09.11.3013: A Hospital Visit
Summary: Talynne goes to see Balius after he and Lorelei have a run in with a Hostile.
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Balius Talynne 

Arboren Hospital
A Citizen Hospital in Arboren

Fifth World - Thursday, September 05, 2013, 2:56 PM

A hospital in Arboren. The modern features of medicine contrast the plethora of trees outside the window. Bey seems asleep, his eyes closed. A large bandage is across his bare chest and in IV drip is going. Another thick bandage is around his right hand. He seems to be mumbling occasionally in his sleep. In his left hand is his tablet…in a bit of a vice grip.

Walking into the hospital room, Talynne looked markedly horrified. Seeing young Balius laying in the bed all she could do was stop walking into the room. For a few long, drawn out moments she just stared, slowly schooling her expression into the calm, quiet mask she would use in the middle of a battle, or handling the death of a horse. Shutting the door behind her, she moved to the side of the bed, the same one that he was holding the tablet on, and settled into a seat very close to the bed in order to be there if he started to wake up.

The tablet is still clearly on the screen from when he sent her the message. "Sorry…" he groans quietly, eyes barely opening. He releases the tablet and grasps her hand firmly. A thin smile perks up at the corner of his lips. Smirking, he looks to her. "What took you so long?" His voice is groggy.

Talynne looked at him with a frown marking her features, shaking her head. "I had to climb out of a tree…" Then she gave him a little shrug before squeezing his hand back, pulling it up to her lips and kissing softly. "What the hell happened, Bey? You look like you were beaten fairly severely."

"Well…" Bey's green eyes squint in concentration. "Loree and I were walking in the woods…" Balius pauses, and tries to sit up. "Loree! Owh! -" He winces and pulls back. "Is she okay? There was a Hostile scouting the woods…" He looks around, struggling to see her though they are alone in the room.

"I have no idea if Lorelei is alright or not, honestly, Balius. I can go check with the doctor and find out?" Talynne stood up. "Give me just a moment." She leaned down and kissed him on the forehead, then pushed him gently back down. Slipping out, no matter if there was protest, she looked for a nurse or doctor to find out.

Bey hears muttering in the hall way. He gives a tired frown. After she's in the hallway, he'll kinda whine softly. "Don't…leave…"

The hospital seems rather quiet in the hallway. Assuming Talynne stops the nearest doctor, he'll stand about 5'6" in a white coat. He'll look at her searching. "May I help you…" He seems to be questioning how to address her.

Looking at the shorter Doctor, Talynne blinked for a moment, realizing it wasn't likely anyone here knew she was allowed to visit Balius. "Yes, Lady Sir Talynne Rovehn, doctor. I needed to check with you and see if Balius Quellton's sister, Lorelei Quellton, was admitted with him?" She motioned to the door that hid Balius from sight.

The doctor ponders for a moment. The hospital usually caters to citizens, but the sister had noble arrive with the rescue team… "She's several doors down, in Room 3C. She's stable and in somewhat better shape than Mr. Quellton…she's also sleeping." He peers at Talynne to make his point.

"Alright, thank you Doctor. How's he doing? Is there anything that he needs?" Talynne looked at the man seriously, her attention entirely his now that the first question was answered with any competence. The concern in her eyes was vivid even while her posture remained straight and remarkably solid. Of course, that was the Knight in her.

"Well, my Lady, the laceration to the chest was moderately deep. It'll be several weeks until he's back in top form. We'll want to monitor the hand carefully…." The doctor pauses awkwardly, feeling like he might have said too much. "What's your name, my Lady?

"Lady Sir Talynne Rovehn." Talynne looked at him fairly seriously, a frown starting to mark her lips. "Please tell me you haven't forgotten it since the last time I mentioned it. My.. Look. You've got the man I love in one room and his sister in another. He woke up concerned for her well being, not his own. So I had to make sure she was alright. I'm going to go back in there and let him know she's not as bad off as he is. But you answering my questions about his injuries won't be repeated to him if it'll harm his chances of recovery. It just gives me an idea of how long he'll be stuck in this place. What is wrong with his hand?"

Looking at his board, he'll give a warm smile. "Would you happen to be related to 'Love Taly Beautiful Horse Knight Lady'?" He turns the board to her, showing the nurse's notes on his intake. Patient, when asked for next of kin to contact, listed, in broken, groggy speech… He nods back to her. "And he's in fine hands here, and asks a lot of questions in between doses of the drugs we've been giving him. Tried to offer the nurses help with his own bandages." The doctor nods again. "His hand has a deep cut on it as well, presumably from the same weapon. We're not sure if a full recovery is possible, there may be permanent damage to the nerves. It's a wait and see proposition, I'm afraid." He seems to be looking into the room compassionately. "I'm sorry, my Lady, but I must go make my rounds." He nods and starts pacing off hurriedly.

