07.05.3013: A Game Of Solo
Summary: Reena sends out invites for people to join her at the Violet Siren for a game of cards.
Date: 05 July 2013
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The Violet Siren — The Westend, Landing
The entrance into the Violet Siren gives the illusion of a squat, round building with very little character or flair. It is only when one walks through the ellipse-shaped tunnel, under the glowing black lights, do they realize that the Violet Siren is far more than it seems. The foyer is at the top level of a vast silo that tunnels underground for several stories. Its transparent-composite floors look down through the various mezzanines ringing the interior of silo all the way to the expansive dance floor at the bottom. A series of staircases hug the walls of the cylinder, leading patrons past balconies that supply seating away from the loud thumping and madness of the dance floor and a series of bars to wet ones whistle.

The entire lower level is nothing but dance floor with platforms to provide varied elevation to the bumping, grinding, and thrashing of the vigorous dancers. Scantly-clad waitresses maneuver carefully through the dancers with shotglass vials of neon-colored liquor.

05 July 3013

The Violet Siren is always busy, but especially so this close to the weekend. Nevertheless, Lady Reena Khournas has managed to get VIP ropes put around a few tables on one of the upper levels. She has sent out invitations via the Infosphere for friends, family, and acquaintances, and anyone who is anyone, to come play cards with her tonight. She's wearing a stylish dress, low cut, in pale blue as she sits at one of the tables and shuffles a deck thoughtfully. There is a glass of wine at her elbow.

The viper like knight, Kaedin Orelle, moves across the club with ease. In one hand is a huge mug of beer. Making his way to the table and taking a seat, he offers Reena a nod, wearing a pair of sunglesses as he sets his beer down on a coaster. "Good evening lady Reena." he says with a smile, being at ease and having a calm collected presence to himself.

Having received an invitation herself, Johana is shown to an area that is roped off. Wearing a red, one shoulder dress that hugs her curves and is accentuated by gold jewelry. Her hair is swept up in a chignon with a few romantic tendrils escaping to frame her face. Her petite height that usually reaches five feet and five inches is boosted by another several thanks to the heels on her feet. Upon seeing Reena, a smile takes the place of her curious look and she approaches. "Greetings, My Lady! Thank you for the invitation."

Having received an invitation herself, Johana is shown to an area that is roped off. Wearing a red, one shoulder dress that hugs her curves and is accentuated by gold jewelry. Her hair is swept up in a chignon with a few romantic tendrils escaping to frame her face. Her petite height that usually reaches five feet and five inches is boosted by another several thanks to the heels on her feet. Upon seeing Reena, a smile takes the place of her curious look and she approaches. "Greetings, My Lady! Thank you for the invitation." Transferring her gaze to Kaedin, she offers a nod to him as well. "Sir Orelle."

Receiving yet another invitation to a social gathering of nobles, Michael is baffled slightly. He doesn't feel like sitting around the bunk rooms all night though so he dresses up in something he hasn't worn before. A dark blue tailored shirt with a black leather double breasted jacket, slim black straight cut pants and sleek lined black short boots. He makes his way to the club, oddly enough the same one he first met Johana in and where his whole lift to this point kicked off. He spies the small gathering of people and makes his way over. "Hello Lady Reena, thank you for inviting me." he bows his head to her. "Lady Johana, you look beautiful." he gives another head bow, then he does and third bow of his head to the last person. "Hello Sir."

"Sir Kaedin, I'm so glad you could join me. Please, have a seat," Reena greets with a warm, well-practiced smile. "Ana!" she exclaims, rising to hug her friend. "You look amazing in that dress. I am envious." She winks. "Hello Michael. You are looking more rested tonight. You seemed so dreadfully sleepy at the Solarium last night." She gestures for all to sit and summons a waiter over to take drink orders.

Kaedin smiles and gives a nod to Reena. "Thankyou for the invite." He says, and greets Johana in kind. "Sir Ibram." And gives a nod to Michael, before he lets the waiter know he already has a drink. Not being much of a card player, and not finding a dice game, he keeps quiet and waits for the rules, game, or whatever might be going on.

With warmth in her eyes, Johana hugs the closest person to a sister she has, only separating when Reena pulls back. "Thank you, Reena, you look beautiful." Hearing Michael, she looks over and does a double take. "Who are you and what have you done with my squire?" The tease is good natured and she nods in agreement. "You were passed out by the pool last time I saw you." Slipping gracefully into a chair nearby Reena and Kaedin she nods once more to the latter of the two when he greets her. "A pleasure seeing you again, Sir." Placing her small clutch purse on her lap, she laces her fingers together. "Looks like a fun evening in store."

Michael chuckles softly to Johana, "Again, we owe Lord Nitrim thanks for my transformation. Oddly enough, his methods have some merit even if they seem a bit far fetched at times." he shrugs lightly, then to the waitor, "Two Purple Passions please." and with the order he flashes a smile to Johana. "Old times sake?" Michael slips into a chair opposite all of them. "So, what's on the docket for the evening?"

And in stalks one of the more infamous scions of the Cindravale house. Well perhaps in his mind anyway at least. Valentine is dressed in a long coat that flashes all the different colours of fire with each step. Beneath his shirt is a silvery white, and pants and boots black. His mass of long curls is drawn back and tied with a red ribbon. His dark eyes glance around idly as he leans one hand on a chest high Sorcerer's staff made of blackwood and silver with a large ruby inset on the top.

