12.21.3013: A Different Kind of Wound
Summary: Sammel and Elodie find each other on the boat back to Beacon. Elodie manages to keep it together until they get to their cabin.
Date: 27 October, 2013
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Elodie Sammel 

Various locations on a Hollolas vessel, but ending in a cabin.
It's a sailing vessel.
21 December, 3013

One of the things that was keeping Sammel's mind occupied was the fact that they hadn't managed to find any of the survivors. So when the reports came in about them being found, relief flooded over him. Told which of the boats he can find his relatives on, he makes his way aboard, looking around rather carefully. Blood staining the abdomen side of his armor, looking like something pierced through it, he looks around rather carefully now.

Elodie has been tending to the wounded, now that she has better equipment, she's been more busy, a medical gown covering the dusty and tattered gown she wore to the art gallery. She has, at least, managed to clean her face and hands, her hair tucked into a cap until she can take the time to wash it. When she sees her husband, she begins to rush forward, intent on throwing herself into his arms, until she notices the puncture in his armor. She gives the shoulder of his armor a punch, and then leans her forehead on the chest. "Gods dammit, did you have to go and get skewered? Have you seen a doctor, yet?" Her voice wobbles, and she's obviously on the verge of tears.

Once more flooded with relief as he sees Elodie, Sammel hurries forward as well, pausing at that the punch to his shoulder. "Hmmm? Oh, you should have seen the other guy…" It's offered with a bit of forced lightness, as he puts his arm around her, holding her close. "I… didn't have the time," he admits, before he takes a few breaths. "When I heard the Hostiles…" He pauses for a few moments, before he adds, "I was afraid that…" Going silent again, as he realizes he probably isn't making too much sense at the moment.

Elodie lets herself be pulled forward into Sammel's arms for a moment, but the hardness of his armor when she tries to hug him back gives her pause. "We have to find you a doctor," she tells him, pulling him towards the rooms being used for trauma and surgery. "Have to get that armor off. Make sure you haven't lost too much blood," she's rattling off what needs to be done more in a frantic feverish list, rather than her usual professional confidence.

Sammel blinks momentarily as he hears the frantic rattling off, before he moves down to one knee now, looking quite concerned. "At the moment, I'm more worried about you." A brief pause, before he adds, "What happened in there, Elodie?"

Elodie shakes her head as she pulls Sammel along. "It was… ugly," she finally says. She doesn't appear to be too injured, though there are some scrapes and bruises from her fall through the floor and a nasty bruise on her temple. "I don't want to talk about it. I want to get you fixed up. Come on," she pulls at him, finding him a bed, she starts unfastening her armor. At least she knows that task well enough to not fumble through it, even if her hands are starting to shake.

Letting himself be pulled along now, Sammel sighs a little bit. "Sooner or later, you will have to talk about it." A brief pause, before he adds, "And when you need to, I promise I will be here to listen." A brief pause, before he adds, "Did you get hurt?" As he's escorted over towards bed, he sits down on it now. "It's looks far worse than it is. I didn't really notice much of it at the moment, as there were only two things going through my mind at the time…"

Elodie shakes her head. "No, no I'm all right. Just some superficial," she looks at Sammel's side, and gestures for one of the other doctors to come over. "I'm not steady enough," she backs away to the side, urging him to lay down once they have the armor off. "Aunt Lucretia got hurt worse, a couple of cracked ribs, I think. But she'll be all right. I was worried she got buried in the explosion, I was getting her a drink when it happened." His wife is babbling, something not usual for her.

As he hears that, Sammel sits up again, looking around. "Aunt Lucretia was in the explosion?" Trying to look around for his aunt now, before he pauses a bit as he sees the other doctor. "I'm sure it can wait until we're safely at land again. I mean, it's been fine so far, hasn't it?"

"Lay down!" Elodie tells Sammel, her hands reaching to pull him back down, almost frantically. "She's fine, I told you. She just had some cracked ribs from the fight. She didn't get hurt when the floor fell through from the explosion. She's all right. You aren't, and I can't risk you getting infected, or bleeding out, or…" her voice cracks and there are tears streaming down her cheeks. "Please, lay down, let them take care of you."

