08.18.3013: A Khourni Wedding
Summary: Erik and Johana get married, and then get worried that a patrol has been ambushed. Time for fighting!
Date: 18 August 2013
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Hanging Gardens, Obsidia, The Crescent
A green oasis in the midst of the white city of Obsidia and the gray and brown continent of the Crescent, the Hanging Gardens are kept cool and bright with misters placed at the top of the white maze-like walls that twist and turn through the half-mile expanse. The white stone of the walls is almost invisible beneath the fall of greenery descending from hidden planters within them. Clinging ivies and draping vines make what would otherwise be a stark space soft and comfortable, the flora carefully chosen so that there is always something blooming somewhere in the Gardens. There are benches and arbors tucked here and there into the near-maze, providing places to sit and relax, and there is even a small lawn around an equally-small pond at the center of the Gardens.
18 August 3013

The wedding was an elaborate affair that took place in Phylon. Following the handwritten vows the two spoke to each other the groom was told to kiss his bride in which he did with flourish and none of the restraint he is known to show in public. With an arm supporting her back, he held her in a small dip before his lips met hers in an intense kiss.

Once the ceremony was over and they were introduced as Young Lady Sir Johana Ibrahm and Lord Sir Erik Ibrahm of Cindravale, the guests were dismissed for the feast held in the Hanging Gardens in Obsidia. The hanging gardens, already a lovely oasis, are decorated with ivory orchids spilling from stone pots near each of the stone benches. Instead of an ice sculpture, Obsidian has been carved into the sigils of Ibrahm and Cindravale and are the centerpiece, hovering over the central pond on a glass bridge that arcs across and reflects in the water.

The feast was a lavish event filled with a large variety of food and wine and beer. After the feast, the tables were cleared and removed to make room for mingling and dancing.

Lady Reena Khournas was one of Johana's bridesmaids, the two having been friends for so long. She's in the sleek and sexy gown that was chosen by the bride, and she is beaming with good cheer for her friend as she sits with the couple at the head table. She ate sparingly, less due to the quality of food or hunger level, and more to do with the fact there is NO ROOM in this dress.

Today, Erik is wearing a much more formal outfit than the usual noble attire that he has on. The style is still the same though, a militaristic aspect driving the noble's choice of fashion. The tunic is buttoned up the middle, and is in the colors of his old House, House Cindravale. It may be the last time that the man born in the Vale will be wearing such colors. The high, stiff collar rises up almost like a gorget and around it is a long cape in the Valen colors of dark blue.
During the vow exchange, Erik's vows is not the standard lines that one would find in a union out of duty, but something personalized for his new lady wife and the kiss certainly accomplished with flare, rather fitting for a Valen. At the feast, the new Ibrahm enjoyed the feast but was careful to eat just enough, not over-stuffing himself. Most of his attention was spent on the lady at his side, Johana, but he does make proper conversation with his brothers as well and also those on his wife's side as well.
When the feasting is finally over and tables removed, Erik's eyes look over those who have attended, proud and genuinely happy today. Taking Johana's hand into his, he takes her a couple of step forward before speaking in a loud voice, "Everyone! My Dearest Lady Johana and I would like to thank you all for attending the ceremony and being here to celebrate this most joyous and special event. We truly appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts, and let all be witness to the beginnings of a strong union between myself and my new wife. Now…" There is a pause as the Valen turns to Johana, "If my lady wife would grant me to the honor of the first dance?" The hand holder hers is raised as Erik bows properly to the Ibrahm heir.

Anabethe could hardly miss the wedding of one of her good friends and closest vassal families, and so she arrived in style. Not that it stopped her from enjoying the feast heartily. By the time it's time for dancing, she's already had several drinks, though in her usual fashion, she seems to be holding up just fine. Even if she leans back in her chair with a contented smile as she watches the people gathered.

It's a garden party, that means it's beer in Victor's right hand, with his left actually offered out to Devon as the tables are cleared away. "So I gotta admit, the Valen's got a bit of style with the kiss." He leads her toward the wedding party where portions of his family and extended family are seated, taking a sip from his glass of beer and raising it up in an informal salute in response to the loud words. "To the newest Ibrahm." At least he can be a gracious. Settling in between the collection of people from the head table and the Khournas table to serve as a conversation bridge between Bethe and Reena, he turns to watch the request for the first dance.

Devon Grantham has been in a state of nervousness since the moment this whole wedding affair began. She has been hiding it relatively well for now, burying it deep down in her belly as she maintains a front of grace. She maintains her hand on his arm, which spares him having to worry about a slightly sweaty palm. She nods her head gently to his assessment. "Valens tend to go for the dramatic, which does mean their kisses are quite breathtaking." She doesn't speak out of experience, really. She looks up toward Erik and Johana as the woman is escorted their way, and she offers a bit of a nod of her head to the pair as she smiles.

Through the ceremony, Lord Nitrim Khournas was seated by himself, lacking the Sauveur date that has been expected of him. Freshly styled and dressed to kill, however, he's taken a short break since the wedding itself to disappear until now he returns. Keeping his own company, he slips a flute of champagne from a passing tray and sips as his body weaves through the crowd on a lazy path that drags him slower and slower towards the blushing bride and groom.

Does wear a rather elegant yet casual wear in the form of shirt and suit. In fitting dark red shirt with the black suit. The rest of his outfit in black to continue in the Ibrahm colors. Eating perhaps less then usual but it is hard to say as he does eat a lot still as he is a large one. Sitting near his sister and her husband during the feast. Most likely having held a simple toast at some point during the feast. As it ends he does hang the suit to the side to be a bit more comfortable. Holding a beer in his hand and drinking as he smiles to those present. Keeping nearby his sister. Raising his drink and nodding his head to the newlyweds.

Music is playing softly providing both a tune for dancing or just background music, whichever suits the mood of the moment. Standing at her husbands side, Ana remains silent as he gives the thanks. Catching the nod from Devon, she returns it along with a warm smile. "The newest Ibrahm." Agreeing with the salute from Victor. As Erik requests the dance of her, their first dance as husband and wife, she dips into a curtsy, but the grin curving her lips is far from demure. "I would be honored to share the first dance with you." Rising from her curtsy to him, she places her hand in his so he can lead her to an empty place. The smile speaks volumes, but her eyes reflect the deeper emotions.

Reena descends from the head table's spot and makes her way towards the cluster of family and friends at the side of the cleared space. "Devon! Beth! You two look gorgeous. Victor! You look, ah, uncomfortable? Handsome though, certainly." She grins and winks at her cousin.

Present as well, Sammel is here together with his betrothed, Lady Elodie Iah. It seems that since their betrothal was announced, the two of them have become quite comfortable in each other's presence. While the knight is wearing formal clothing of his house colors, the lady is wearing a dress of red, the crimson brocade that flows back from one shoulder a striking contrast to her pale skin and dark hair. Starting to lead the way over in the direction of the happy couple of the day, Sammel pauses as he sees the two of them heading out onto the dance floor now.

When Johana accepts his gesture and offer, Erik flashes her a warm smile and begins to lead her to the main dancing area. As they pass the various nobles present, the new Ibrahm bows his head and offers grins until they arrive at their destination. That is when his attention is fully on his new wife and when the dance number begins, the ex-Valen transitions to the rhythm smoothly. The grace that Erik is moving with while dancing with Johana, one can tell that the new Ibrahm was very well controlled when it came to drinking. Though volume was not different than any others, it appears that he may have asked his server to keep the wine watered. The smile that he shares with his new wife is focusd fully on her, as if during this dance, it is a moment just for the two of them, despite the number of honored guests that are attending.

"You look stunning, Reena," Anabethe smiles warmly at her sister, raising a glass of wine in salute. "And the ceremony was lovely. Ana looks…" She watches her friend as she goes to dance, smile softening. "Well, she looks happy, so I'm glad for it." She nods to Devon and Victor, straightening a bit in her seat. "I probably shouldn't tease you two, should I?" she asks, smile slipping crooked.

Victor snorts at Devon's assessment of Valen kissing, "Yeah, 'cause they've all got secret tricks that they're taught as kids." He seems rather more at home in the party than Devon, but then again, they're his family. He raises his glass again at Reena's words, "Thanks." Bringing that hand back up, he tugs at the collar of his jacket a touch, "Lookin' good yourself, Reena, since I didn't get to tell you that already." And then he points two fingers from his beer-glass-filled hand towards Devon and Anabethe, "And since I already told them that." Those words might be a little more pointed towards Reena, since she accused him of not complimenting his betrothed earlier, but at least there's a teasing edge to that point. Spotting Nitrim in the crowd, the Khourni knight's shoulders tighten a little, and he starts to scan the crowd, only to be interrupted by Anabethe, "Why not? Everyone else has."

Erik and Johana have to ruin EVERYTHING by dancing. As Nitrim nears the group, the two slip off to dance, and Nitrim can barely keep from cringing. With Reena, Anabethe, Devon, and Victor so nearby, he veers on a path that will lead him behind their backs to the Khourni table. Quietly, he stops to look over a tray of food and one-hands a plate down. Taking up the serving fork, he digs at the food to slip the cuts of vegetables and meats onto the plate.

As he leads her past the others, Ana can't help but smile, tossing Reena a wink and a thumbs up. Looking every inch a glowing bride, she faces Erik once he takes her in his arms, giving him a dazzling smile, a hand in his while the other rests on his shoulder. Her wine had also been diluted so that she would fully have her wits about her for the entirety of the reception and… after. Their bodies flow to the music, attuned to one another and when Erik whispers to her, Ana actually blushes and whispers something in return.

Reena chuckles. "I didn't eat any wedding cake. There's just no room in this dress. The pain of looking this good," she drawls with a quick grin. She looks over at Ana and Eric, then at Sammel and Elodie, and sighs. "They all look happy," she murmurs. Kadmus is nowhere to be seen. He may be deployed, or just late, or simply not coming. She spies her little brother lurking and slips quietly over to the table he's at. "Hiding? Really now Nitrim, that doesn't become you," she quips.

Devon has her gaze tilted aside, watching the interaction between Johana and Erik. She watches them as they move toward the dance floor, her pale eyes tracing their every movement. Then she starts to smile in a gentle curve of her lips, and she breaks her gaze from them to turn toward Victor once more. She shakes her head a bit to his comment about kissing Valen before she looks toward the other Khourni women present. "I must say that Lady Johana has a fine choice in dresses for her maids. You all looked lovely." She nods gently to Anabethe, ensuring that she is in that compliment.