Reena resumes her seat. "I've been dying for a good game of cards. And to get out of the palace and somewhere dimmer," she admits. She's used to the perpetual volcanic fog and dark of Volkan. She finishes shuffling the deck and begins dealing for the complex game of Solo (Which is totally Uno with purple, orange, pink, and teal cards, just because). Spotting the Cindravale peacock flitting in, she beckons for him to join with a sly smile.

Kaedin nods to the Cindervale, though his attention turns to the cards. Solo, and the look of releif on his face is evident, this game is easy, just match stuff up. Taking a sip of his mug of Ale, he looks at his cards. "Johana, I have a scheduled spar with your Brother, any requests on not trying to break him?" he says, adding the word try because Barton looks pretty sturdy, but Kaedin is known not to go easy on anyone. "I'll respect any wishes you have, out of respect of course." he says in a casual tone as he looks over his cards.

With the repeated reference to Nitrim, Johana gives her squire a curious look. "I'll take your word for it, I don't know his methods, but I have to say whatever it was worked. Nice work, I think I owe him a drink." When Michael orders for her, a brow arches but when usually she would berate him for the audacity, she instead inclines her head. "Old times sake. Sure." Settled in her chair now, she returns her attention to Reena, watching her shuffle. "I can do dimmer, but just so you know, I'm definitely going to have to dance at some point." When Reena beckons someone over, the Ibrahm turns her head and looks over the Valen, openly running her gaze over his attire and ending up skittering over the sorcerers staff with the ruby. Both brows arch and she tips her head to the side. "Someone you know, Reena?" When Kaedin addresses her about her brother, she laughs softly. "Break him? Oh sure, feel free to try. He's unbreakable."

Michael chuckles softly, "Thanks, I'll let him know you said that. I'm sure he'd like a drink in return." he notes the arched brow, then nods slightly. Turning his attention to his cards, before looking up to the Valen sorcerer. He studies the man for a moment then returns his attention to the cards. Making no comments otherwise.

Elegantly shaped eyebrows arise as Valentine spots Reena's beckoning and he flits over. His slender form slips easily through the crowds until he is within polite conversation distance. A bright smile lights up his delicate features as he offers the table a somewhat exageratedly theatrical bow with a flourish of his staff "M'lords and ladies, Lord Valentine Cindravale at your service" he says whilst arising with something of an amused twist to his lips.

Reena finishes dealing the first hand and flips the top card on the pile. "Purple 4 to Lord Kaedin," she quips with a smile. She looks to the Orelle with a grin to watch his next move. Valentine has her turning her gaze back to him, the flamboyance noted. "Lord Valentine, please do join us, we're just starting a hand but there will be many more to come."

Kaedin looks at the hand he is delt and tilts his head, tossing a card down. "Purple zero to Lady Johana," He says as he offers a smile. "Oh, the promise of that young knight keeps getting better and better, that and I do love a challange." he says, taking another sip of his ale. "So, a question for you other knights, any word on any suitable squires? one's that wont whine for two weeks and then cry to go home?" he asks, not wanting his first squire to be a big sissy baby.

Viannea must count as one of the 'anyone who is anyone' as there she is, being led over to where the card game is and allowed access. The younger Peake has decided to dress down beyond what she normally does while still looking presentable, opting for comfort over fashion in a pair of loose pants, a blouse and knee-high boots. "I hope I am not too late," she calls out, her way of announcing herself.

Easy to spot from the VIP section above, Nitrim makes his way through the crowd wearing the same, rustic coat he's always seen with. Holding a cocktail, a spiced bourbon on ice, in one hand, he weaves through the sea of bodies dancing and grinding all above on his way to the stairs. Once he reaches the velvet-roped section, he slips through, easily identified as one of the nobility and one related to Reena Khournas. "Well…fucking hello to the lot of you." Nitrim says to them as he approaches, setting his drink down on the edge of the table, looking down in a rather what sort of cute thing do we have here manner. He leans out to give Reena's shoulder a shake and then salutes them with her glass. "Looks like you all escaped. Lady Viannea, you've escaped, too, it looks like."

"Thank you most kindly Lady…Reena is it not?" Valentine enquires with another bright if faintly brainless seeming smile "Do forgive me, terrible memory" he says as he drapes himself elegantly over one of the chairs. His smile broadens as he spies Viannae "A lady of beauty cannot possibly be late, Lord Valentine Cindravale…" about to perhaps say more he is interupted by Nitrim, both eyebrows arising "And hello to you as well kind sir" he drawls with a faintly sardonic smile touching his delicate face.

"You do that for me, let him know I'd be glad to." Picking up her cards, Johana begins to sort them by color, then arrange by number, largest to smallest, in order. Wild cards on the very left. Yes, she's weird about the placement, and it takes her a few moments. With the arrival of the Valen, and upon hearing his name, particularly the Cindravale part, the Ibrahm heir studies him a bit more before looking back to her cards and playing a teal Zero. "For you, Michael." But she looks to Kaedin instead. "Squires are a peculiar thing. I have found find one, then take him and make him your own. Adjustments need to be made on both parts but in the end, the reward is worth it." Her attention is caught as the others arrive, nodding to the Peake but Nitrim, well… "Hey you. Have a seat, join the game?"