"Look, you're probably worse off than me, although you don't seem to have any physical wounds," Sammel replies, although he lets himself be pulled down again. Reaching for her hand now. "I promise I'll still be here. Nothing will take me away, not now."

There's an amazing wash of relief as Sammel lays down and promises to be good, and she lets him have his hand as she starts crying in earnest, laying her forehead on their joined hands while the doctor takes advantage of his preoccupation to aneasthatize and begin cleaning his wound. Elodie's grip on the knight's hand is tight, holding on as if holding on to life itself.

Sammel pauses for a few moments as he hears the crying, holding on just as tightly now, not paying too much attention to the other doctor's work at the moment. Making sure his head is turned towards her, there are tears in his own eyes as well. "I'll never leave you, you know that…" he says, words kept rather quiet for the moment.

Elodie doesn't reply for a moment, just squeezing his hand in hers as the tears flow down her cheeks and over their joined hands. "You can't leave me, it was awful." She gulps hard. "It was worse than being in battle it was just…" she doesn't have words as she continues to cry, holding on to him.

"I'm here now, for you," Sammel replies, rolling over a bit so he faces her fully. "You're safe now." Going quiet again at the moment.

The doctor gives a huff as Sammel's motion interrupts his work. "Sir Sammel, please," he pleads. "I know you can't feel it, now, but I have to finish suturing your wound."
Elodie nods at Sammel's reassurance, lifting her head enough to take her other hand and push at his shoulder so he will lay back down. "I know," she says quietly, but that just seems to make the tears flow more freely, the relief releasing the flood tides kept in check while she had to survive.

Sammel sighs at the doctor. "It will be…" he begins, before he's pushed back onto his back. Looking between the doctor and Elodie, he lets out a bit of a sigh. "Please be quick about it, doctor. I need to…" A nod towards his wife now.

The doctor gives a sigh and nods. "I'm hurrying as fast as I can Sir Sammel," he assures, going back to his work. "You really shouldn't be getting up and walking around for awhile, this wound is pretty serious."
Elodie nods as she listens. "You just need to lay down, I'm all right," she lies. "We can't have you rupturing things."

There's a grimace as he hears the doctor's words, before he looks between the two of them. "But…" he begins, shaking his head a little bit now, as he looks a little resigned. Laying there in quiet for a few moments, before he offers a brief grin to Elodie. "So, Doctor… Do you visit patients in their home, so they can recover in the comfort of their own beds?" It's spoken a bit lightly at the moment.

The doctor working on Sammel coughs and looks up the knight's words, then he realizes that they are meant for Elodie. Giving a bemused shake of his head, he goes back to his work. "When it is okay for you to go him, I will make a house visit," she manages to promise with a shaky smile through her tears. "You may have to put up with hospital calls, too. I don't think I can go home alone."

Sammel grimaces a bit as he hears the mention of hospital calls. "You know… with all the time I spend in those, perhaps I should find out if there's a way to get a private room of some kind there…" There's a brief chuckle, as he looks around again now, and then smiles to Elodie. "Putting up with that would be no problems. It would give me something to do aside from being asleep all the time."

"Sleep," that one word slips out of Elodie's mouth with a mixture of fear and longing. The sound of Sammel's chuckle doesn't draw the usual answering smile from her. Her expression remains bleak, even if the tears are subsiding.

Sammel goes quiet now, as he lets the doctor finish the work. Studying Elodie carefully for the moment, his expression filled with concern now.


In the interest of freeing a surgical bed for more patients, Sammel was put in a wheel chair, and allowed to go to a regular guest cabin on the ship. After her initial babbling, Elodie had fallen silent, watching the whole procedure and walking numbly alongside. Whatever had sustained her during the initial rescue and surgery and finding of her husband has now leeched out of her.

Once in the cabin, she sinks into a chair, staring straight ahead, not bothering to take off the surgical gown that covers her clothes, or the surgical cap. She lets the orderly try to help Sammel into bed.

