08.07.3013: A Friendly Face
Summary: Reena receives a message from Temple, and she makes a video call to ask him be her sounding board.
Date: 07 August 2013
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Reena Temple 

Reena and Temple's respective rooms.
Video call.
07 August 2013

This email appears in Reena's private inbox

So, seems like we've both been busy recently. It happens, though it looks like you more than me, if what I've been hearing about has been any indication. Are congratulations in order? Not really sure how to go about that, but I guess it's good, right? Marrying an heir. Sounds important. Just thought it best that I keep a low profile, didn't want to rock the boat or anything.

Anyways, I was able to finish that portrait of you, I'll pass it along sometime when I know you're home. Getting out, met a few people. Nothing really out of the ordinary. But it has been a couple of weeks and just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your company. Don't know if you're going to get time in the future, but if you ever do get some free time, drop by. My door is always open to you.


Reena keeps coming back to Temple's message to her. She frowns at it a good half dozen times, before she picks up her datapad and actually calls his lock shop for a video chat. She looks tired, her hair in a simple braid falling over one shoulder, and the clean white linen of a dressing gown over what's visible of her shoulders.

The call beeps for a good few times, and just when it might just go to his message system, it picks up. At first it's just static, until a slightly fuzzy appears of a disheveled-looking Temple sans a shirt and face half-planted in a pillow. One eye is cracked open. "…hello?"

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to wake you," Reena says quietly. "I got your message and I really needed to see a friendly face." She smiles wanly.

Temple runs a hand over his face, the glow from her image is what's illuminating his room. "…no, it's fine." Sucking in a breath for trying to wake up, he rolls onto the edge of his bed, picking up his pack of smokes. "You alright?"

"I really don't know, to be honest. I'm betrothed. To a vassal heir. He's handsome, intelligent, well-versed in etiquette, and a naval officer. He also seems to find me about as interesting as a lecture on watching paint dry," Reena says with a grimace. "On paper, it would seem a great match. In reality, there is a complete lack of passion. He has a reputation as a playboy, and hasn't even tried to touch me or kiss me in any romantic way, or even so much as bought me dinner. I have never felt so undesirable in my life."

There's an image of him lighting a smoke and leaning over, elbows on his knees. "That's…odd." he grunts, voice heavy with sleep. "Maybe he doesn't want to fuck it up? Or maybe he's just wholly turned off by the idea of marriage? Maybe he sees you as an anchor, keeping him away from things he'd rather do, like apparently be some big manwhore. I dunno." A snort. "Oh, you're desirable, Reena, trust me on that one."

"Temple I spent my life being sculpted into a desirable woman that would appeal to any man for marriage. And all that time, all that training, looks like it was for nothing. I should have just learned to bash heads in like my sister," Reena says with a grumpy scowl. She props her chin in her hand, looking pouty.

"Eh, training ain't gonna anticipate -everyone-, Reena. Not all men fit into one particular mold." Temple grunts. "It wasn't wasted, you just ended up with someone who'd rather bang women with no strings attatched. Could be wrong." He sucks in a long drag. "Maybe you should seen with other men, let'im see that you don't need him? Granted, that could backfire pretty badly, so maybe dont' do that. Could just need time. Ain't gonna find passion the first time meeting someone." He looks at the screen saying that. "Wow, I sound like a huge hypocrite saying that."

"We had no trouble with the passion part, Temple," Reena points out with an arched brow. "And I've had men clamoring for a night with me since I was sixteen. This is the first one that doesn't seem to care. Maybe he likes men? I should have you flash your abs at him and see how he reacts."

Temple shrugs. "Maybe, the whole 'playboy' thing could just be an act." he agrees. "But I don't know the guy so I'm trying to not make any credible observations." He ashes, casuing the cherry to make the room glow red for a moment. "Is that what bothers you? That one man finally said 'no' to you?"

"No. What bothers me is that man is going to be my husband. I don't want a cold marriage bed while my husband goes out to warm himself with others and not me. I want a marriage to work." Reena sighs. "But if he isn't interested, then I sure as the Six am not going to spend my nights alone."

"It wouldn't be the first marriage that went like that." Temple says, holding in a yawn, slowly waking up. "But I get not wanting that. Could be you just need time with him. But it sounds like you want to do the right thing, even if he's going to be an ass about it." Another drag. "You're free to drop by if you don't want to be alone."

"Maybe in a few nights. I need to keep up the appearance of complete propriety until I'm sure of where I stand with him. This is an alliance of sorts, and my father will not tolerate my bringing shame on us." She scrubs at her forehead with her thumb in irritation. "This shouldn't be so difficult. He is wedding the daughter of a High Lord, despite being a vassal."

"From what I've heard, marriages are huge pain in the asses. At least you're working on it, he doesn't seem to be interested. The problem is finding out why, eh? Is he being careful or purposefully aloof? Does he have trust issues or does he just hate the idea of being tied down? These are things you're gonna have to sift through if you want to figure out where he stands." Idly he scratches at his stomach. "That's my advice, for what it is, I don't claim to have an in-depth knowlege of this. And personally, if he's got his women on the side, you shouldn't be seen any different if you do that same."

"All right. Yes. Yes you're right. He can't tell me no to companionship outside of our marriage bed if he does so himself." Reena seems a little bit comforted by that at least. "Thanks Temple. You always know what to say. My father has approved my The Notice Project. I've put in letters to the Volkan Chantry and Senators to enlist their aid as they should be helping with this. Once I hear back, we can start having meetings about that, if you're still interested. My sister has signed on for it too."

"Right. Don't let him be an asshole, tell you no to companions, only to have his fuckbuddies on the side. Down here, people get their knees broken for that shit." Temple grunts, nodding. "Hey, glad I could help, it's what I do. And that's good to hear. Good to hear someone actually wants to do something about their own cities. Khournas earned a little bit of respect." Another nod. "Yeah, I am, don't worry about that."

"Good. At least Kadmus is supporting my project. Once I get Khournas' up and running, I'll work on New Atlantis. Then branch out. Khar-Mordune is third on my list, by the way." Because of him. Reena smiles a little. "I can't begin to tell you how much you inspired me."

Temple makes a little chuckle while he smokes. "I can inspire, but apparently I don't have much to offer in the 'love and marriage' department." More ash is tapped out of image-view. "Wasn't my intention, Reena. You just looked like someone who was alone and needed a friend. Not sure where I'll ever stand with you, just know that I care about you. If shit ends up that we can't be anything more than friends because of marriage, that's okay. But to this guy, you're pretty important."

"And I care about you, Temple. We can take things a day at a time, see how they progress. For a little while, at least, I need to make a real effort at this marriage thing. And I will have to give him heirs. But that doesn't mean we can't be together otherwise, if he has others to dally with too." Reena smiles, and its less wan, more tired. "I should get some sleep. I think I'll be able to now. I needed that talk."

"I'm…I'm not good at this." Temple admits. "You know me enough that being slow about this stuff is usually best. And hey, I'm not here to fuck up your marriage, yeah? So like I said, whatever ends up happening, just know that I'm here for you, okay? Whatever else, I'm your friend." He has to look away at something random besides her image. Looks like something was going to be said, but her statement about needing sleep gets a little nod. "Glad I could help. Try not to stress yourself out over it, yeah? It'll work out, one way or another."

"I've missed you," Reena says quietly. "Goodnight, Temple." She ends the call and goes back to her bed and her thoughts.

When the call ends, Temple sits there in the dark. "Missed you too." before putting out his cigarette and trying to go back to sleep.

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