"Hiding? Is that what I'm doing here, Ree?" Nitrim smirks, his lip creasing up against the shaggy cut of his goatee as he slips a plate before his sister, offering to serve her, too. His green eyes cast over to her, fresh from a long night's sleep. "If I were hiding I'd have beaten one of these serving lads for his coat and be doing my best to look like a potted plant where it's safe." He smiles, dodging the topic as best he can. "How are you?"

Erik continues to dance with Johana in the center of the dance floor, guiding her through the graceful twirls and moves, at one point of the music spinning her out before pulling her back into his arms. Eventually though, the song comes to an end and the new Ibrahm's movements comes to a stop, the smile still ever present. He then thanks his wife with a graceful bow, one hand still holding hers while the other goes to his waist. Turning to the others, Erik says, "Please, everyone, enjoy yourselves. Refreshment, dancing, there is much to be had!" Now he is leading Johana off of the dance floor, most likely knowing that it is time to greet the guests individually.

"Well, you know. I figure we probably shouldn't break things at Ana's wedding," Anabethe winks to Victor, pushing up out of her chair as people start to mingle. "I will say that the two of you ought to dance, because dancing is fun and you came to the wedding together, so I'm told people expect that sort of thing."

Having used the time while the bride and groom are away at the dance floor to make sure the lady at his arm and himself have something to drink, Sammel smiles as he sees the couple making their way off the dance floor now. Starting to lead the way over to Johana and Erik now.

Victor takes another swig of his beer, handing the glass off to a passing server, and then watching the couple at their first dance. Now that he's escorted Devon over to the group, he looses her arm from his, although his left hand then rises up once more to rest lightly, unconsciously, at the small of her back. "Get a slice for later, Reena. It's damn tasty." As the bride and groom whisper and blush, he leans over to Devon, putting on a falsetto and stage-whispering to the group around him, inserting his own words into their whispered conversation, "I can't wait to get you out of that wedding dress." He then deepens his voice slightly back toward his regular register for Ana's voice, "I had it made with velcro, so it's tear-off." He snorts at Anabethe's words, "C'mon Bethe. You know Cueball don't dance." His eyes cut back to Devon, and his shoulders roll up slightly in something between discomfort and a shrug.

Elsewhere in the party, Nikomachos and Ellinor stand arm in arm, watching the dance from the groom's-side of the affair. They're present, they're chatting, but they're not going to interrupt the Khourni-fest across the dance floor.

Devon blinks over at Victor at his whispers, and then she smirks. "I'll make sure my wedding dress is superglued shut then," she says dryly to him. "I would hate to have you whispering such silly things to me." Then she glances toward Anabethe at her suggestion, and her gaze turns sharply toward Victor to hear his response. She smirks, and she crosses her arms at her chest. "Don't worry about it, Bethe. I will have a sliver opportunity to get him to dance with me at our own wedding, and I'd rather not waste it here." There is a certain amount of cool anger to those words, but it at least sounds like accepted anger.

During the dance, Ana quietly converses with Erik, laughing during the spins and twirls. The flush on her cheeks is not from the wine, but from having the complete attention of her husband. Once the song ends, Ana returns the bow before following him off to the side towards the others gathered, blissfully unaware of her velcro fastened dress. "Thank you all for coming, really. Now isn't it time to get drunk and put on wild music?" Ah yes, the Khourni, how she adores each and every one of them and the way they say what they mean. "Beth, Reena, Devon, you all look so beautiful." Noticing Sammel also joining, she offers him a warm smile. "I'm so glad you could make it."

Reena pushes the offered plate away. "I'm one deep breath from bursting out of this dress. More food is simply out of the question, little brother," she quips. She pulls him in for a kiss to his cheek. "You've been missed, you know." Then she steps back to give Ana a kiss on the cheek and smile at Erik. "I'm so happy for the two of you!"

"Oh, Cueball dances," Anabethe grins broadly. "After about six pitchers of Phylon blue. And baby, you don't want to miss that." She waggles her brows at her cousin, reaching out to give Devon's shoulder a squeeze. "I'll tell you where the best suppliers are for the wedding," she promises with a wink before Johana comes over. "Ana, you look like a vision. I wish you both the best of luck in your union."

Moving with Johana to the Khourni group first, Erik does pay his proper respects to his new 'family'. He is smart enough to release his wife's hand in case she wishes to greet them with hugs and kisses, giving her a little bit more space. Reena's words is answered with a grin along with a bow of his head, "Thank you, Lady Reena, it is certainly an amazing day.

Barton has been keeping a bit to the side. Though as Erik and Johana make their way to the Khourni group he does smile and bow his head to them. "Glad to see you both so radiant." He offers before looking to the others, perhaps having heard some of what they have spoken off earlier as a small grin is on his face. He won't intrude too much but he will keep around.

Victor raises his right hand in front of his face as bride and groom approach, "Knight on a crutch, Ana… you're fuckin' glowing." Devon's anger has his left hand dropping from her back, and a grimace painting across his face, "Thanks, 'Bethe." Still, he forces a grin back onto his lips, finally offering out a hand to Erik, a silent offer of welcome without intent to squeeze painfully or anything else juvenile like that.

"Well, please don't burst out of the dress within ten feet of me, there's bound to be another scandal." Nitrim growls into the kiss to his cheek and wraps an arm around Reena's hip to squeeze her into a hug before Reena slips out to Johana and Erik. As they've returned, he looks up from his tray of food to scan their faces. They're all here, aren't they? With a flat expression, he looks to Devon and Victor, acknowledging their presence before it washes away in a smile overladen with bullshit. "Johana, Erik, it seems congratulations are in order." His eyes shift to the wedding couple, saluting them with his champagne. "I am quite happy for you."

As soon as they are by the other Khourni, Ana feels more relaxed and not so painfully formal. Even her shoulders relax in her dress and she gives Reena a brief hug when she kisses her on the cheek. "I'm happy too. At one time, I didn't imagine I would be.. but I really am." The compliment from Bethe has her winking in return. "Thank you! Your dress is so beautiful, I love the color." Giving her a brief hug as well, if she's agreeable. And then there's her twin and Ana, without missing a beat, wraps her arms around her much larger brother and grins. "Barton, thank you." Tightening her arms once more in squeeze, she steps back and regards Victor with a bemused laugh. "Glowing?" Hands lift to rub at her cheeks. "If you're trying to embarrass me, it's working." Unable to wipe away the grin she wears. When Nitrim addresses them, she grins and hugs him too. "Thank you, that means a lot to me."

Devon does not look all that much relaxed in the wake of Victor and Anabethe's exchange. She tightens her jaw a bit, though she refrains from adding more dialogue into this whole affair. She does manage to smile a bit toward the Young Lady of the Crescent. "Thank you, Bethe… I can't imagine that our wedding will be quite an affair of this calliber." Or so she thinks. She glances up toward Nitrim as he approaches the group, and she straightens a bit. She glances toward Victor, her pale eyes searching his expression for a moment before she offers the youngest Khourni son a bit of a smile. "Nitrim," she greets quietly.

Sammel grins as he hears the words now, unable to hold back a comment. "Wouldn't want to miss this," he offers to Johana, before he glances over at his younger brother, expression turning a bit mischevious for a few moments. "Besides, we needed to make sure Erik didn't run off at the last moment, of course."

Reena smiles to Sammel and Elodie. "You two look happy as clams," she murmurs. She fiddles with the bracelets on her wrist idly, and keeps tabs on her cousin and her brother particularly.

Barton does offer a one armed hug to his sister and squeezes just a bit. As well as perhaps lifting her just a little. Smiling brightly to her. Grinning at Sammel as well. Not being too talkative today though. Mostly just listening and drinking slowly.

Ana watches Devon a moment and what seems to the Ibrahm to be a rather serious demeanor. Without warning or invitation, she gives her a light hug as well, unless Devon protests. "Everything will work out in the end, I'm sure. What else are we fighting for out there?" The words are spoken softly to the woman, just an attempt to put her at ease. Sammel gets just about the same greeting as Elodie, a warm smile of welcome. "I am so glad you both came, and thank you, Sir Sammel, for assuring his arrival and in a timely manner." Tossing a wink at the end.

Victor shrugs helplessly at Johana's response to him, chuckling helplessly, "Hey, gotta make you turn at least one'a your House Colors." Devon's greeting of Nitrim causes him to turn to his male cousin, nodding slowly, "Nitrim." It's not the usual nickname, but it's polite, and he even turns slightly to welcome the younger man into the little circle gathering up. The arrival of the other betrothed couple causes Victor to nod to them in turn, "Sir Sammel. Lady Elodie."

"I have a very good reason to be, Sir, and the reason would be your sister." Erik says in answer to Barton's words, the smile still there and most likely will remain for the rest of the day. When Victor extends his hand, the new Ibrahm takes it firmly and shakes it, accepting the unspoken welcome to his side of the family. Then a bow of head is offered tO Nitrim who also gives his congratulations, "Thank you, My Lord." When his own brother, Sammel, chooses to cross the 'border' to the Khourni side, Erik shoots him a grin, "That would be the last thing on my mind, Sammy."

Nitrim. The young, blonde Khourni turns back from Johana's hug to look to Victor and Devon, catching the looks on their faces. He returns their attention with a quiet nod of his head before he is distracted again by Erik. He blinks slowly and lets out a soft sigh, turning to the newly minted Ibrahm and offering a hand to the man to shake. "I've known the Ibrahm since I was a child, Johana too, in fact. They'll take good care of you, Lord Sir Erik Ibrahm. Welcome to the fold." Ending the shake, he reaches for his plate of food, preparing to take it on the road.

As the others talk, Anabethe moves toward Nitrim, reaching out to sling an arm around her brother's shoulders. "Baby brother," she greets with a grin, ruffling at his hair. "Good to see you again. I was starting to think Soleil must've given you a taste of your own medicine and left you tied to the bedposts or something like that."

Devon does not protest to the hug. She actually accepts it rather warmly — after all, they are at least somewhat friends. Then she steps back to offer the woman a bit of a smile. "You are beautiful, Johana… as all brides should." She touches her shoulder gently before she turns toward Nitrim and then Victor. She looks between them a moment before she clears her throat a bit. "Nitrim… perhaps you would like to dance? I would ask Erik, but I don't want his new wife to feel as though she's lost her husband so quickly." She doesn't look back at Victor to gauge that reaction.