Michael nods with a smile to Johana, then hrms at his cards. Hearing Viannea's name he swivels around to look at her with a smile breaking onto his face for her alone.

Michael nods with a smile to Johana, then hrms at his cards. Hearing Viannea's name he swivels around to look at her with a smile breaking onto his face for her alone. "Lady Viannea, I'm glad you could be here." then he hrms once more at his cards. Commenting lightly, "I must admit that I'm not good at this…" he then places down a pink zero and looks to Reena, "Yours Lady Reena." with a smile of course.

"I'll share potential squires for you, Lord Kaedin, if you share potential husbands for me," Reena teases. As the Arboren noblewoman joins them she smiles brightly. "Only for the first hand, Lady Viannea. We'll deal you in on the second, along with Lord Valentine." She smacks Nitrim's knuckles with her hand of cards. "Brother, you are, however, late. Because I said so." She's in high spirits tonight. She lays down a pink ten and gestures for Kaedin to take his turn.

This is where the game get's deadly, and of course, he places a Pink take two on the stack for Johana. "Well lady Reena, There is Young Lord Benadict, my cousin, if you wouldent mind living on the Ring, or maybe his younger brother Frederick, thoug hhe is young in years, being Tala's twin brother." he says, and gives a cough. "You could always go bottom of the barrel and try for a outdoor's brute like myself." He says, though the smile on his face shows half jest.

"Hey Johana." Nitrim replies, giving the red-head an overly-pantomimed wink, a left-over from an inside joke from the pool yesterday. Lighting up a cigarette, he motions to decline a seat at the table. "Sorry, no I can't stay I have to meet with the Granthams about future business with them. Same goes for you, sister, I'm just putting in a show to say hi and send my love." Nitrim smiles and leans down to plant a kiss to the top of her head. "Wow, really Orange heavy, Reena. Orange and twos." He comments. It might be true, it might not. "Reena? Johana? Please take good care of Lady Viannea, she was kind enough to show me around Peake earlier this morning. It nearly killed both of us." Saluting with his drink to Kaedin and Michael, he flashes a bright smile to Viannea and makes his way for the stairs again.

Studying her cards now, Johana hears the offer Reena makes to the Valen and her lips quirk in a smile. "Depending on the day, I know a particular Valen you could have." Reaching for the pile, her smile turns into a smirk. "Uh huh, just gives me more ammunition to use against you." The words are lightened by a wink to Valentine as she carefully places the two cards into her others fanned out in her hands. Looking up at Nitrim, she catches the playful wink and laughs. "Sure thing, we'll take good care of her. Only if you take good care of yourself."

Nitrim is given a wink and Michael's hair is ruffled but when she speaks it is to Johana and Reena, first. "Sir Johana. Lady Reena. I don't think I'll be playing tonight, I am afraid. But if you wouldn't mind an impartial cheering section I could stay around to add to the company." And now she greets the group as a whole. "I do hope this evening has found everyone well." A twinge of a frown forms when Nitrim voices his need to go and gives him an abrupt nod. "I do hope that you'll do me the same kindness when I come to visit you, Lord Nitrim. Now go on. Shoo." And she goes as far as to move her hand in the appropiate shooing motion.

Reena laughs lightly at Kaedin. "But I am a Khourni. I like brutes," she flirts with a grin. She wrinkles her nose at his cousin Benedict. "He seems a bit…cerebral for my tastes." Also he might be smart enough to see through her manipulations. "I do believe there is a smattering of young Arborens and Peakes who could probably be trained in something other than when to eat what leaves," she murmurs. She chuckles at Johana. "Is your pretty knight being a pain in the posterior?" she queries.

"A mercy not being a Knight, one doesn't have to deal with either side of squiredom" Valentine opines in his elegant drawl as he leans his staff against the side of his chair "Of course I -beleive- most squires are less likely to set fire to themselves or their surrounds than awakened apprentices are" he adds with a another faintly sardonic smile before he pauses and adds as his brow creases in thought "Although I am certain there are notable exceptions"

Placing a card down, teal take-two, Michael smiles to Reena before accepting his drink after motioning the other towards Johana. "Thanks." he offers the server, before turning back to the conversation. He motions to the chair next to him, "Lady Viannea, care to sit with me?"

Victor has either been out dancing — which is ridiculous according to most of his family and friends — or he just had a rather… intense personal encounter down in the swirling mass of humanity by the dance floor. Sweat shines on his shaven scalp and darkens his undershirt as he extricates himself, heading for one of the bars along the walls. Halfway there, he blinks at the sight of those self-same family and friends (and several others) glancing over his shoulder, then shaking his head, gathering out a cigar from a case in a pants pocket, clipping the tip and lighting it with a blade and lighter integrated into the case as he moves over toward the group. As he approaches, he rumbles, "Really? Strip poker and no one invited me?"

"Oh no, he's definitely not my pretty knight." Her brow furrows and Johana straightens her cards even though they don't need it. "And yes, he's a huge pain in the ass." Reaching for the purple drink Michael had ordered for her, she murmurs her thanks and lifts her free hand for a sip from the glass. When the Valen pipes in, the Ibrahm almost scowls, simply because he shares the same last name,

Kaedin smiles at Reena. "Yes, I'm a rarity in my family." he says, and as she firts with him, he smiles back. "Like Brutes? A woman after my own heart." he says as he then smiles to Johana. "Fire all volleys Ibrahm, I'll take anything you can dish out." he says with a playful, competitive smirk.