Having stayed quiet for now, Sammel holds on to the wheelchair for the moment. "Wait…" he offers to the orderly, before he wheels the chair over next to the chair his wife is in. "Hey… Talk to me…" he says, a bit quietly now.

Elodie shakes her head slowly. "Can't talk. Can't stop seeing…" she swallows slowly, but she does finally pull the cap off. Her dark hair is still gray with dust, and together with the dull look in her eyes, it makes her look ages older. She still wears the surgical gown, booties over her feet, but her legs can be seen, and some of the tattered hem of her dress, streaked with dirt and flecked with blood.

"What? What is it you can't stop seeing?" Sammel replies, as he reaches for her hand again now. "Please. Let me help. Give me a chance to do what I wasn't able to do before…" There's a grimace, as he removes where he is for the moment. "I'm not going to bed or anything until you talk to me."

Elodie shakes her head numbly, and her hands finally, slowly, start to go to her surgical gown, untying it and pulling it down. Her eyes fall as she starts to tug at the sleeves, then she sees the front of her gown. What's left of it (the bodice is fairly intact with a couple of rents, but the skirt has been torn off in places) is dusty, and spattered with blood. Not hers, it appears to have come from the outside rather than from her. She freezes, and then the horror seems to return. Pulling the surgical gown off the rest of the way, she frantically scrabbles at getting the dress off, muttering about 'get it off, get it off,' like a school girl who's just had a snake dropped down her blouse.

Sammel winces as he sees that, and pushes out of the wheelchair, wincing and whimpering at the pain. But he gets to his feet, to place both hands on Elodie's shoulders. "Hey… I'm here for you…" Sounding a bit more pained than he would usually do.

Elodie doesn't quite seem to hear him as she's busy trying to get off the dress that's marked with blood and grime. "Have to get it off," she whimpers, but when she stands there finally without clothes, her legs still show some of her experience. "Have to get it off, have to get it all off," she murmurs, the tears flowing once more from the terror filled eyes. "Wash… wash it off. Have to wash it off," she looks up and around, one hand gripping on Sammel's arm as she looks around for the bathroom.

The pain from his wound is probably not the most noticeable part of Sammel's expression now. That's quite secondary to the concern on his face as he listens. "Wash what off?" he speaks quietly, before he turns around slightly now that his arm is gripped, seeing where the bathroom is. "Come on…" he says, speaking a little louder, as he starts trying to lead her over there, wincing for every step.

Once the bathroom is pointed out to her, she nods, not minding Sammel's slower pace as she turns her steps in that direction. Her skin is still white around her torso, except for a couple of streaks, and her arms, but a gray dust is caked to her legs with dried blood. Once in the bathroom, she starts running the shower, letting it get hot and she immediately begins scrubbing roughly, first at her legs. "Have to get it off, wash it off… wash it away… wash it all away…" the blood and dust start swirling down the drain, but she continues scrubbing, scrubbing everywhere, even where she's clean, as if she's trying to wash away her very skin. She starts sobbing anew, as if she can't get clean.

"Stop…" Sammel finally says as he sees her continue scrubbing, after the blood and dust is cleaned off. Stepping forward, he reaches out to pull her out of there, to him. The concern is still in his face, but seems to have some helplessness added to it.

Elodie shakes her head. "Can't stop," even though he's captured her hands and she doesn't actually struggle to keep scrubbing. "Can't stop, can't get them away, their eyes… the blood… it's all over me, I can't get away from it. They're still there, their eyes…" she sinks down to sit on the bottom of the shower, the water pouring over her.

Sighing a little now, Sammel turns off the water, before he sinks down next to her, wincing quite a bit as he does. Reaching out to place his arm around her and pulling her close, before he leans closer to speak into her ear now. "Who are still there, Elodie? Let me be your strength…" Hoping this will somehow get her out of whatever nightmare she's stuck in now.

"The people," Elodie whispers. "The people, with their insides pulled out, their skin torn off… they were alive when it happened, and their eyes," she breaks again. "The horror and anguish in their eyes. Their eyes are staring at me."'