"Well, who knows, you could have lost your mind?" Sammel offers to Erik with a grin, before he adds, "I'm glad to see you both so happy. You deserve that, both of you." There's a smile to Reena as well at her words, and he nods, "Thank you, Lady Reena. We are quite happy, it's true." A smile and a nod to Victor as well, "Sir Victor." Nods and smiles in greeting to the others present as well now.

Without her own fianc present, Reena slips to the back of the group a bit to just observe the others. Her cousin doesn't dance, and dancing with her brother would be weird.

Victor gives in somewhat, reaching out to clap Nitrim on the shoulder even if Vic then turns back toward the conversation, leaving the younger man in the clutches of his sister. Devon's request of Nitrim catches him by surprise, his dark eyes blinking sharply. But he merely nods, stepping back to let Devon cross in front of him. And he too slips back to lean against a table alongside Reena, flagging down a pair of beers and offering one out to her. "Glad their happy, but it's gonna be a long night, isn't it?"

"You know me, Anabethe," Nitrim replies to his sister, leaning into the ruffling of his hair like a little dog, as he's done since he was a child. "I'd have eaten my arm off to get here for Lady Johana's wedding. I've just been working and keeping things quiet for a while. I am a shadow." His laugh is quiet and dry as Devon asks her question. He sets his plate down and downs the last of his champagne, turning to Devon and Victor with an arch to his brow. At least he's no longer trying to leave. When Victor steps aside, he nods quietly to the man and offers Devon his arm. "Shall we then?"

"We shall," Devon says to Nitrim as she steps up to take his offered arm. Her gaze lingers on Victor for a moment, and there's definitely something expressed in that brief look. After all, he had been given the option to dance with her instead. She then nods gently to the others as she allows Nitrim to lead her out onto the dance floor, her grey and teal skirts whispering around like oceanic ghosts.

Reena accepts the beer, though she doesn't really drink it. That dress looks like trying to go to the bathroom would be difficult at best. "The longest. At least your betrothed is here. Granted, she's dancing with my brother because you won't dance. But hey! She's here." She clinks her bottle to Victor's in solidarity. She chuckles at Devon's look. "Man, she's cold. You should have danced with her."

"Sneaky shadow," Anabethe agrees with Nitrim, stepping to the side to make room for Devon and dancing. And as the others pair off, she takes a few steps back to get another drink and make nice with a few of the young knights and nobles who think they've got a chance.

Nitrim leads Devon into the flow of dancers and presents his arms to Devon. Back straight, he slips a hand to her back and takes her other hand in his, leading her into the waltz that is playing. With no lack of tension rising up the center of his neck, he begins to speak quietly with her while they dance.

The Ash Witch moves gracefully with Nitrim on the dance floor, proving that she has some training in this particular department. She keeps her hand on his shoulder, her other grasping his gently. She remains a soft and serene expression as they twirl together, though she does appear to be softly speaking in turn.

From the entrance to the gardens come a loudly projected metallic voice, "Sir Johana! Sir Johana!" then shouts and cries of alarm as wedding goers are shoved and jostled out of the way to make a path for near sprinting six foot tall mass of metal plates and weapons. When Michael reaches his knight and her husband, his helmet's face plate parts. "Hostiles…" he gulps down air, running in full armor is tiring, good thing he does this once or twice a week for normal workouts. "Hostiles, on the Veldt… fought two scouts but we saw the rest moving in. You armor and weapon are ready, you can ride with me." He turns to Erik, "Sir, your affects are also ready for you along with a mount." he looks back to Johana, "Please sir hurry… come with me." and without looking for an answer, Michael pulls his large hammer from its holster and uses it like a battering ram in front of him to clear a path through the crowd should his knight follow.

Victor grimaces a bit more at Devon's glance, but he nods his acceptance of the unspoken chastisement. Clink, glasses touch together, and Victor drains off a heavy swallow of his beer. "If you're not drinking that, I'm drinking for two." He takes another drink, lowering his voice a touch as he watches Devon sway off, admiring the fall of the skirts, "Hey… it's not what I do. Not out here." Michael's dramatic entrance causes him to blink, the beer glass paused halfway up to his mouth again, "Well. Fuck. Shortest wedding ever, I guess."

"Guess it's good I brought my stuff," Reena quips back to Victor. She leans up to kiss his cheek whispering something quietly to him, before she hitches up her skirts to go and change into her protector armor and grab her field kit.

Murmuring something with Devon on the dance floor, Nitrim cranes his head over hers at the incoming sight of Michael. His eyes narrow, as it figures that this sort of thing would happen. A sigh crosses over his lips and he slows the dance to a stop, speaking quickly with Devon before allowing her away.

Standing near her husband, Ana was watching the dancing and listening to the conversation around her. That same serene smile was in place and she was enjoying the reception. As soon as Michael, who had promised to run patrol for her wedding to ensure the safety of the guests in Obsidia, bursts in and delivers the bombshell, she doesn't wait at all for Erik. "We fight!" Her gear was already down below, so she looks to the others very briefly. "You will be safe here, unless you choose to fight as well. Just know you're welcome here as long as you want." Without another word, she hitches up her dress and runs in her beloved shoes after her squire.

Devon holds her gaze with Nitrim's for a longer moment, but the she is drawn away from the man to look around toward Michael. She frowns a bit, and she tenses just a moment. "Well… thank you… for the dance," she murmurs to him before she offers his hand a squeeze. Then she steps away with a brief nod of her head. "Time to suit up." She smirks and she releases him, stepping toward Victor with a bit of a hesitant nod.

About to invite Elodie to the dance floor, Sammel sighs a bit as he hears Michael's words, frowning a bit now. "Remind me to make sure we let everyone know the Hostiles are not invited when it's our turn?" he asks her a bit quietly, before he looks around. "Wouldn't want people I consider family to fight without my help, you know," he offers to Johana's words, before there's a brief smile offered to Elodie again. "I'll try making sure you won't need to patch me up again." Hurrying off to get ready for this battle now.

Erik was about to lead Johana towards where his oldest brother, Niko, and his wife were enjoying the festivities but that plan was quickly interrupted by the disturbance. The way that the squire made his entrance, shoving people out of the way, causes the new Ibrahm's smile to fade and turn into a frown, however that is quickly forgotten as the news of Hostiles is made. When Johana quickly makes the decision, the same one that Erik would have made, the Valen looks to make a quick exit to where his own personal kit is ready.

Victor nods to Reena, "We'll be back through the Waygate in a coupla minutes. And you know why." He gives her a brief hug as she leans in to kiss his cheek, setting aside his glass and rising up to his feet again to await Devon's return from the dance floor. He smirks a touch, "Thought I was gonna talk to him." A shrug lifts his broad shoulders, and he holds out his hand for her, "C'mon. Let's get our gear, Dee."

Nikomachos waves Erik and Johana off at the announcement, already reaching his hand up to his ear to listen to a report coming in from his earbud, and then he's leading Ellinor off to deal with another incursion.

The Veldt, The Crescent, Imperius
A rolling, semi-arid landscape of thorny brush and stunted trees, the veldt stretches for hundreds of miles east of Obsidia. Away from the mountains and the industry surrounding them, it is home to a wide variety of animals, including giraffes, rhinos, antelope, big cats, snakes, warthogs, and much more. Hunting camps with their own little Waygates are scattered across the veldt, often host to safaris and hunts across the veldt. Little gullies and canyons within the scrublands host streams and ponds, and provide shelter from the frequent wildfires that sweep across the veldt.
A short time later

When the reinforcements arrive on scene, the patrol has already been engaging the Hostile forces that ambushed them and the numbers do not favor the Havenites currently engaged. Some are already wounded but they are doing their best to hold the ground, trusting that reinforcements will arrive soon enough to save them.

It appears that the Ibrahm patrol is fighting two Hostile elements, most likely an ambush that was sprung on them after they engaged the first one. It is clear that there is an Elite on the field, one group being lead by a large brutish solder wielding a very large blade, the other lead by one of the Priest class. With them each is a squad of soldiers with some scouts mixed in, all in various states from unscathed to wounded to dead.

The Lady Devon Grantham is mounted on a white thoroughbred mare as they race through the Veldt toward the onslaught. The combination of the obsidian plates of her armor and the gradient orange and red underarmor gives the illusion of bright embers beneath the cracks of dark coal. Her helmet is a combination of a faceless mask and an electro-treated cowl that reflects the pale teal of her unseen hair. As they approach the scene, she is already slowing the horse so that she can perform a dismount. Her aura is a pale glow almost unseen beneath the armor, though there is no doubt that the woman is in her Awakened state.

Slipping out of the saddle and letting his horse head away, Nitrim rips his longsword from its scabbard. Piece-by-piece the motors in his helmet wrap his face in a wall of armor and he tucks the cowl that comes with it over the top of his head. As if matching Devon's timing, his shoulders shrug and his aura screams to life. Waves of heat wash over his dark, gray armor and the firing serpent begins to swim around his body with fangs bared in anticipation for the fight ahead. Behind the mask, his eyes cloud over into white, his aura in full crest.

Reena rides out with the Knights in sleek black protector armor with gold piping and a white band with the red medic cross on one bicep. Her hair has been pulled back into a bun to keep it clear of her work, and on her back is a detatchable field medic kit. She has a crossbow in her hands though, if she has to use it, everyone is in trouble. She draws up beside Devon on her black riding horse with red and gold barding, before dismounting. Her helmet comes up to cover her head.

Victor rides poorly. That's overly generous. Victor rides like someone who is a heartbeat away from falling off his horse. Because that's what he is. He doesn't even like to get near a horse, but when that's what it takes to get to combat, he'll do it. Clinging to his reins, he brings up the rear of the group. There's no way he's going into combat on horseback, however, so as they reach the scene, he dismounts one step shy of falling off, shoving himself away from the poor destrier with a frustrated growl, "Fucking glue-factory." It's a pro-forma complaint, and he's already reaching for the axe at his hip. "Stick close, Dee?"

Riding back onto the Veldt, Thunder pounding the ground as his name suggests, Michael reaches where he left Rivea when he took off. "Riv, stay with me… I don't want to have to explain any major injuries to Lord Sir Advent." He tugs at the reins and kicks to get himself out onto the field, then he pats Thunder's neck and slides off the back, the large non-destrier war stallion knowing to keep out of the fray and turing back to get to a safe distance. Michael pulls his new greatsword from its magnetic clamps on his backstrap. "Sir, Thunder's too new to combat.. he'll rear back and throw me. I'll be on foot for this." then he looks once to Rivea if she's still with him. "Riv, you with me?"