"Oh no, he's definitely not my pretty knight." Her brow furrows and Johana straightens her cards even though they don't need it. "And yes, he's a huge pain in the ass." Reaching for the purple drink Michael had ordered for her, she murmurs her thanks and lifts her free hand for a sip from the glass. When the Valen pipes in, the Ibrahm almost scowls, simply because he shares the same last name. "Squires aren't so bad." Looking up at Vi, she nods and motions towards one of the chairs. "Please have a seat, maybe you'll change your mind." When it's her turn again, she plays a reverse card that matches the color on the top of the pile before turning her attention to Victor. "Yeah you're late, you lose. Strip, man."

"Be careful, Lord Kaedin. You'll give a young Lady terribly thoughts about you." Reena grins. She then slaps a wild draw four down just for the Orelle. "Draw four. Orange please." She turns to Johana. "But it's such a pleasant ass to look at, Ana," Reena teases the Ibrahm. When she spots her cousin she arches a brow, before waving Victor over to the now-crowded table. "Are we playing for clothing tonight? I thought it was for money. Or shots. Or, well now, who is wearing the least, if I have the most currency, Strip Solo it is!"

Seems like the Peakes are poorly represented, numbers-wise. Via shakes off the momentary discomfort that realization invokes in her and she claims a chair which gets turned around and sat backwards in, her arms draped over her back. "I am not looking forward to the time I will be asked to take on a squire," she eventually adds to add her two cents' worth to the conversation. Victor is given a nod and a smile, her way of greeting the gentleman.

"If I had known it was going to be -that- type of evening I would have worn clothing rather more easily removed" the rather well-dressed Valentine drawls from his corner of the proceedings. There is a faint wrinkle of his nose at the smell of sweat and he flags a passing server to snag one of the drinks on her tray with a bright smile and a murmered thank you "Lord Valentine Cindravale, for those newly arrived" he offers with an elegant wave.

Michael sighs suddenly when there is a chime from his pocket. He pulls out a small device and looks at it, he takes a breath and stands up. "Excuse for a while, my mother is in the hospital and father has just sent call for me. I'll return if I can. Viannea, would you like to take my hand this round?" he offers, simply leaving the cards on the table. He takes a drink of his purple colored glass and then bows to everyone as he turns to leave, a very somber and sullen expression in his eyes.

Victor eyes Johana for a long moment, then shrugs, "Okay," and strips off his gray outer shirt, leaving him just in the narrow-strapped undershirt. He tosses the overshirt easily over at Johana. He nods around the table, "Vic." He draws on his cigar, blowing out a breath of smoke up and away from the table, "Any clothing can be removed quickly enough with a good knife." He moves to lean his shoulder against the wall behind Reena, gesturing toward her hand with his cigar and lying his ass off, "You sure you didn't want the cyan four, followed by the draw two?"

Kaedin takes his four cards, and mock fans himself off wit his shirt. "Ooh, getting hot in here, I think i may have riled the ladies up abit." He says with a smile. He gives a nod to victor before he looks at his how heavy set of cards. "Terribel thoughts about me? I'm an angel." he says, yeah, that's a lie, more like a pitbull.

Michael's cards go untouched by Viannea who is of a very big impression that to do so would be very bad luck. She lets someone else take them to play or fold as they will. "Lord Valentine. It is very nice to meet you. Lady Viannea but you can just call me Vi." Michael's given a look of concern when he mentions his mother. "Hope she recovers swiftly. Take care."

"And here I thought the Valen were prepared for everything." Johana teases, though cuts her gaze to Reena. "Khourni and Ibrahm know how to dress, we're always ready for a game of strip Solo," lifting her finger to indicate her one shouldered red dress, waggling her brows playfully. Of course she's teasing and has never gone so far as to strip in public. Ever. But she's having fun. "It is a nice ass… isn't it?" With a sigh, she envisions Eriks backside. "But there are a lot of nice ones out there, Reena, don't you think?" When Michael leaves, she offers a nod, "Hope everything is going to be okay.." But then Victor quickly and quite easily captures her attention and she openly gawks when he removes his shirt, catching the overshirt easily only to slip it on over her one shouldered dress. "You just gave me an extra round." Inhaling, she sighs again. "You smell good, Victor. Dammit. Distracting." At his further words she grins. "Careful, those words could be considered foreplay in present company."

"Yes, but this coat is worth a moderate fortune" Valetine drawls with a glance down over the firy fabric and a faint frown "Seems most terribly wasteful, also my tailor would be rather wroth with me. And a gentleman -never- makes his tailor angr…" trailing off he arches an eyebrow as Victor removes an article of clothing. Turning to Michael he offers a sympathetic smile "My best wishes for your lady mother" he adds politely then offers another bright but faintly brainless smile to Vi "A lovely name my lady, and my pleasure to meet you"

Michael smiles, but it's forced and weak and the look in his eyes completely overshadows it with sadness "I hope she does too… she's been sick for some time." then he's gone

"Cueball!" Reena snaps, "What is this, a Khournas conspiracy to make me lose at cards!?" She whaps him with her handful of orange, flitting him a wink as she can now use it as a bluff. "Angels are impossibly dull," she drawls at Kaedin. "But I can see the horns holding up that tinfoil halo of yours. And yes, Ana, there are many a fine ass in Haven." She begins to make introductions around the table. "Lord Sir Victor Khournas, my beloved cousin. Lord Sir Kaedin Orelle, with strength of arm, unlike his kin. Young Lady Sir Johana Ibrahm, my dear friend and her squire, Michael Athyros. Lord Valentine Cindravale, Sorcerer extraordinaire. Lady Viannea Peake, of the mysteries of Khar-Mordune."

