A Day in the life
Summary: A typical day for Michael
Date: 7 August 2013
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07 August 3013 — Obsidia

The day begins like normal for Michael. He's up at his usual time, 04:30, and he's not one for dragging his feet from bed. Up, breakfasted, teeth brushed, dressed inside thirty minutes. Then, he takes a good long read of his emails, comms, and then glances at the news before he's out the door of his bunkroom at 05:30.
Taking the lift up to the main part of the Shard, Michael goes to check with one of the staff attendants to see if there's work for him later that day… as usually there isn't, but, the attendant does mention that some of the shipping crates could be shuffled around to make room for others, so if Michael felt up to it later that day he might help with this. Michael smiles and agrees and then leaves the Shard altogether now.
As he reaches the gardens Michael takes a look around to see if he's alone, then strips off his shirt and begins to stretch out his usually sore and tired muscles. The fact that he sleeps about four hours a night on average, and that he works out almost every day, causes his physique to not only be incredibly toned and strong, but also constantly sore. However, as he takes the time to stretch his mind goes over what all he's about to do for the day.
Stretching takes him about fifteen minutes, and allows for a full relaxation of his mind and gives him the ability to focus as his daily workout begins. First, Michael starts to ease into the cardio of the work out. Walking inbetween the support beams of the hanging portions of the gardens, building speed with each step until he's now running almost full speed in a series of figure eights. Darting as he does, he stops on a dime to change direction now and again. He takes a moment to pick up a weighted vest he'd brought with him and slips it on. Selecting the onboard microgravity generators to increase the amount of weight he feels. Thus, though the vest is only fifty pounds in total, Michael feels as if he's wearing a bit more than his combat armor and fully supplied backpack.

He now begins to do pull ups with one of the pipelines overhead, a good jump has his hands working to get a grip on the pipe before he's dangling a decent two and half feet in the air. He begins to pull himself up, then a slow release down, then a rapid up, then slow release down. This repeats one hundred and fifty times for Michael, his counting slow and methodical so as to not lose track. Once the pull ups are complete, Michael swings his legs over the pipeline and hangs from his knees, reaching down to the ground as best he can. Now, he starts an equal amount of upside down sit ups with the weight of his vest not changing once during all this. At the count of a hundred and fifty, Michael slowly lets himself down off the pipeline, making his way to the edge of the hanging apparatus and once more leaping to struggle with the height of the beam before pulling himself up and adjusting his grip. Now firmly in place, Michael slow crawls with his hands only, feet and legs dangling but bent at the knees, all the way from one end to the other around the outer edge, then back up the other side. He completes six of the circuits before dropping to the ground and pushing off into a run.

Michael's run are never anything slower than a full sprint, and he runs for as far as he can before his hands start to shake, then he runs five minutes more before slowing to eventually walk with his hands over his head while he catches his breath. This short reprieve is made up for though, as now that Michael is out near the lake, he can work on his push ups, crunches, and leg lifts. He also works on squats, tumbles, and a variety of other high cardio high impact exercises.
Now fully rested from his run, Michael turns himself towards Obsidia and begins his run again, this time it's not a full sprint. The return trip is his workout cool down. As such, he's moving at just about half full speed and makes great time back to the Shard. That complete, Michael goes straight to the storeroom and begins to shift about the crates by hand. He moves them from one side of the room to the other, shuffling them according to labels on the ground, and the labels have often been moved, so he has to think quickly. Depending on how long it took him to return to the Shard to begin this, he could have half an hour, or five minutes to get this right. If he gets it done with time to spare, he gets paid a little something for his work, if he gets done right on time he gets a free snack and drink and a chance to try again. Failure not only means he has to set the room back to its starting position, it also means a week before he can try again.

This time, Michael has only six minutes and one of which was spent studying the layout of the labels. He begins to move quickly, lifting the heavy crates and setting them down in rapid order. The positioning of the boxes set up that he'll certainly have a challenge with this. It's the most excrutiating four mintues to watch, but Michael pulls it off with two minutes to spare and is sitting in the chair provided should he finish before time. When the attendant gets there, he inspects the work and smiles. He walks over and hands Michael a small roll of bills, slipped quickly into his pant's pocket. Once he's recovered enough strength, Michael then leaves the storeroom and heads back to his room to change into his armor, strap on his sword, pick up the practice great sword he's borrowed to begin working with. He also strapped to his belt a practice hammer as he makes his way to the training room.
He spends a few hours working on all three weapons, defeating and getting defeated as time goes on. Now down, he returns again to his room, puts away the great sword and hammer and then leaves for his daily squire's chores. Today's chore is cleaning Johana's armor and he makes his way to her room to collect the suit from one of her room's attendants, the young handmaiden who normally shows him in to collect Johana's armor. The once weekly occurrence affords then a polite hello, her cheeks blushing slightly, before Michael is gone with the black and scarlet suit of plates.

Now down in the barracks section, Michael sets to going over all the armor with a trained eye checking for dents, scratches, nicks, any flaw at all that he would then need to report to the house smith to have either repaired or replaced. That done, he begins the rough clean with a small scraper and rough hand towel. The armor somewhat cleaned, at least rid of any large pieces of debris and dirt, Michael begins the rest of the deep cleaning and then polishing process.
Her armor completes its wash piece by peace before he sets it aside and begins on his own armor. Stripping to his undersuit, Michael restarts the entire cleaning process with the thorough inspection followed with the various stages of deeper and deeper cleaning. Knight and squire's armors cleaned, Michael goes once more the deliver the armor and leave word of it's cleaning and polishing with the handmaid. Then he makes his way down to the stables to inspect Johana's horse, and riding gear.

A full day's work as a squire and Michael still isn't done, now late in the day Michael has his second meal. A light late lunch consisting of salad and perhaps a little meat, Michael makes his way to his mother and father's house to help out his dad. He spends what time he can afford before having to leave and make his way to the Ring to assist Kaedin's mother by tending to the care of his mother. He sees to whatever she may need, while Lady Orelle goes about her business before returning and giving Michael a smile to dismiss him.
This done, Michael makes his way to the Quellton family ranch to help, if possible, with the breaking in and training of Thunder his large war horse. After either Lorelei or her brother Balius, someone Michael doesn't know too well aside from that he works with the horses for the most part but is now starting something academic, decides the night has been enough, Michael heads out to see about finding time to vidchat with his love. If she has the time to do so, he'll spend as much of the night and into the morning as he can before crawling off to bed tired, sore, and heartached.

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