After leaving the wedding reception, Ana had shed her dress and glittering shoes for under armor and armor and boots. Atop her horse, a destrier black as midnight with a flame red mane she calls Wildfire, she holds her weapon in hand, following with Michael, Erik and the others from the wedding.

Rivea shakes her head, "OF course," nodding shortly to him but turning her gaze back towards where she and Michael had fought previously. Her own armor is simple and plain for now, time for better later. Her sword held ready, she murmurs "It was quiet while you were gone, perhaps fortunately, perhaps not. I am not fond, of a calm before a storm."

One of the few NOT mounted, The Wall was already close by when the call to arms sounded through the com in his armor. He'd been leading a patrol instead of at the wedding and apparently directed his patrol of green Knights to head back and alert those who needed alerting still. Thalo himself made his way for the coordinates his armor AI displayed, Spinecrusher already in hand, the red eyes of his armor glowing as he arrives on site.

When he went to get hold of his equipment, Sammel brought No Name, his horse, as well. But it might be clear that this time, he was brought to get him to the battlefield, not for the fighting on the field. "You had your fun when we met those scouts on the plains, old friend," he offers to the horse as he prepares for some fighting on foot now, readying that poleaxe he likes using. "Time to show these Hostiles the error of their ways, isn't it?" he comments.

Arriving on the field, the new Ibrahm narrows his eyes as he sees the situation first hand, a frown now etched into his facial expression. Despite being married into a new House, old habits die hard as Erik has no intention of dismounting, especially with lance in hand. "Those who can ride and fight, we ride to their aid! The rest, dismount and proceed at haste, our brethren are trusting us! For Ibrahm! For Glory! With Speed and Surety!"
With the warcry bellowed, Erik uses his free hand to lower his visor and then spurs his mount onward. It appears that he is upholding the promise he made to his beloved earlier, that he will lead the charge to vanquish the invaders on their lands and there is no better place to start than here.

Devon looks over toward her husband to be, the mask and hood keeping her features unseen, though she does nod her head. "Of course, Vic," she says softly across their comms. She then pats the neck of her horse, whispering something to it through her vocorder. Then she glances up to the others as she keeps her aura active, the faint glimmer of white flames coursing over her frame. She nods her head sharply to Erik's orders, and she steps forward to join those on foot toward the Hostile gathering.

A general call of alarm can turn up all sorts of people, and Kazimir is among those. He arrives representing his vassal house, mounted, armred to the teeth, armored in a fashion clearly meant to be suggestive of the drakes native to his mountain home. Although he arrives separately, riding at a light pace, its not hard to spot either the beleagured patrol or the rapidly-assembling body of havenite forces. And, given a choice between them… well, naturally he moves to join the latter group, arraying himself at the edge of whatever formation. His rough voice comes in over the comms as he rides up. "Sir Kazimir of House Saimhann, answering the communication for relief. Who is in command? And what are our orders?"

Reena triggers her armor's AI. "Bones, give me green markers on Khourni and vassals, red on Hostiles, and gold on all injured friendlies." The HUD lights up, pinging up various dots over the bodies in her vision. She checks the charge on her crossbow and grimaces under her helm. "Nitrim, Beth, Vic, I'm here. Don't let anything eat me please," she notes over the comm.

Victor hesitates a moment at Devon's response, then laughs, "Or maybe not. Just stay safe." And then he's relinquishing 'his' horse to a squire and striding after the riders at the fore, slowly building into a run, "Vera, gimme a tac-map, upper right quadrant. Close it at 10 meters from enemy." Kazimir's greeting causes Victor to call out a response, "Sir Victor Khournas. That'd be Ana or…" there's a pause as Vera pulls up a list of those present, "The Wall. Welcome to the party, Thalo." Not that he didn't just arrive himself. Reena's call causes him to nod, "You stay safe too."

"Shouldn't it be me mounted and you on foot now that you're married, Erik?" Sammel's words are a bit amused, before he shakes his head. "On the other hand, let's just do it like we've always done." Rushing forward with the others on foot now, he readies his poleaxe, with a momentary grin behind his visor.

Dismounted, Michael and his great blade walk straight towards the fray. He counts on Riv staying with him, she can fight just fine but he doesn't want to get separated in battle. Battle buddies, makes it easier to fight the enemy and makes sure someone knows if you go missing or get hit hard. "Lets do this Riv, time to make your Grandmother and my Roan smile."

Apparently hearing the words of the new Ibrahm and the follow up war cries from the other Havenites that are joining the fray, the beleaguered warriors that were pincered by the Hostiles shout out as well as their morale is rallied, their defensive efforts spurred on now with the arrival of reinforcements.
The Hostiles are not oblivious to the arrival of even more Havenites and one of the Elites turns its attention towards the charging reinforcements and growls out orders, sending some of the soldiers to try to hamper the Havenite's progress, delay them enough so they can destroy the patrol element they were after. The squad with the Elite Priest in charge continues to focus their attention on the Ibrahm patrol.

Staking towards the Hostile, Nitrim turns his sword over into his left hand and extends his right. A wash of energy crackles up the outside of Nitrim's arm, as a bolt of unrestrained lightning coalesces into his palm. His arm angles, pointing towards one of the Hostile's necks, the one that's coming for him.

Seeing a Hostile coming for her little brother, Reena points her crossbow at it and prays that those long ago lessons from Thalo weren't for nothing.

Already Michael is targetted by one of the metal men from space, his sword resting on his shoulder as he trots at the thing. He notes Riv getting approached by one as well, "Riv, looks like you have your own playmate for now. Let's play a game, keep track of how many you kill… loser buys the first round." He shrugs so that he puts motion into the heavy blade and steps into his downward strike.

Okay, incoming Hostile. And so Sammel changes his course slightly to attack the thing, as often going in with the head spike first, letting out a bit of a chuckle as he does.

Rivea stalks, near Michael but not joined at the hip. "And, I must make sure that your Roan has something to hold onto, yes?" SHe's quiet, normally; and now, the quietness is also reflected in her eyes as they settle into the fray,not glancing over at her friend, as one of the Hostile's heads to attack her, arching her sword in its direction.

<COMBAT> Hostile27 attacks Thalo with Sword - Light wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Victor attacks Hostile12 with Great Bludgeon - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Hostile11 attacks Johana with Launcher but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Hostile11's weapon clicks empty.
<COMBAT> Sammel attacks Hostile13 with Polearm - Moderate wound to Head.
<COMBAT> Rivea attacks Hostile29 with Sword but Hostile29 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Nitrim attacks Hostile28 with Psychometry - Light wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Kazimir attacks Hostile12 with Lance - Moderate wound to Right Hand.
<COMBAT> Kazimir's weapon clicks empty.
<COMBAT> Hostile29 attacks Rivea with Spear - Light wound to Neck (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Hostile25 attacks Erik with Spear - ARMOR on Left Arm stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Hostile13 attacks Sammel with Launcher - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Hostile13's weapon clicks empty.
<COMBAT> Hostile12 attacks Kazimir with Launcher - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Hostile12's weapon clicks empty.
<COMBAT> Erik attacks Hostile30 with Lance - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Erik's weapon clicks empty.
<COMBAT> Thalo attacks Hostile27 with Great Bludgeon - Serious wound to Left Arm.
<COMBAT> Reena attacks Hostile28 with Crossbow - Moderate wound to Abdomen.
<COMBAT> Reena's weapon clicks empty.
<COMBAT> Michael attacks Hostile26 with Greatsword - Moderate wound to Head.
<COMBAT> Johana attacks Hostile11 with Lance and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Johana's weapon clicks empty.
<COMBAT> Hostile28 attacks Nitrim with Bludgeon - Moderate wound to Left Leg (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Hostile26 attacks Michael with Sword - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Devon attacks Hostile11 with Psychometry but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Hostile30 attacks Erik with Greatsword - ARMOR on Abdomen stops the attack!

The lance of electricity shoots from Nitrim's hand and scorches the armor of the Hostile, but it is faster than he is. The bludgeon swings around and connects with the side of Nitrim's leg. His knee buckles inwards and Nitrim nearly loses his balance as his leg almost gives in beneath his body. A growl sounds open the communication line as Nitrim's hand rushes out, pushing hard against the Hostile as a wave of telekinetic force responds to the attacker's attempts to kill the Khourni lordling.

Devon keeps stride for stride with Victor, though she must move faster in order to keep the pace. Her aura starts to pulse, bright white ribbons bursting from her shoulders like massive wings. There is a certain angelicness to her aura, the white flames licking up her from head to toe. She throws out her hands, sending a burst of combustion at the Hostile scout ahead. The shot goes wide, though it does glint off the target's armor.

Reena looses a bolt from her crossbow, and it screeches past her brother to sink into the abdomen of the Hostile that was attacking him. "Hey Thalo! I told you I could learn to shoot!" she quips over the comm. "Got your back little bro," she adds to Nitrim.

Michael drives his blade into the face of the creature, shearing off a chunk of the plating and drawing some blood from it. For his backswind, Michael shifts like Kaedin showed him and adjusts his grip and poises for another downward slash. The hostile strikes him in the chest, cutting through to draw a line of blood and cause some pain, but Michael's had worse. Not limb loss worse, but worse.

There's a bit of a nod as Sammel watches the spike of his weapon hit the target's head, although he doesn't manage to get away from the incoming attack. Thankfully, it bounces off the Cindravale's armor, as he prepares for using the axe head part of his weapon, once more going for the creature's head.

Kazimir joins the host of havenites charging into the hostile formation, directing he and his steed immediately toward those enemies who seem to take aim on the cavalry with their launchers. A shot strikes his breastplate harmlessly, leaving but a scratch in the material. One of many. But the under-armor absorbs much of the force of the impact and he keeps steady in his saddle, continuing forward into his target with his lance. It doesn't seem like he will carry through and wheel for another pass, but rather, he switches to the heavy axe worn on his saddle, hewing at the hostile that now mills at the feet of his steed.

Victor slams into the Hostile force between him and the Ibrahmi patrol a few paces behind the cavalry, whipping his axe over his head and down into the… being's… shoulder. Half-turning his head toward Kazimir, he notes, "Moving." And then he's prying his heavy weapon free and turning back toward the Hostile attacking his cousin, "Get away from my cousin, you metal motherfucker." There's a pause, and then he notes inside his helmet, "Vera, tag Devon, interface with her armor AI. Report armor damage."