Victor shrugs his shoulders at the compliment from Johana, "It's my own fragrance. Armor oil, grinding fluid, cigar smoke, whiskey, ash, and badass." He grins down at Reena, arching an eyebrow as she whaps him, "No. Just trying to even the fuckin' playing field." He nods to those he doesn't know yet as he's introduced, then looks back to Johana, "Wish you'd told me sooner. I've been flirting the fuck out of the Hosties."

Anabethe has come at the right time, it seems. There's music, gambling, and people taking their clothes off! "Also, stank ass," she announces as she reaches the table on the heels of Victor's words, grinning as she reaches over to rub his bald head. "How's everyone doing?" she asks, eyeing the cards on the table. "Must be early in the game."

The introductions from Reena has Vi rising slightly when her name is said, a masculine gesture. "Lord Victor. Pleasure meeting you.

Kaedin chuckles and looks at Reena. "That's only one side of my kin." he says with a sly smirk as he waits for the card to be played. "And leave my halo out of this, I spent all night making it look nice." He says with a wink. Looking up to Victor he smirks. "No hostile guts? Your slacking cousin." He says with a smirk as he looks to Anabethe. "Reena called Strip solo, the way it's going, I think someone want's my shirt off."

The introductions from Reena has Vi rising slightly when her name is said, a masculine gesture. "Lord Victor. Pleasure meeting you." Her seat is resumed and she leans over to look at Johana's hand, her face held blank purposefully. "I'd play… that one if you can," she says in a staged whisper while pointing to a card at random. She then sits upright and regards Valentine more openly. "Your attire is very interesting…"

"And of course, fashionably late, my darling elder sister," Reena makes that sound OOOOOOLD, "Young Lady Anabethe Khournas." She smirks at Kaedin. "Was I that obvious? Really? Did I offend you?" she teases. "Anyone here who DOESN'T want to see Kaedin without a shirt?" she polls the group.

Throwing her head back, Johana laughs in genuine amusement. "Yeah? I think I've been doing the same, but the clothes just aren't coming off. I think that's where I'm messing up, I keep cutting at them, hoping to get one naked. Isn't working at all." Ohyeah, she has cards in her hand and she looks back down at the growing deck. Lifting her gaze to Beth, she winks. "Something like that. Welcome to the game," patting the chair beside her, "You can have Michael's spot, reserved just for you, Beth. I want a front row seat for the strip show." At the suggestion, she draws the card out of her hand and plays it on the pile. It's a skip. And it's orange. The poll question is asked and she looks towards Kaedin. Her hand does not lift. "I'd go for it."

"You flatter me Lady Reena, I am sadly a sorcerer of humble talents" Valentine replies modestly, gesturing over himself with an elegant wave. He arises to offer the group a somewhat theatrical, but gracefull bow, with every motion firy light flashing up and down his coat "An honour to meet you all, although I probably have already and various functions, forgive my most terrible memory' he drawls whilst draping himself elegantly over his seat, making sure his clothing is arranged just so. Vi's comment draws another bright smile as he idly pats it down "Why thank you, firesilk I think my man called it. Seemed terribly fitting as it is my preferred element. The things they can do with fabric nowadays is simply amazing" she turns her head to Reena with a faint smile "I think most would not object too strenously, but far be it for me to be the discrete one, but given the number of cameras likely around us I may recommend not revealing anything that one doesn't want all of Haven to see"

Victor tilts his head over so that Beth can rub his head, apparently not much caring, although she might care given the droplets of sweat still evaporating from it. He shakes his head at Kaedin, "Hostie guts are boring as fuck. They're just like ours or a drake's. It's the cyber parts that are interesting." He shakes his head at Viannea, "Sir. Or just Vic." Reena's question causes him to carefully and quaveringly hold up his off hand, the one not bringing his cigar back up to his lips, "Me. I don't." And then he looks over to Johana, "Need a bigger tool, Ana."

"Right. Fashionably late. Not just showed up because I finished my sparring," Anabethe grins to Reena, dropping into the seat next to Johana. "I rarely object to anyone taking off their clothes," she agrees, tilting her head as she takes a look at Kaedin. "Don't see any reason to object to that, either."

Kaedin chuckles. "I think I shoulda worn my armor." he says with a smile. "But, if the ladies wish for that to be their prize…" he says as he aits for Reena to play a card, taking a sip of his ale as he watches everyone, though Johana and Reena get a look from his deep blue eyes from over the top of his sunglasses.

One of the staff approaches Vi and leansover to whisper into her ear, the end result being a frown that creases her brow heavily. "Please excuse me. But it seems that my presence is required at home." She rises and gives Victor a quick smile before turning around quickly and leaving as abruptly as she had arrived.

Reena grins and adds an orange Draw Two to the pile. There is every likelihood she's cheating somehow. "You all heard the man. If he loses, he loses the shirt." There's something almost feral in her grin. She waves to the departing Vi with a smile. "So we need to beat him because I've already seen the rest of you naked."

