With the confession, there is even more attraction pulling her towards him. "Have you?" A smile draws onto her face and softens her look. She too feels her heart beating faster, but not with any kind of confusion. "I think that is very honorable of you. It shows great strength and loyalty. I am pleasantly surprised and, almost relieved to hear we share a similar bond." Eirene is indeed comforted by the kiss to her head. She returns the tenderness by gently running a couple of fingers across the side of head to push back some of those wayward curls. "I'm very nervous by public displays of affection, but in private, I feel my guard can be let down. There are no prying eyes.."

"Is it? Does it?" Solon's mind is whirling to keep up with the situation that he now finds himself in. It's not unpleasant, oh no, far from that. Rather, he is confused about his feelings, and how to actually act upon those feelings. His mind races to try and find some middle ground, some solution to everything. Instead he comes to one simple conclusion. As she tilts her head back to look at him, he leans in and very gently presses his lips to hers. The kiss is soft and gentle and not quite chaste, but not anything deeper. Not yet. Perhaps he still feels the need to continue things down a slow path, should there indeed be things to develop. Deep down he knows that he cannot afford to let himself get too attached to this woman. His mother could have very different plans for him, plans that do not include House Volen, or perhaps his mother will act on the slight hint he dropped to her and perhaps things will become much more.
Pulling away after what seems an eternity but is probably not more than a few seconds, Solon lightly extricates himself from the embrace and offers her a smile, "Forgive me if I was a little brash, Eirene. It… it seemed the right course of action. Sadly, I must part company with you for now, there are some patrols being put together in the morning, and it might seem unseemly for us to be alone together for very much longer. I would not do anything that would damage your reputation." Offering her a slight peck on the cheek once again, he takes her gift and turns to head to the door. "Sweet dreams, Eirene. Perhaps we can take a walk in the garden again in the very near future and talk. I do enjoy talking with you." Picking up his sword he then steps out.

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