Erik's lance does make contact with the Elite that is in charge of the Hostiles that are trying to cut off the relief force, but it wasn't a solid strike. The blow strikes the chestplate of the larger invader, piercing it enough to inflict a wound, one that angers the Elite who lets out a gutteral growl and continues to fight the mounted Ibrahm, lashing out with its two-handed sword at the knight who is riding away to set up for another pass.

Rivea's arm brings her sword arching from the leg attack it dodged, ducking her head away in time to avoid having a sword cut far more deeply into her than she would, of course, rather have. Recovering, only a spare and quick glance about, narrowing her eyes on the hostile who drew her blood first.

For once, Ana doesn't dismount immediately, choosing to attack while on horseback. She prepares for an attack and misses while dodging the deadly ribbon aimed at her. She looks over to assure herself Erik is okay too, but mostly she concentrates on attacking again.

The Wall moves in at a run, hammer hefted out to use his momentum effectively when the time comes. He rushes in witha shoulder down, and targets the Hostile that seemed to be making its way towards him. Charging in, he plants the shoulder, jostling the hostile back. The resulting sword slash only seems to dint his armor. The backlash agains the hostile leaves an openig that Thalo takes advantage of, slamming his hammer down into the hostile arm with a sickening crunch.

And there is the clash between the relief force against the ambushing Hostiles. There is no 'shield wall' from the Invaders, just a cluster of abomination warriors wielding a variety of weapons from swords, axes, spears. They weren't exactly set up in a good position to face the reinforcements, so the ranged scouts that were launching volleys of steel ribbon at the Ibrahm patrol are intermixed with the Hostile Soldiers that are now moving to engage the new front. The results of the two forces slamming together is in favor of the Havenites as some of the Hostiles took serious wounds. No one falls on either side though and the vicious melee begins.

<COMBAT> Victor attacks Hostile28 with Great Bludgeon but Hostile28 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Kazimir attacks Hostile12 with Polearm - Moderate wound to Abdomen.
<COMBAT> Hostile29 attacks Rivea with Spear - Moderate wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Thalo attacks Hostile27 with Great Bludgeon - Light wound to Right Arm (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Rivea attacks Hostile29 with Sword - NEAR MISS!
<COMBAT> Nitrim attacks Hostile28 with Psychometry but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Michael attacks Hostile26 with Greatsword - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Johana finishes reloading.
<COMBAT> Hostile28 attacks Nitrim with Bludgeon - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Hostile25 attacks Erik with Spear - Light wound to Right Hand.
<COMBAT> Hostile13 finishes reloading.
<COMBAT> Hostile11 finishes reloading.
<COMBAT> Devon attacks Hostile11 with Psychometry - Serious wound to Right Arm (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Sammel attacks Hostile13 with Polearm - Moderate wound to Head.
<COMBAT> Reena finishes reloading.
<COMBAT> Hostile30 attacks Erik with Greatsword - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Hostile27 attacks Thalo with Sword - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Hostile26 attacks Michael with Sword - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Hostile12 finishes reloading.
<COMBAT> Erik finishes reloading.
<COMBAT> Balius passes.

<COMBAT> Hostile12 has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Hostile27 has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Nitrim has been KO'd!

As Nitrim gets hit, a blinking gold warning dot appears over his position, and Reena doesn't hesitate. She jukes and weaves through the battlefield, leveling her crossbow and triggering off another shot at the Hostile that is beating her brother like a red-headed stepchild.

Kazimir looses his axe and leaps from the back of his horse. It's not clear if his feet touch the ground before the brutal head of his weapon lands on the hostile's shoulder, but the weight of the weapon, it's mass drivers… and the actual mass of the leaping Saimhann collectively make for a brutal strike that cracks the armor of the wounded archer and digs in deep. It slumps even as the dragon-man pulls his bloody weapon from the wound, scanning the immediate fray for targets. Since there are still a couple archers near where he landed… they seem likely targets.

A heavily armored foot stomps down at the hostile causing it to move back. The movement forces the sword attack to just clash into his armor. Once more Thalo slams the hammer down on the hostiles arm and perhaps to his own surprise, the Hostile crumples out of the fight. With a huff that comes out as a growl through his armor. "Spike, track hostile to friendly ratios…" and a moment later he seems to track over to see two Hostiles advancing on Erik. Thalo rushes in that direction, hammer poised to once more launch an aggressive attack.

The Awakened woman looks up sharply as she sweeps out of the way of the Hostile that has engaged with Victor. She keeps moving, ensuring that she is not threatened by the targets others are engaged with. She throws out her hands once more, again those ribbons of light bursting around her frame as she slings a fist full of flames toward the Hostile scout.

Michael doesn't get the lift he needs after the first strike to his chest, so he twists and thrusts his blade sinking the forked tip into the hostile and cutting a decent wound into it. His twisting projects him as the sword clangs off his armor. He spares a moment for Riv, and says over the comm "You alright?"

Seems the Hostile love Nitrim, and the problem with combatting a bludgeon with Psychometry is that there's little left over for parrying and blocking. His body is rocked back as his telekinetic blast flies over the Hostile's shoulder the mace collides against Nitrim's chest and he stumbles back, bringing his sword up to defending himself. Once he senses the air is clear, he plants his boot into the mud and shoves forward, thrusting at his attacker.

As he rides away, Erik takes two grazing blows, one to his right hand and the other to the back of his armor, hard enough that it bites through the steel but not enough to hamper his riding ability or cause any real damage. Turning his steed around, the new Ibrahm Knight spurs his mount on again, hooves thundering as he closes in with the Elite, lance lowered as he closes, aiming right at the invader's middle.

Grimacing as first she's sliced in the neck, then prodded in the gut. theelft, free arm, momentarily checks her stomach, without her looking in that direction. A quickly, intaken breath, a sidestap away and, readies herself for the next round. ""I'm fine, worry about yourself so I don't have to worry about Roan. Sword against a pole arm, that damnable extra reach it has.

Victor blinks as Nitrim is staggered by the Hostile blow, "Vera, Demon." And as his lava-patterned armor flashes a brighter, ruddier red, showing the body of a flayed demon including a face peeled back to the skull. Bellowing aloud, he thrusts himself forward, trying to draw the Hostile's attention away from his cousin. "Over here, shit-bird! Pick on someone…" he stops, realizing that 'your own size' doesn't really work, and he smirks under his helmet, "…your own weight."

Aiming her weapon towards the Hostile, Ana prepares to go in for an attack, head down, trying to get used to this mounted fighting. If she fails again, she's going to dismount and fight like she's used to. For now though, she's going to give it her best shot.

It doesn't look good for the Hostile forces as two of their numbers go down to well placed blows from the Havenite forces while others take more injuries, the invaders slowly shrinking back in their formation. The Elite spares his forces a brief glance and sends out more orders, what they may be is unknown. There is a response from the Hostiles that are still bent on decimating the Ibrahm patrol who is now holding their own with the number of attackers halved. It appears that the Priest is joining the battle with a couple of Hostiles to reinforce the enemy numbers.

<COMBAT> Erik will attack Hostile30 this turn.
<COMBAT> Nitrim attacks Hostile28 with Sword - Moderate wound to Neck (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Victor attacks Hostile28 with Great Bludgeon - Light wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Sammel attacks Hostile13 with Polearm - Critical wound to Head.
<COMBAT> Reena attacks Hostile28 with Crossbow - Serious wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Reena's weapon clicks empty.
<COMBAT> Michael attacks Hostile26 with Greatsword - ARMOR on Head stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Johana attacks Hostile25 with Lance - ARMOR on Neck stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Johana's weapon clicks empty.
<COMBAT> Hostile30 attacks Erik with Greatsword but Erik DODGES!
<COMBAT> Hostile29 attacks Rivea with Spear - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Hostile26 attacks Michael with Sword - Serious wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Hostile25 attacks Erik with Spear but Erik DODGES!
<COMBAT> Hostile13 attacks Sammel with Launcher and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Hostile13's weapon clicks empty.
<COMBAT> Hostile11 attacks Johana with Launcher - ARMOR on Abdomen stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Hostile11's weapon clicks empty.
<COMBAT> Erik attacks Hostile30 with Lance but Hostile30 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Erik's weapon clicks empty.
<COMBAT> Devon attacks Hostile11 with Psychometry - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Thalo attacks Hostile25 with Great Bludgeon - Serious wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Rivea attacks Hostile29 with Sword - ARMOR on Head stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Kazimir attacks Hostile13 with Polearm - Moderate wound to Left Arm.
<COMBAT> Hostile28 attacks Victor with Bludgeon and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Balius treats Erik:
< Right_Hand (Light): successful
< Chest (Light): unsuccessful

<COMBAT> Hostile11 has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Hostile13 has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Rivea has been KO'd!

It takes her a few moments, but Ana dismounts Wildfire and takes to foot, drawing her greatsword instead. She's not a Valen and she's damned well not going to fight like one. Smacking her horse on the backside, he runs a short distance away and Ana squares up now against the Hostile in an attempt to cut it down.

Apparently Reena really took to Thalo's archery lessons. She sends another bolt thunking into the Hostile, this time skewering it in the chest with a fountaining of blood. The crossbow gets snapped to the outside of her thigh as she grabs pressure bandages from a pouch to slap on her younger brother.

"God DAMN IT I'm FINE!" Nitrim growls to Reena as he sees her starting to tend to him. Pressing away from her with a hand to his shoulder, he looks over the combat to see the priest approaching. The serpent in his aura flares and points in the priest's direction, hissing over the wind. Voice racked with pain, he calls out to get its attention and comes to a stop. "You!"

It's a moment before Michael's blade grazes over the top of the hostile's head as it thrusts its sword into Michael's chest. "GAAAAAH!" he screams out, but it isn't really all pain. He challenges the hostile attacking Rivea as she goes down. Yes, attempting to drag it attention away from her and take on both at once as Bey comes running up to help her. "I'm BIGGER!" is the challenge to other hostile even as Michael moves to attack it.

Gathering hid med kit amidst the chaos surrounding him, Balius will see Rivea fall and rush in the direction.

Another blast of fire erupts from her hands, and it is enough to send the scout on its back. Devon is turning almost immediately from the fallen Hostile, not even worrying if it gets back up as she seeks another target. Her gaze falls on the Hostile that is engaged with Victor. She steps toward him, her aura blasting up again as she prepares for her next attack.

Victor brings up his axe to catch the the Hostile's mace on the haft, "Not gonna happen." With his weapon up high, he can only slam the butt of it into the Hostile's chest, but that frees up the others to strike home. "You think you can face the demon, motherfucker?" A crossbow bolt and a sword wound, and Victor laughs harshly, "That's how the Khourni do it! How's it goin', Dee?"