Laughing slightly, Talynne covered her mouth with her hand and gave the Doctor an apologetic look."I believe I would be… her. Or if not, she's remarkably similar." She shook her head and blushed just a bit, waving to the doctor as he walked off. Taking a deep breath, she finally moved back into the room with Balius, offering him a soft smile as she entered, then walked over and reclaimed her seat, taking his hand again as she did so. "Hey there."

He'd closed his eyes again, opening them weakly and smiling again. "Good to see you again…did you find out anything?" Bey's tone is cautious and measured as his hand squeezes hers tightly. He seems a little pale, but besides his two obvious wounds, there's little other signs of injury.

"Yes, Lorelei is here as well, though she's not as bad off as you are. She's resting, so I didn't go in to look at her, but the doctor assured me that you were the worse of the two." Talynne answered him softly, reaching up to gently run her fingers through his hair. "I hear you're trying to get the nurses to let you bandage up yourself?"

"I'm not so bad…and they've got better things to do…" Bey shakes his head groggily. "And, good. She gave that scout a wallop…" He smiles, proud of his sister, his head leaning idly into Taly's hands combing his hair. "Shoulda taken that post-Ignis training more seriously, huh?" He smirks, though his voice remains very quiet, breathing seems a little difficult as the bandages wrap across his torso.

"Yes." Talynne nodded to him and offered a gentle smile. "I talked to Demos about what's been happening to you two. Why didn't you tell me about the threatening items you two received? It's so dangerous.. and.." Talynne looked him over, her eyes wide with worry. "Were the hostiles so close to your home? Has your family been given any protection?"

"No, no…I told you I'd need training…" Bey mutters. "Not necessary, no no…." He's groggy again, but he squeezes her hand. "And we weren't close at all. Stables are far away, we don't need to drain resources." That Quellton pride shows through, even in his mindset. "Why…why haven't you kissed me yet?"

"Because I figured you needed your breath to tell me what happened." Talynne offered him the soft response, but stood up from her seat to come closer to him, kissing him first on the forehead. "I'd tell you that I'm sorry I wasn't there.. but I know that I can't be there, and can't always be there anyway. But still.. I'm so very glad you're alive." Talynne whispered the words softly before she kissed him on the lips gently enough that he might hardly have felt it.

His head perks up as he smashes his lips awkwardly up to her. Balius pulls back, grinning. "I never asked of you more than was reasonable…I hope." He holds his smile. "My bow will be with me at all times, from now on, honest." His eyes will open further and become more alight with their learned study of Talynne. "Sorry if I worried you…I got worried when all I had was that hunting knife to fight the damn thing."

"I bet, that's a terrible position to be in. Especially since I know your unarmed methods aren't the.. well.. strongest in the world. It's not a bad thing, just something you haven't been trained in yet. Not fully." Talynne winked to him and kissed his cheek softly, her lips tingling slightly from the awkward mouth mash. "I love you, and maybe we can work on your hand to hand after you get out. Or teach you how to use something else?"

"I hit the Hostile over and over…fists don't hurt armor." Bey rolls his eyes, plenty confident in his unarmed skills. "It's just I need to practice with my bow more…or learn something else." He obviously hates being chained to the bed. "I could totally take you in hand-to-hand…we'll spar once I'm outta here." There's an excitement in his eyes, pondering the applications for a physical altercation with Talynne.

"I can teach you how to use a sword, if you like." Talynne offered him gently. Or the bow.. I'm willing to help you with anything you need, honey." A sad smile curves her lips softly. "If that's what you want. You may want to learn from someone else, though, since I would end up training you like I would a squire. But you have so much to learn in Academ. At the very least, though, I can help you be a better bowman, or be better at using a sword."

"The Hostiles aren't gonna go soft on me either…and I could teach you some basic stuff, so if…" Bey struggles for words, cursing himself for having forgotten about his brother's still traveling party of Waygate destroyers. "If you are ever lost like Chiron, you'll have some idea and materials to help you!" There's something about the exchange that Bey seems to like. "Like…a part of the other will always be with them. I promise it'd be only useful stuff…" He takes a deep breath and leans back, having gotten ahead of himself.

"I have no doubt that everything you could teach me would be useful, my love." Talynne offered him a gentle smile and moved her hand through his hair again, gently brushing it back. "I don't mind learning some medical applications, that would come in very handy. It would also be helpful if Eiris and I were out and we had no Elodie or you around to help us." Taly nodded to him and lifted his hand to give it a kiss.