"Perhaps I do, Victor, what, you offering?" YES, she's teasing, and the glance she throws his way shows it, but Johana can't help it for some reason tonight. At the card, she watches Kaedin, waiting for him to draw his cards, but mostly her own are forgotten at the moment as she listens to the banter. "Wait. What do you want if you don't lose, Sir Kaedin?" As Vi leaves, she bids the Lady Knight farewell, but her mind is definitely on other things.

Kaedin chuckles and looks to Johana as he takes his cards. " A kiss from the loser." he says with a smirk as he lays his card's down, not thinking he will get a turn anytime soon. Waving to a waiter, he orders another ale, he might need abit of the liquid courage to deal wit hthease stunning ladies tonight, fight a war, bring it on, deal with sly women, need beer.

Victor snorts at Reena, "Yeah, but you were three and I was ten." He looks over to Johana, eyeing her in silence for a moment as he puffs on his cigar and blows it up into the vents on the ceiling. Finally, he shrugs, "I can absolutely show you how to use an axe. Need a can-opener for some of the Hosties though." Tucking his cigar into the corner of his mouth and rolling out of his lean against the wall behind Reena, he claps his hands and rubs them together, "So. Who needs another fuckin' drink."

Valentine politely arises as Vi does, bracing himself on his blackwood staff. As she departs he drops himself gracefully down onto his seat and watches the cards. He tilts his head towards Reena, a faintly schrewd look in his distant dark eyes as he considers her cards then smiles very faintly. From somewhere within his coat he pulls out a onyx cigarette holder with a golden filigree pattern and begins the hunt for his cigarette case "Perhaps just a wine, if they have anything decent here" he drawls with a faintly sceptical look cast about "That you Sir Victor" he adds politely as finding a cigarette he perches it in the holder and lights it with a snap of his fingers.

Anabethe leans back in her chair, crossing her legs and tapping a passing server to get a drink delivered. She doesn't pick up any cards just yet, instead watching the game in progress with a faint smile.

"I don't want your money. Or your protection," Rook says, sternly, a scowl on her face. "None of that means anything to me without you. I am not afraid to die, Nitrim. I've done it once already, when I was Ithaca Black. Overdose. Heart stopped. After that I was Rook. So don't walk away for me. It's not for me. It would only be for you." There is no heat in her voice, just quiet sincerity, and a sad light in her eyes. "If it is too hard for you, tell me. Don't want you to be unhappy. I can stop."

Reena snorts right back at Victor. "What can I say, that experience traumatized me, Cueball." She sips her barely touched wine and plays another card, this time not sticking poor Kaedin with any more. "Going Solo!" she declares, meaning she has one card left in her hand.

Jor does. He could use another fucking drunk… drink. By his expression, he should have had one five hours ago, and not stopped since, but that's a story for another time… or gossips. And to get whatever mood is out of his system, he's going straight to the bar, no thinking about it. It's only /after/ he's got beer in a bottle in his hands and drained a third of it in one go, that he finally softens up a little, even if one could mistake him for security on the prowl, with how his eyes suddenly start scanning the crowd. It's just looking to see who's here, but there's a habitual narrowing to his gaze that some might call trouble-searching.

Kaedin frowns and looks at Reena. he looks at his abundance of card. "Johana, you are going down with me." He says as he tosses a wild draw four on the table. "Purple." he says as he leans back and looks at the ladies he is contending against. Finishing his mug just as the second huge mug arrives, and noticing Jor out of the corner of his eye, he doesn;t say anything, but he does take note.

Victor arches his eyebrows in question to Valentine, "Red water or white water, Lord Valentine?" Once he has his answer, he leans out of the booth, whistling down a waitress and ordering drinks. Leaning back into the quiet section outside the thumping beat of the music, he responds to his cousins announcement with, "Bullshit." He relents somewhat, clarifying, "You've always got someone on your arm if you want it." He thinks for a moment, then inquires, "So. Sir Kaedin, if Ana loses and Reena wins…"

Reaching out, Ana draws the required four cards, her eyes widening at all the black in there. If someone goes out, she's got so many points! And no chance to play them. SO many cards… "A kiss?" For the first time she's actually worried about losing. She'd pass the draw four's to Reena if she could get by with it and eyes her thoughtfully. "Sure, Vic, I'd like the lessons with an axe. And definitely another drink!" Looking at Beth, she smiles. "So, want some of these cards? I have enough to share."

"I do so love the color purple," Reena purrs, but she has to draw another card before she finds one to lie on the pile. "Going Solo. Again." She flips an impolite gesture at Victor but she's grinning at him.

"I think a red will suit my outfit better, wouldn't you say Sir Victor?" Valentine drawls languidly, gesturing with the smouldering end of his cigarette. Perching it between his lips he takes a long drag through the holder as he considers the card game, watching Reena a little carefully for a few moments before his bright but brainless smile returns.

"Oh, thanks, that's kind, but you can hold on to them," Anabethe grins at Johana, leaning back in her chair and slinging one arm over the back of it, making herself comfortable. "Who's kissing who, though?" she asks, arching a brow at Johana. "I though we were sticking with the taking off of clothes. Also, I would like to reiterate my vote that he ought to," she adds, pointing a thumb at Kaedin. "Like Reena, I'm pretty sure I've already seen everyone else, and new shiny things are so much fun."