Its a big bloody mess over there in Hostile Ranged Division. Already damaged from the initial charge, they're now systematically cut down in the following melee. Kazimir catches one between himself and Sammel, and it's almost too easy how the soldier goes down, while another falls beside it. With the formation annihilated, the Saimhann turns to scan for targets - and oh look, there just happens to be a reinforcement charging at him with a bludgeon held high. That makes it easy, does it not? Promptly, he hefts his long-handled axe up to a ready position and then swings - hoping to find that sweet spot where his slightly longer reach and timing might land him a decisive blow and stymie his charging foe.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Nitrim=Will-1.15 Vs Hostile42=Will
< Nitrim: Failure Hostile42: Good Success
< Net Result: Hostile42 wins - Solid Victory

Rivea's hostile with the damnable reach of it's polarm and her with her sword took its toll. First the neck, then the abdomen and the stomach and try as she might, the hostile's next attack takes her down. She tries to hold groan but it still escapes from between clenched teeth, stumbling forward.

With a miss on his second charge, Erik decides to drop his lance and draw his bastard sword, this time only able to wield it with one hand as the other grips the reins for full control on his steed. He doesn't ride away this time, instead bringing his blade down on the Hostile that just missed its return strike at him.

More Hostiles fall when blows are further exchanged, this time the pair of scouts that were out of position and outflanked by the Havenites, they had panicked and instead of drawing their melee weapons, tried to reload for another volley which cost them dearly. The reinforcements for the Hostiles do arrive though, the Priest immediately selecting one of the Psychometry users, ignoring the other's attempt to goad it into a duel. The soldiers select their respective target as well, charging forth with their weapons.

<COMBAT> Balius treats Rivea:
< Neck (Light): unsuccessful
< Abdomen (Moderate): successful
< Chest (Light): unsuccessful
< Rivea is back in the fight!
<COMBAT> Victor attacks Hostile28 with Great Bludgeon but Hostile28 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Nitrim passes.
<COMBAT> Hostile30 attacks Erik with Greatsword but Erik DODGES!
<COMBAT> Hostile28 passes.
<COMBAT> Hostile26 attacks Michael with Sword - ARMOR on Abdomen stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Hostile25 attacks Thalo with Spear but Thalo DODGES!
<COMBAT> Devon attacks Hostile28 with Psychometry - Light wound to Left Arm (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Thalo attacks Hostile25 with Great Bludgeon - Light wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Sammel tries to attack but has no target!
<COMBAT> Rivea passes.
<COMBAT> Reena treats Nitrim:
< Left_Leg (Moderate): unsuccessful
< Chest (Light): successful
<COMBAT> Michael attacks Hostile29 with Greatsword but Hostile29 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Kazimir attacks Hostile22 with Polearm - ARMOR on Head stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Johana attacks Hostile25 with Greatsword - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Hostile42 attacks Devon with HFP - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Hostile29 attacks Michael with Spear - ARMOR on Head stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Hostile22 attacks Kazimir with Bludgeon - Serious wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Hostile21 attacks Sammel with Sword - Serious wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Erik attacks Hostile30 with Sword - Moderate wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Sammel has been KO'd!

Reena ignores Nitrim's complaining as she dumps some antiseptic on a pressure bandage then slaps it on the gash across his chest. She can't get to the leg wound through his armor. "You do realize who you're arguing with, right?" she quips at him as the alcohol BURN of the cleanser sets into the open wound. His sister has never been good at taking "no" for an answer.

While the next blast of psychometric energy, this time in the form of a kinetic wave, strikes the Hostile that had been engaged with Victor, Devon staggers as her armor absorbs a blast of high-frequency energy. She gasps sharply, the wave knocking the air out of her. She turns sharply toward the Priest, her eyes growing wide as she turns toward it.

Michael takes a hit to his stomach that doesn't make purchase, throwing his aim allowing the hostile to dodge. This dodging however causes the spear to deflect harmlessly off Michael's helm. The squire grits his teeth, shifts his weight squares off and puts himself between both hostiles and Rivea. "You okay Pincushion?" he asks with a pained voice, before dragging his sword up into a swing at the first hostile he was attacking. Taking on both, and switching off who gets hit when.

Rivea looks up at Balius, a wry grin on her face as he tends to the battlefield triage to her abdomen. A faint cough, a silent wince as treatment is proferred. "Thanks, friend. Next time, the Taphouse is on me, eh? Now go help another." and she pushes up to her feet.

And now Thalo has to contend with Ana' doubling up on his target. He starts to circle to the right, creating a bit of distance and allowing for her to take the off flank. He has to side step and bring his right shoulder back. So his attack comes on the rebound of his dodge, the hammer getting thrust almost like a sword into the hostiles gut, shoving it back.

Kazimir's timing is what he wanted; the hostile moves in, and he brings the head of his weapon down on the head of his foe just as he comes into range. Unfortunately, the angle is bad, and the axe glances off the slope of the hostile's helm, carrying all it's momentum away quite harmlessly. The same can't be said for Kazimir's armor, however. Failing to be slowed by the ineffective blow, his foe returns one of his own, and the solid impact against his chestplate may not penetrate through, but it instead carries all the force of the impact through the armor and into the man beneath it. A wet, hacking cough can be heard over the communications - no doubt, he's just gotten a bit of blood on the inside of his helm, as well. However, it does not slow the man's resolve: he pushes his foe back with the haft of his weapon and then tries to find the time for another swing.

At least she has a better aim this way! When Ana swings her blade across the chest of the Hostile that Thalo had previously damaged. She glances over to see him there and she can't help but smile and speak through the comm in a teasing voice. "Looked like you could use a little help."

A synthetic sounding snarl falls over Nitrim's vox as the alcohol seeps into the nearly re-broken collarbone. Left arm held to the side of his chest, his expressionless helmet whips to look to Reena and nods sharply. "Don't you dare fucking get hurt." He orders, as if it'll mean something, and then turns back to the fight at hand. Eyes back to the Priest, he prepares to send the serpent of fire launching towards it in one final, angry assault. Seeing Devon and Victor doing the same, he starts towards it. "Look at me, don't look at them. How can they not expect this…this is fucking MADNESS."

With his target starting to withdraw, and no longer threatening family, Victor sweeps his axe over the ducking and dodging Hostile's head. "You want to run? Go ahead and run." He jerks his head up in a feint, as if he were going to strike out at the Hostile again, and then the screech of a High Frequency Pulse rips through the air — and a caret flashes in his armor indicating damage to Devon's armor. "Oh hell no. Vera, find me that fucking priest!" He's looking around too, and then he spots the new target just a moment before his AI designates it, and he's running through the melee, an errant weapon skittering off his shoulder pauldron as he runs, hefting his heavy axe in both hands.

Taking a solid hit from one of the enemies, Sammel winces a bit as he sinks to his knees now. "Oh no…" he mutters to himself, shaking his head a little. Taking some moments to get back to his feet now.

The Two-Handed blade that slashes at Erik is parried and after pushing the large blade away, the Ibrahm Knight delivers a strong counter blow that cuts into the larger Hostile's midsection. A grin appears under his visored helm and the ex-Valen presses the attack, choosing to be relentless with his attention on the Elite.

The Hostiles are able to cause one of the Havenites to stagger but the situation doesn't look any better for them because as a whole, they are taking more and more damage. Their lines are beginning to stagger, the well planned ambush definitely not going as planned. The Ibrahm patrol, despite its losses and wounded, are being a major thorn in the Hostile's side, as that squad is now thinned on numbers as well.

<COMBAT> Rivea passes.
<COMBAT> Kazimir attacks Hostile22 with Polearm - Moderate wound to Right Hand (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Hostile29 attacks Michael with Spear - Moderate wound to Neck (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Reena attacks Hostile28 with Crossbow but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Reena's weapon clicks empty.
<COMBAT> Johana attacks Hostile21 with Greatsword - Critical wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Hostile42 attacks Devon with HFP - Moderate wound to Right Arm (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Hostile30 attacks Erik with Greatsword - Moderate wound to Abdomen.
<COMBAT> Hostile26 attacks Michael with Sword - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Hostile21 attacks Johana with Sword but Johana DODGES!
<COMBAT> Erik attacks Hostile30 with Sword but Hostile30 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Victor attacks Hostile42 with Great Bludgeon but Hostile42 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Thalo attacks Hostile25 with Great Bludgeon - Critical wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Sammel passes.
<COMBAT> Nitrim attacks Hostile42 with Psychometry but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Michael attacks Hostile26 with Greatsword but Hostile26 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Hostile28 passes.
<COMBAT> Hostile25 attacks Thalo with Spear and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Hostile22 attacks Kazimir with Bludgeon - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Devon attacks Hostile42 with Psychometry but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Balius treats Sammel:
< Chest (Serious): unsuccessful

<COMBAT> Hostile25 has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Michael has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Michael spends a luck point to keep fighting!
<FS3> Erik rolls Riding: Good Success.

Just when she was about to attack the same one Thalo does, Ana realizes that she had another one gunning for her and at the last second she switches targets, lifting her sword and slashing at the Hostile, wounding it across the chest while managing to dodge the counter attack.

Reena draws her crossbow back off her thigh sling and provides cover fire for her family as they close on the priest, firing off another bolt at the Hostile who hurt Nitrim. This time the shot goes wide. "I'm too cute to get hurt," she quips back at her brother. "You go put that mumbo jumbo peddler down."
Nitrim has disconnected.

Rivea's is recovered now and, shaking off what ever pain she feels, takes her sword again, glancing to Michael a moment."Michael?" But, no time for dalying, she prepares to make another foray into battle.

"AAGHuhg." And Michael is struck in a two pronged effort by the hostiles he's protecting Riv from, down to his knees he goes. Blood flows from a wound to his neck, a fresh one to his abdomen, another from his chest… but he's not done. He drives his blade into the ground, and shakes his wrist to cause his shield to flair to life so that he can protect himself and whomever's with him. "Take 'em Pincushion." he whisper weakly into the comm.

Getting back to his feet, Sammel looks around for a few moments, before he spots the Hostiles attacking Johana. Moving for one of those now, with a bit of a growl. Time to try causing some pain again.

This time the exchange between Erik and the Elite goes in the Hostile's favor as the Ibrahm's blade misses, leaving an opening for the brute to cut into his midsection. Riding a few yards away, the young knight puts a hand to his abs, coming away with a little blood. The strike was too close to his horse so he dismounts in quick order and smacks his steed, a command to ride away to safety. Turning back to the Elite who now stands much taller than him, Erik grips his bastard sword in both hands and attacks, attempting an overhead blow.