"And even the Lady Doctor can get wounded too…" He nods, very satisfied she's agreed. Balius reaches with his right hand for a cup of water, though the bandages make his grip awkward as he brings it to his lips. "They serve food in this place?" He smirks and presses the call button as his stomach grumbles. "So, what's new with you? Tell me everything." Bey says excitedly, wanting something besides Loree and Chiron's danger and wounds on his mind.

"There's nothing exciting for me to tell you, Balius, I gave you all my good news yesterday." Talynne smiled to him softly and shook her head. "I'm afraid my life is nowhere near as exciting as that of your family, which I can only attribute to the fact that I tend to stay out of trouble." She winked to him softly. "I'll go get you something to eat, though, if you'd like? I don't know if they have you on any restricted diet?"

Too late. A nurse walks in. "May I help you sir?" She's polite and smiling broadly at him. "How are your bandages holding up?"

"Fine, fine…can I get some bacon?" Bey mutters bluntly her direction, as if hunger was a new sensation altogether to him. "Or some crisps?" The grogginess dulls the logic of what might be available as food. "Maybe some dip, but not ranch…and pizza? Any of those." He gives the nurse a polite nod, trying to hold back the flood of other food ideas in his mind.

The Nurse seems a little taken aback by the flood of requests and searching for a response.

"Or if you aren't a waitress…. can you tell me where I can go to get all of that?" Talynne asked her softly with a smile, helping provide a little fielding to the slightly addled young man she held the hand of. "He woke up and seems to have quite the appetite, though I don't know if you guys have him on a restricted diet?"

The nurse seems to have missed Talynne until hearing the Knight speak up. "Oh…well…the docs say nothing solid for at least another 24 hours. Just wanna make sure he's not done any damage. I can get some soup?" She offers with a smile, much more muted than before.

"Ahh…Jenny!" Bey whines to the nurse. "Soup isn't food…it's flavored water!" But he nods politely. "Please…soup then." He seems quite disappointed as he gives a lazy yawn. The nurse leaves, and Balius just stares at Talynne, eyes looking her up and down.

Chuckling softly, Talynne shook her head and sighed, remembering clearly all the times she'd been remitted to a crap diet of broth. She looked over at Balius curiously, brows raised. "What's up?"

First thoughts are crude and drift elsewhere for just a moment in response to her question. Blinking awkwardly, with a deer in headlights look, he regains his composure. "Just…glad you're here, even though I know you must be busy and have other stuff to do. Thank you." He smiles warmly at her.

Smiling to him, Talynne winked. "No where else I'd be, even though it took me a minute to make my way here. I didn't want you to be without the knowledge that I at least came by to see how you were doing. I don't doubt that you've had plenty of visitors, which is good. Has Demos come to see you yet?" If she noticed the fact that he might have paused awkwardly, Talynne didn't act like it, she was never one to call out people on their frozen moments.

"Demos! No! I…" Bey flushes embarrassed again, left hand reaching for the forgotten tablet. He stretches and pulls it up. "I wasn't even thinking when I got here, and they drugged me so much." Bey seems quite frustrated. "They insisted it was far a whole host of concerns. I think they just wanted to sedate me. It's all been such a fog…" He starts tapping away slowly on the tablet to Demos. "My mentor's gonna start wondering if I think he cares or not…sheesh."

"Well, notifying people that care about you is one of those things you have to get used to the more people you collect in your life that want nothing but the best for you." Talynne grinned to him softly and leaned over to kiss him on the forehead. "If you want, I'll come back and bring him to visit you so he's not gimping around on his own."

Balius nods. "That'd be good, yeah." He smiles at her, drugs perhaps making him seem a little dazed. "Do you know why I love you?" Bey cocks his head to one side, the tone a mix of playful and sincere as he takes the cup of water and sips again.

"Because i will totally sneak in contraband and find you some bacon ice cream, or bring it from the chefs with me next time I come and visit?" Talynne grinned to him and looked him over, adoration and concern warring in her eyes for primary vote.

He laughs but winces slightly from the effort. Bey does his best to ignore it but muddles on with a smile. "Well, there's that too, well that's part of it. No one cares quite like you do Taly." He yawns as beeps occur on the machine and the IV seems to administer something with the water.

"I don't know if that's the truth, but if it is, I wish you had more people that care as much for you as I do, love. You deserve it in your life." Talynne softly smile to him and motioned to his pillow. "Why don't you rest your head? I'll be here, don't worry. I've got to eat the soup that poor nurse is fetching for you right now." She winked, and placed a soft kiss on his lips as she helped him to lay back. "I love you, Balius." Talynne offered it openly to him as she looked into his lovely green eyes. Of course, then he fell asleep, and she went about letting the nurse know he didn't need the soup after all.

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