Kaedin smiles. and tosses down a purple skip. "Yes Ibrahm, a kiss, and not one of those weak kisses on the cheek eather." he says as he continues to drink his ale, laying his cards down again for just a moment.

Cards. Damn. /That's/ something Jor hasn't done in a while (about sixteen years, but who's counting?). Still, there's an opportunity for getting one thing off his chest aside from earlier stress, and soon enough he's threading his way, slowly, from the bar towards the inundated hands of Anabethe Khournas.

"I don't think you're going to make it to victory in this fight, Lady Khournas," he says in a dryly amused tone, taking another tilt of his beer and looking pointedly at just how many cards the Khournas heir as. "Do you have a second? It'll take about that long. Promise, or my ass is yours to kick again, with you in full armor and me without."

"I'm almost tempted to throw the game," Reena declares. "For my dear Ana's virtue of course. Her dashing Cindravale Knight would fall to pieces if he learned she was kissing handsome Orelle's."

Victor shrugs at Valentine, "Only if you're plannin' on spilling." He chuckles at Anabethe, "We're in public Beth. Got to set a good example." He looks up to the newcomer, looking him up and down a moment before he looks back to the rest of the group, "And you gotta think about what others want." He frowns, looking around the group, and shakes his head, "Well fuck… you're all too damned familiar. There's only one lady here I'm not related to. What in the fuck am I don't wrong with my life?" The drinks arrive, something dark and oaky-smelling for him, and everything that all the others ordered as well.

"Hmm?" Anabethe looks up at Jor, brows arching as she opens her hands in front of him. "I've got no cards," she points out. "Never took the field. What's up?" She winks at Victor's complaining, then turns her attention back to Jor once she has a bottle in her hand.

When Jor approaches, Johana offers him a nod, though her gaze settles once more on her cards. Damn. So many. Looking at Reena she grins. "Good, throw it. But definitely not for that reason. A kiss… and not a cheek one.. Hmm." Winking at Reena she shrugs with a grin. "He's not my Knight. He wants to take things… slow. Maybe weigh his options?" Her good humor doesn't fade at the words, but she nods to Beth. "I agree, it's Strip Solo.. but if it leads to kissing.. or other things, then who are we to argue?" With a sly grin, Ana looks at Victor. "We could be related if you wanted.." Once more laughter follows the teasing words.

Kaedin chuckles as he looks from Johana to Reena. "An admirable trait Lady Reena, or maybe you wan to lose?" he says with a smile as he waits to see if she plays or forfits.

Valentine sips elegantly from his wine, and then holds it out at arms length to peer suspicously down at it "Good Gods, I am undecided is this is coloured paint stripper, or it has been through another patron before reaching me" still he takes another sip then frowns slightly as he notices the time "If you will all forgive me, in all the talk of nudity I rather lost track of an apointment with someone who one never wants to disappoint. My lords, ladies and gentlefolk, it has been a pleasure" he declares whilst arising in one graceful motion and tossing back his win in an easy swallow. Setting it down he picks up his staff and offers the table another theatrical bow before arising and heading out into the evening.

"It's about the other day," Jor replies to Anabethe, but he's raising his brows at Reena now. "But it sounds like it can wait, to me." His mouth twitches in what may be suspicious manner. "Wouldn't want to get in the way of your fun that's apparently about to happen, Lady." He gestures to Reena with that bottle, quickly covering his mouth by means of further fluid ingestion. And then Johana has to say Strip Solo and that ruins his attempts to /not/ be coughing on what he's drinking. Which is why he doesn't elaborate, yet, what 'the other day' is supposed to mean. Too busy choke-laughing while his breathing parts object to the sudden intake of beer.

"Oh dear, it seems my luck has turned," Reena muses, as she draws a healthy handful of cards before finding one to play. She bats innocent eyes at Kaedin, with a wicked gleam in their depths. Now watch her lose to Johana or something.

When Valentine announces his departure, Johana looks back to him and nods. "Good evening, it was a pleasure meeting you." Bidding her own farewell. When her own turn comes to play, she tosses down a draw four. "Teal," she announces. Game face on. Except Jor is choking. And laughing… and it's contagious! Joining the laughter, she picks up Michaels unplayed hand that has less cards than her own. "For you. A personal and engraved invitation." Yep, now he gets to play too.

Kaedin blinks. "Now your playing dirty Ibrahm." He says as once it's his turn, he drops a numbrr card, still having eight cards in his hand.

"You're going to have to be a little more specific," Anabethe says to Jor, taking a drink and keeping an eye on the game with a sidelong glance. "Liquids go down the liquid pipe, air goes down the air pipe."

Victor shrugs at Valentine, almost apologetically. Almost. Johana's teasing causes him to shrug broadly, "You might've been, if my baby brother wasn't too busy killing things." Pot, kettle, black. He takes a swig from his drink, then settles it down between his fingers. Looking up to Jor, he arches another eyebrow at the cough-choking, "You alright there?"

Yes, yes, he's fine, but he's still going to need a moment to recover. You don't literally inhale alcohol and walk away unscathed, after all.

"Is the stripping the prize or the loss?" he finally manages to get out, directing that to Johana. "I can promise satisfying the first, and I'm fine with the second. Either way, someone wins." But he doesn't join the crew just yet; first, he answers the Heir to the Blackspyre. "With you and the Grantham, unless he wasn't one of them and I'm just fucked for guessing."