This exchange goes more to Kazimir's expectation, or at least, his armor plays nice while the hostile's does not, contrary to their prior exchange of blows. It's not like either one of them has had much opportunity to miss, in their exchanges of heavy swings and crushing blows. The earlier shove succeeds in putting his target off balance, and the Saimhann follows up with a quick chop, and while the hostile does try to deflect the incoming blow with his own counter-strike, this only succeeds in putting his weapon hand in the way. The strike may weaken the following blow, or it might not, but either way, the drake armor holds fast this time, properly redistributing the blow's force. "There are greater prey than you," he taunts his foe, while squaring to strike again with his heavy poleaxe.

Thalo continues his brutal assault on the hostile and that push back forced it to close again. In that time he was able to set his footing and arcs his hammer into a horizontal swing, the head of it smashing into the Hostiles chest. Even as it begins to fall it tries to stab him with the spear again, but it's quite off target. He doesn't get much respite out of his victory though, immediately finding a new target and moving in on it. Two down, still several to go.

And that is when the pain comes. Devon releases another blast of kinetics, but it is dissolved almost immediately on release as her focus is broken. Pain rips up her arm as she feels the pulse slam into her, and she swears that her blood vessels have just exposed in the wake of the strike. She staggers backwards, almost tumbling as she grips hard at her right arm. The limb is temporarily numb, prickling like thousands of tiny needles.

The Khourni and soon-to-be-Khourni pile onto the Priest, but Victor's broad, sweeping blow of the heavy axe-head is neatly dodged by the shifting, twisting mechanical limbs of the Hostile. "Gods damn it…" Another caret appears on Victor's screen as Devon's armor takes further damage, and he pushes himself forward all the harder, drawing in slightly from the wide, hacking attacks to something more precise and careful, although still all about trying to put his axe in the Priest with little care for his own defense.

<COMBAT> Hostile29 attacks Thalo with Spear - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Rivea attacks Hostile29 with Sword but Hostile29 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Hostile42 attacks Devon with HFP - Moderate wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Hostile21 passes.
<COMBAT> Thalo attacks Hostile29 with Great Bludgeon - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Kazimir attacks Hostile22 with Polearm - ARMOR on Right Arm stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Johana attacks Hostile21 with Greatsword - Serious wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Hostile30 attacks Erik with Greatsword - ARMOR on Left Arm stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Hostile26 attacks Johana with Sword - Light wound to Right Hand.
<COMBAT> Victor attacks Hostile42 with Great Bludgeon - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Sammel attacks Hostile26 with Polearm - Moderate wound to Left Leg (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Reena treats Michael:
< Chest (Serious): successful
< Neck (Moderate): unsuccessful
< Chest (Moderate): successful
<COMBAT> Michael passes.
<COMBAT> Hostile22 attacks Kazimir with Bludgeon but Kazimir DODGES!
<COMBAT> Erik attacks Hostile30 with Greatsword - Critical wound to Head (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Devon attacks Hostile42 with Psychometry but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Balius passes.

<COMBAT> Hostile21 has been KO'd!

Reena re-clips the crossbow in its holster while it recharges, dashing across the field towards Johana's squire to work on his wounds. The rent in his chest armor is a pretty clear indicator of the biggest problem spot, and she moves to stab him with a hypo-spray as a local anesthetic, and puts a pressure bandage over all the holes. "Just hold still, you'll be fine," she murmurs to him over the comm. Once the bandage is in place, she rises again, pulling her weapon back out and aiming down it at the Hostile priest.

Devon is not having a good day. She is slammed with another burst of energy, reeling her back several strides. This time it is her belly that feels the spike of frequency, it jousling up her insides. She gasps sharply through her vocorder, though she does not appear ready yet to give up. Her stance does shift, dropping into something more alert.

A stunning display of a swing and a miss. She recovers again, and looks to find another target. WHere to go, the one attacking her, or at least the attempt to keep it from getting a hit up on her.

After Reena puts on the temporary patches to his chest, Michael uses his grounded great blade to pull himself. In a motion he draws his sword and charges at the hostile engaging Rivea and Johana. He'll thank Reena after the battle, but for now Michael isn't going to give up. Suck his great sword wasn't doing so well for him today, but he's just started to use them so he'll get better in time. Long sword and shield for now.

Victor snarls as the Hostile continues to send pulses of sound caterwauling past his helmet, missing his chance to chop off one of the sound-sending tentacles and bouncing the head of his axe off the armor under the creature's robes, "Come on you fucker! I'm right here, and if you don't do something about it, I'm going to cut you into little pieces and piss on them."

This time, Erik has the upperhand of the exchange between himself and the brutish Elite, by a good margin as well. The overhead blow comes down in a rather vicious fasion as the flash cleaves into the Hostile's head, not killing it but the larger abomination is no doubt dazed as it staggers back. The blows to the Havenite's arm is not strong enough to penetrate, just scratching the armor. It is obvious that the Elite is disoriented as it tries to put up a defensive posture while lashing out with its large sword.

Able to catch the Hostile she was fighting across the chest, Ana watches it fall but then she's hit by another on her hand and it's almost strong enough to make her drop her sword. She manages to hold on though and she goes now for the one attacking her.

The Priest heeds Victor's call, as it is the only Hostile left unscathed and instead of continuing after Devon, it turns the brunt of its attack on the rather angry Havenite. "Die." Is the word that is gasped out, barely audible and almost a hiss. The other Hostiles continue to press the attack but it looks like their line will be breaking any minute, as the other group of Hostiles are suddenly retreating.

Thalo'd been avoiding taking hits…until now. The big Knight was moving in to attack when the spear point slams between plates of his armor, finding its way beneath them to score on the Knight's chest, just to the right of middle. Thalo grunts in pain and thrusts the hammer out, head first, into the Hostile's chest. It's enough to knock it back, but little else.

Shaking his head a little as he only manages to hit the Hostile's leg, Sammel once more moves in for another attack now. There's a few deep breaths as he does, muttering something under his breath in the process.

The… epic? Or at least, lengthy duel between Kazimir and his bludgeon-wielding foe continues! This time, he sees the hostile's swing coming, and jukes quickly out from beneath the blow, returning his own strike in a sideways sweep aimed at the foe's ribs. Sadly, his weapon - or his weapon hand - gets in the way again, and this time it's gauntlet absorbs the blow fully. The dance continues!

<COMBAT> Michael attacks Hostile29 with Sword - ARMOR on Left Arm stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Victor attacks Hostile42 with Great Bludgeon - Serious wound to Right Hand.
<COMBAT> Thalo attacks Hostile29 with Great Bludgeon but Hostile29 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Hostile30 attacks Erik with Greatsword and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Hostile26 attacks Johana with Sword but Johana DODGES!
<COMBAT> Sammel attacks Hostile26 with Polearm - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Rivea attacks Hostile29 with Sword - Light wound to Right Leg (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Kazimir attacks Hostile22 with Polearm and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Johana attacks Hostile26 with Greatsword - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Hostile29 attacks Rivea with Spear - Moderate wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Devon attacks Hostile42 with Psychometry but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Reena attacks Hostile42 with Crossbow but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Reena's weapon clicks empty.
<COMBAT> Hostile22 attacks Kazimir with Bludgeon - Serious wound to Left Hand.
<COMBAT> Erik attacks Hostile30 with Greatsword - Critical wound to Neck (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Balius attacks Hostile29 with Unarmed but Hostile29 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Hostile42 attacks Victor with HFP - ARMOR on Neck stops the attack!

<COMBAT> Hostile30 has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Hostile42 has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Kazimir has been KO'd!

"Get the fuck away from my fucking family you ugly mother fucker!" Reena shouts at the priest at the top of her lungs. Clearly this girl grew up around Victor. Or a group of Hollolas sailors maybe. Potty mouth indeed. She fires at the Hostile with gritted teeth. It goes down, and she has no idea she entirely missed it. She lets out a whoop of victory and lopes through the field towards her future sister-cousin-in-law.

Victor pauses in the dance of death for a heartbeat at the Priest's words, tilting his head to one side as if considering. It doesn't take long, however, and then he's twisting away from one of those darting tendrils, the burst of sound rippling off his gorget. Shaking off the half-blast, he gravels, "You first." And then his axe cuts back across his body, cleaving off one of the tendrils. In the wake of the chop, he steps forward, attempting to slam the stylized skull that his helmet has for a face into the Priest's face.

Michael slashed at the hostile but its arm smacks away his blade before it lashes out at Rivea. Michael moves to Rivea's side to keep her from falling, just as the hostile seems to lose interest in them. He's not letting it get away easily. "Riv, if you can still swing, lets take it down. Don't let them run." and in goes for the attack.

The Ash Witch stagers back, but just in time for Reena to be the one to be at her side. She feels as though her entire body is screaming, though she can't rationalize what exactly is wrong. She glances over toward Vic, and she holds up a hand toward him before she looks to Reena, her aura collapsing into nothingness.

The feeble attempt to defend did not deter the new Ibrahm Knight in accomplishing what he wanted, and that was to bring his Bastard Sword across the Elite's neck. It is a clean cut, one with a devastating result in the form of a decapitation as the blade cuts right through, sending the brute's head flying while the large and heavy body suddenly sags and crumples to the ground like a puppet without strings. With a satisfied look down at the now dead Hostile, Erik begins to survey the battle, seeing that it is now a full rout. One knight does catch his attention and that is Kazimir who finally staggers after that long, extended battle with the other Hostile. Moving over to ensure that the Hostile doesn't press the attack, the ex-Valen calls to the downed warrior, "Up on your feet, Sir, the Hostiles are falling back!"

Silence and concentration, that seems to be it for Sammel at the moment, as he moves in for another attack. Managing to hit, he looks around for a few brief moments, nodding a bit as he sees Erik take the head off the Hostile. There's a brief chuckle, before he moves for his target once more now.

A stroke of her sword against the hostile's right leg, a turn to press forward in the attack, only a slight nod to Michael. SHe moves to one side of it, hoping to counter its attempt to make its escape, reading for another strike of her own.