As he hears that, Sammel is unable to hold back further grimacing. "Like the one in the lobby…" He goes silent again for a few moments now. "They can't hurt you now. I will be here and protect you. Both from the dead people, and the Hostiles. I promise I will."

Elodie shakes her head, moaning as she leans against him. "I can't stop seeing them. It's… beyond describing. What kind of creature does that? I mean, even before the War, I never saw anything like it in skirmishes? People don't…" she shudders. "People don't /do/ that… and the pain they must have felt, I can see it in their eyes, even when I close mine. It's there."

"No… People don't do things like that…" Sammel replies, holding her close now. "They claim…" he begins, before he goes silent again now. "We ran into four Hostiles, when we tried to leave the lobby. One of them pushed the spear into me." A brief pause, before he adds, "And the toughest one, we knocked it down once, then it got up again. When the others fell, it… talked to us…"

Elodie is shaking, not from the cold of being naked an wet, but from the effects of the last twenty four hours. "What did it say?" she asks hoarsely.

"It said something about us having killed its family. Both Lord Captain Cedric and the Saimhann heir really lectured it about the many families they had killed…" Sammel makes sure to hold her closer now. "And then we finally managed to take it down." Going silent again now, he sighs, leaning backwards against the wall. "When we entered the lobby, the AI activated. Cedric and Lord Sir Advent tried asking it to locate Lady Lyrienne." A brief pause, before he adds, "I didn't ask it to try locating you. If it had told me you had… gone, I would have fallen apart in the middle of the mission…"

Elodie is silent, the tremors going through her. She gives a shake to her head. "I didn't give her my name. Lady Cyrielle and Lady Lyrienne were the only ones who tried to access clearance through her, and who talked to her the most." She curls up against his chest, drawing her legs up in a fetal position in his arms. "So much hatred… so much…" she gives a wretching sound, but it's dry, nothing comes up. "I don't want to sleep. I can't close my eyes. But, it almost doesn't make a difference. I still see them, now."

"I know…" Sammel replies to the last part, holding her close now. Looking around for the moment, he lets out a breath. "I know you don't want to, or anything, but we both probably need to get some sleep soon." A brief pause, before he adds, "Is there something the doctors might have, something that will let you sleep without any kind of dreams or any such things?"

Elodie nods slowly, her head bumping his chin. "I can order a hypo." She's quiet for awhile again. "I don't have any clothes."

"Maybe you should…" Sammel says, after a few moments, before he sighs at the mention of not having any clothes. "And the dress can't be used." Statement of fact, before he sighs a little. "Maybe we should ask if someone would be able to find something for you?"

Elodie nods. "We should," she agrees, but doesn't make any move to get up, even though she's practically dry, now. She looks up to Sammel, one hand uncurling and reaching up to his face.

Sammel doesn't seem to be in any hurry to get up either, holding her close at the moment. "I'm proud of you…" he whispers, at the same time as her hand is reaching for his face now.

"Proud of me?" she asks shakily, still obviously shattered. "What is there to be proud of me for?"

"For holding yourself together as long as you did. I don't think too many people saw what you did and managed to do a job for a while afterwards." Sammel replies. "And for taking care of my old aunt." A brief chuckle, before he adds, "Don't tell her I called her old, okay?"

"She did a pretty good job of taking care of herself," Elodie says quietly, a ghost of a smile drifting across her lips. "You're secret is safe with me," she tells him. She leans up to his lips, trying to find some comfort. "I don't know if I'll feel back together again," she whimpers.

Sammel nods a little, leaning towards her now. "Whatever I can do to help you feel back together again, I will. You know that, right?" Leaning further towards her to let his lips meet hers now.

Elodie nods slowly, accepting the kiss briefly. "I know. But I don't know what you can do. I don't know… how to shut it away…" She tries closing her eyes, but they snap open again, full of horror before she buries her face against his chest.

"We will find it out, my love. I promise." Sammel speaks quietly, holding her close now. Not sure how they're going to find it out, but at least he can help reassuring her now, right?

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