Reena continues plucking up cards, even though she has a hand full of ones she can lay down at this point.

"I've only just begun." Leaning forward a little, Ana winks at Kaedin, but not before she plays another card. A draw two card. Time to get rid of some points. Lifting her chin, she looks at Victor. "Ohhh, right. Asher. Yeah… I kinda thought…" Not finishing either, she shrugs again. "He wasn't so interested. It's all good. I've been busy killing things too, so who even has time for romance, yeah?" When the question follows, she grins. "The loser strips. The winners.. they get to watch."

"I have time for romance," Reena parries.

Kaedin shakes his head as he watches the two ladies. "With the added stipulation Mr. Jor, that i get a kiss from the loser, though, they started it." he says, in his humble (yeah right) defense. Still playing the cards, he looks from his left to his right. "And I have a feeling I might get lady tackled if I don't lose." He says.

"What about the Grantham?" Anabethe takes another drink, then drags the cool bottle across her brow. "Look, you asked for a minute of my time, but you're kind of wasting it with the talking in circles," she points out, tipping her head back to look up at Jor. "Out with it, bud. We're big kids here."

Johana adds as an afterthought… "Oh and whoever does lose will kiss Kaedin." Winking at Reena when she mentions romance, she continues playing card after card when it's her turn until two rest in her hand. Leaning over she whispers in a mock aside everyone can hear. "I have two teal left. Help a friend out.." Course that may or may not be true.

Reena plays cards, not getting close to going out again, clearly planning on losing now. At least to Kaedin. When she realizes Johana is almost out she hisses at her friend. "I've already seen you shirtless you ninny!"

Victor shakes his head at Johana's response to him, "Yeah. Well, ask not what the fuck goes on in the head of the Awakened baby brother." The cigar goes back in his mouth, and he puffs at it a moment longer, eyeing Reena as she continues to draw, and draw, and draw, "I'm sure he'd just give you a kiss if you asked nicely."

There's a glance given to Kaedin by Jor, and a twitch of his brows, but hold that thought, this other one's coming first. "I was being a fucking idiot, is what. That's it." And to Kaedin, "Do we know each other? Or is someone telling stories while not holding their drink?" He lifts a brow at that, taking another tilt of his beer, this time making it to his esophagus in place of the trachea. And lastly, to Johana. "You don't want me to be the loser; I'd end up the winner by the time everything's done."

Michael walks in with a heavy expression, and tear streaked face. He moves to now much larger group, red rimmed eyes scanning over it. He nods to all of them at once and takes up a place against the wall to watch and listen.

Kaedin looks at Jor. "Lord Sir Kaedin orelle, my cousin speaks highly of you.' he says before looking to Victor. 'I think, rather, she is trying to save Ibrahm's reputation, I admire her for that." He says, having three cards left. "Orange seven." Okay, make that two cards left.

"No, no Sir Kaedin. Victor's right. I'm just angling for kisses," Reena quips, sticking her tongue out at Victor. She looks eagerly between the two remaining players, to see which one wins and which one doesn't."

"Yeah but I don't want to strip either so this is a fine line I'm walking, Reena." Johana replies to the Khournas sibling before looking back at Victor. "Hey if it was fated and all… then it would've happened. I don't blame anyone, sometimes things just don't click." As Jor addresses her she makes a kissing sound in the air towards him. "Betcha wouldn't." Not noticing Michael yet.

Victor nods at Kaedin, "Ana can ruin her own reputation." He reaches up to his cigar again, then looks back to Michael, frowning, "What's up, Pup?" He takes another drink, replaces the cigar, for all that his expression is significantly less open and jovial, a serious look spread over his broad features.

"My mother… isn't cureable… months left if that." Michael shakes his head, and forces a smile. "Another night I'll cry and be down, this night is supposed to be fun. I'll not ruin that." and again he tries to smile and look happy, his eyes even seem in on the pretence.

Kaedin chuckles as he lays another card down. "Going solo, unless reena gets her way." he says with a smirk as he leans back, the card pressed to his forehead with the back of the card facing out. "But if it's more kisses you want, we can talk later." he says, thoug he looks to michael, a bit of respect for how strongg the man is being. Waving a waiter down, he points to Michael. "Anything he wants, his tab is on me."

Whoa… "Hey now.." Johana looks between Reena, Kaedin and then finally landing a fiery gaze on Victor. "Ruin my own rep? What are you trying to say?" Hair to match her temper, she taps her fingers on the table.. but then it dies as quickly as it had fired up at the words from her squire. Turning her attention to him, she rises and offers Michael a hug and an awkward pat on his back. "I'm sorry."

"Ah," Jor replies to Kaedin, that single word-sound. It's all he gets out before Johana's making smooches at him, which earns her a smirk… and then Victor addresses the squire and it's to him that there's a raised brow and silence. He doesn't comment on Michael's pronouncement, in part due to the touch of glass to his lips so that words don't escape his lips. This calls for more beer going down his gullet, the last of this first small vessel of it.

Reena's datapad goes off and she glances down. "Oh damnation. I have to go. Princess Ophila has need of me." She tosses down her cards and rises. "Be good you lovelies." Then she drifts out at a hurried clib to tend to her duties.

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