Kazimir's epic duel of hand-shots continues! Unfortunately, he takes one this time, and without the armor that the rest of his body enjoys, it's bad news. The blow knocks the weapon from his hand (and far off target) and a subsequent shove has him on the ground, unfortunately out of easy reach of his weapon. He's dazed at first, his helmet displays fritzing out from the impact of his helm and the ground, but some of the words around him come through. Fortunately, his counterpart withdraws with his friends, leaving him a moment to stagger first back to his feet, and then to go and retrieve his weapon. There is a garbled swear across the comm, nonetheless. Someone doesn't like their prey getting away like that.

Determined, Ana continues fighting the Hostile that's attacking her, managing to avoid its weapon while getting in a slash across its chest. Not letting up, even when the Hostile seems to be falling back, Ana doesn't give in too lightly. "I want them gone from the Veldt, Erik.." Definitely she doesn't seem to be giving up, even chasing if she has to.

The Hostiles are definitely in full retreat now, especially after both the Elite and Priest falls to the Havenite's attacks, both in very demoralizing fashion. The ones engaging the Ibrahm patrol, the surviving ones that is, have already turned and fled, the three remaining here are doing the same.

<COMBAT> Kazimir passes.
<COMBAT> Hostile29 passes.
<COMBAT> Erik attempts to rally Kazimir and FAILS
<COMBAT> Balius treats Kazimir:
< Chest (Serious): successful
< Left_Hand (Serious): unsuccessful
< Kazimir is back in the fight!
<COMBAT> Thalo attacks Hostile29 with Great Bludgeon - Critical wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Sammel attacks Hostile26 with Polearm - Moderate wound to Right Arm (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Rivea attacks Hostile29 with Sword but Hostile29 DODGES!
<COMBAT> Reena treats Devon:
< Right_Arm (Moderate): successful
< Abdomen (Moderate): successful
<COMBAT> Devon passes.
<COMBAT> Victor passes.
<COMBAT> Michael attacks Hostile29 with Sword - NEAR MISS!
<COMBAT> Johana attacks Hostile26 with Greatsword - Serious wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Hostile26 passes.
<COMBAT> Hostile22 passes.

<COMBAT> Hostile26 has been KO'd!

"Easy does it, Lady Devon," Reena says soothingly as she steadies the other woman. "Those sonic injuries are unpleasant. I've treated to many of them." She sticks the GranVolnas with a hypo of pain killer and grabs a pair of cast-like stabilizers out of her medkit. She wraps one around Devon's right arm and the other around her midsection, to keep things inside from moving around and doing any more damage.

Victor puts a foot on the chest of the stunned Priest, raising his axe up and driving it into the Hostile's skull. He presses harder with his foot, prying his axe free, then looks around to see if there's any other threats nearby, but as the last Hostiles flee, the tactical map in the corner of his visor pops up again, and he snorts, heading over to where Reena and Devon are, "How bad is it?" The question could be for Reena or Devon, either way.

Victory goes to the Havenites as both the Hostile forces have been smashed and the Ibrahm patrol has been saved. There are casualties of course, dead and wounded, but that is the usual result when it comes to battle against the invaders. "For House Ibrahm!" Erik finally calls out triumphantly as he pulls off his helm, holding it with one hand while raising his Bastard Sword with the other. Those with Ibrham colors echo the same three words, proud and joyful of the outcome.

One of the Hostiles is caught from behind by the chasing Ibrahm Heir, cut down without a chance to live to fight another day, the other is brutally hit, its chance of survival after fleeing rather dim. The Hostiles have cleared the grasslands, their attempt at ambushing and destroying the Havenite patrol coming at a costly failure. They have lost quite a few, especailly with the Elite and Priest.

Letting out a few deep breaths as he sees the Hostile go down, Sammel removes his own helmet now. Glancing down at where he took the hit to the chest, he grimaces a bit. "Sorry…" he mutters to nobody in particular, before the adrenaline seems to be leaving his body, and he slumps forward now.

Ana had meant it when she chased after her Hostile and when she impales her blade through the abdomen, she pulls it back, watching it fall to the ground. Turning, she realizes that was all of them so she heads back for the others, to see if she can offer any assistance.

"The damage is internal. I won't know until I can get her into a surgery," Reena admits as her helmet opens up and retracts. She looks Victor up and down. "Unscathed? Bastard." She grins though, relieved at least one family member isn't bleeding. "I need to stabilize Nitrim's leg too; it's at least fractured."

Once more, the huge Knight known as the Wall kicks out at the hostile with an armored boot, causing it move back a step. It being engaged by multiple opponents keeps it off balance anyway. The opening created is taken advantage of and he spins the hammer 180 degrees as he brings it in a horizontal arc at the hostile's chest. Spinning the hammer over causes the spiked end on the back of the hammer slams into its chest. And then the battle is won, Thalo presses a button on his bracer, "Spike, retract helmet." The helmet divides off into section, retracting back from his head. He slides his hammer over his shoulder and into a craddle.

Not caring that the hostile got away from them, Michael turns back to Rivea and starts to look her over. "How are you feeling Pincushion?" he asks, running both hand and eyes about her to check her wounds and armor. "You fell once… had me rather worried."

Rivea makes her way to Michael, as the remaining Hostiles flee. Touching a hand on his shoulder, she says "You're ok, my friend?" Then she turns to find something with which to clean off her sword. Her eyes fill with a brooding look as she does so, letting out a deep breath. Her wounds are ignored until she makes sure her weapon is cleaned, repairs she can do at another time when she gets to a smith tower.

Devon is breathing short and ragged breaths. She retracts her helmet, revealing her pale face, though the cowl remains in place. Everything hurts, and it is obvious in her eyes. She nods to Reena vaguely at her comforting words, and she grips at her wrist vaguely as the woman goes for pain killers. There is a hint of uncertainty there, and there she nods her head gently. When Victor appears, she offers him a bit of a pained smirk. "Bastard," she repeats Reena's words.

Rivea glares at Michael, absently wiping blood from her neck then sheathing her sword. Hard-headed the wound there, is bearable, and she tils her head to look at the hole in her gut. She snorts, "I'm not the only wone who was a pincushion today," loking over at him.

Looking to those nearest, Sammel sighs for a few moments now, before he finally seems to slip out of consciousness, letting go of his poleaxe right before he hits the ground. Seems like someone just lost consciousness.

Victor shrugs one broad shoulder at Reena's question, retracting the haft of his axe and clipping it back to his hip as he kneels alongside his cousin and his betrothed. "Unscathed. You too." He looks over to Reena, pulling off his helmet and clipping it to his other hip, "I'll get her back to the horses if you wanna see to 'Trim." Looking down at Devon, he smirks crookedly, "So how heavy's that armor? Think I can carry you back?" A low chuckle rises from his chest at the paired questions.

Reena glances around the battlefield and spots Sir Sammel as he goes down as well. "I'm going to go make sure Ana's husband doesn't lose a brother today as well. Vic, can you get Devon through the waygate to the Volkan Barracks? I can treat her fully there." She jogs over to the unconscious form of Sammel and triggers his chestplate to open with a medic override code. She begins cleaning and bandaging his bloody wound before the Cindravale is carted off to the nearest hospital facility.

Kazimir gets a hand up from a medic, and immediately pulls off his helmet, which is both a bit battered and malfunctioning at this point, and filled with a bit of blood coughed up earlier. Tucking it under one arm, he uses the half of his poleaxe in the other hand as something of a walking stick, and walks back toward where he first dismounted. His horse is nearby the corpse of the first hostile he charged down, and he reclaims it, but only to lead along by hand, rather than trying to mount again. "Is there somewhere we'll be assembling for triage and treatment?"

Wincing with the pain as he lifts his arm to pat Rivea's shoulder gently, Michael gives a short breathed grim chuckle. "Trust me Pincushion… I've had much, much worse. I'll show you the scars, later." Then walks back to his greatsword and grunts under the strain to his lascerated pectorals as he draws it from the ground and swings it back into the magnetic clamps on his backstrap. The hard light tall shield fades out and Michael whistles for Thunder who come trotting over and sniffs at his friends and rider. "It's alright Thunder, I'll be fine… I think I'll see if Johana will let us ride some more patrols this evening and throught the night. Can't chance them trying to come back once we've cleared the field." He tries to pull himself up onto the tall war stallion… but fails each time until giving up and just leading Thunder back towards the camp.

"I'm sure they are preparing the triage center in Obsidia as we speak, Sir Kazimir," Reena notes to the Saimhann. She is crouched by her brother, Nitrim, putting a brace around his wounded leg, then putting him on a horse to lead it back to the Ways. "Thalo!" she calls. "You all right?"

Devon wheezes a bit as she tries to sit up, but then she winces a bit. "You can carry me properly to my horse," she manages with a smirk on her lips. She touches his forearm gently as if conveying some unspoken words. Then she nods slightly. "So, is this how all Khourni wedding nights go?"

Rivea watches Michael start to walk off; but, since she feels as if she has done so little, offers her assistance in carrying off wounded, or in any other manner deemed feasible.

"Very well," is Kazimir's gruff reply, and the man starts back off that way, moving along with the aid of his horse on one side and his weapon turned walking-stick on the other.

Reena climbs onto her own horse, and leads Nitrim's away, back towards the Ways and Volkan, to tend to her House's wounded.

Victor gets a hand behind Devon's shoulders to help her up into a seated position, "Only the good ones." Slipping his arm more fully behind the GrantVolni's back, he gets his other arm under her knees and rises slowly to his feet, the weight of her armor causing him to press his lips together and puts a little strain in his voice, "How bad's everyone else?" Dipping his head a little, he triggers the comm in his gorget, "What are our casualties like?"

After Michael arrives at the initial boarder camp for the patrols that had been run earlier in the day, he goes to meet with the armor smith. "Armor needs patching, and I need it done before I head back out there for more patrols." Obviously he thinks Johana won't object to her squire riding out again after being stabbed, slashed, and chopped into. After removing his armor and handing over what parts are broken to the smith, Michael heads over to his tent to fetch another under armor suit from his rucksack. He sits, tugging off the extraneous pieces of armor not being fixed currently, wincing and grunting as various movements cause him great pain. He grabs small hand towel, rolls it up and jams it into his mouth to keep from biting his tongue as he moves to get himself undressed and redressed in a fresh, padded undersuit.

Rivea goes to find the mount she'd been loaned, taking a moment to check it over. Running a hand along its neck, she rests her forehead against it for a short time, "Well, let's get you home so nothing happens to you and I know you're safe. And thank you for bearing me true today. At least your steps didn't seem to falter as mine did." The horse nickers, ears flicking a moment, before the two start to walk in the direction Michael went. Stoically, she tries to avoid showing any pain for the moment, her armor she will work on herself later.

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