02.15.3014: A Day at the Carnival
Summary: The traveling carnival comes to the Spine! Lexille, Brienne and Canis host the event with special speech by Alistair Hartcliffe. Fun is had by all and Tristan gets a gift.
Date: 23 November 2013
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Wandering Bellard Carnival
The Wandering Bellard Carnival is a long lived roaming entertainment group that has been delighting the citizens of Haven, mostly in the Vale, for almost a century. There can be anywhere from 20 to 50 employees on any given day. It seems if they magically know who needs to be where. The Matriarch of the entire family (yes, it seems as if they are all related-at least they claim to be) is Lexille Bellard. She watches over the entire operation like the old crone that she is. The equipment is a mix or old and new. Some of the older rides are almost antique looking, the carousel is of fantastical creatures, painted bright but chipped. The Betrothal Tunnel is worn, and the seats all slightly tilted in, so anyone sitting ends up hip to hip(wink wink). There are newer rides as well. A Gravitron, Hover bumper cars, Ferris Wheel (Which can be bribed to "strand" a couple on the top with technical difficulties) , tilting Royal Tea Cups and a pendulum Pirate Ship are among a few. Games and food carts are set up in between each ride, carnies trying to entice customers into spending credits. The games go from Wack-A-Hostile to a simple Drake Pull to Navigating the Desolution Astoroid Belt. Most of the prizes are cheap (but adorable) Stuffed Drakes or HaloMirrors or plastic Jewelry with the Carnival's logo printed on it. There is almost always a story or song being told at one corner of the Carnival, with benches pulled out. The petting zoo has everything from farm animals to Destrils to falcons.
February 15, 3014

The Wandering Bellard Carnival is a long lived roaming entertainment group that has been delighting the citizens of Haven, mostly in the Vale, for almost a century. There can be anywhere from 20 to 50 employees on any given day. It seems if they magically know who needs to be where. The Matriarch of the entire family (yes, it seems as if they are all related-at least they claim to be) is Lexille Bellard. She watches over the entire operation like the old crone that she is.

The equipment is a mix or old and new. Some of the older rides are almost antique looking, the carousel is of fantastical creatures, painted bright but chipped. The Betrothal Tunnel is worn, and the seats all slightly tilted in, so anyone sitting ends up hip to hip(wink wink). There are newer rides as well. A Gravitron, Hover bumper cars, Ferris Wheel (Which can be bribed to "strand" a couple on the top with technical difficulties) , tilting Royal Tea Cups and a pendulum Pirate Ship are among a few.

Games and food carts are set up in between each ride, carnies trying to entice customers into spending credits. The games go from Wack-A-Hostile to a simple Drake Pull to Navigating the Desolution Astoroid Belt. Most of the prizes are cheap (but adorable) Stuffed Drakes or HaloMirrors or plastic Jewelry with the Carnival's logo printed on it.

There is almost always a story or song being told at one corner of the Carnival, with benches pulled out. The petting zoo has everything from farm animals to Destrils to falcons.

<FS3> Alistair rolls Storytelling+3: Amazing Success.

Taking the stage before the giant red ribbon at the entrance to the Carnival, over-sized scissors at his side, Senator Alistair Hartcliffe is wearing tones of blue and green today, his tunic and cloth pants more casual than formal. The man seems quite thin, really unhealthily so, as if the clothes engulf him like a child. He's flashing a wide smile, which might appear either sincere or quite much like a politician. Pale blue eyes scan the crowd, excitement in his movements.

"You know, there's a story my father once told me, a bit of a legend about trees. If you'll forgive a man of the Roar's effrontery, I'd like to share it with you today." He pauses and looks to the crowd, as if he waiting a beat for an objection before continuing. Footsteps slowly are taken, as he paces across the stage.

"Winter was coming, and the birds had flown far to the south, where the air was warm and they could find berries to eat. One little bird had broken its wing and could not fly with the others. It was alone in the cold world of frost and snow. The forest looked warm, and it made its way to the trees as well as it could, to ask for help." Alistair is making eye contact especially with children for a moment, as he works the crowd, to ensure maximum interest.

"First it came to a birch tree. 'Beautiful birch tree' it said, "my wing is broken, and my friends have flown away. May I live among your branches till they come back to me?'"

'No, indeed,' answered the birch tree, drawing her fair green leaves away. 'We of the great forest have our own birds to help. I can do nothing for you.'

'The birch is not very strong,' said the little bird to itself, "and it might be that she could not hold me easily. I will ask the oak." So the bird said, "Great oak tree, you are so strong, will you not let me live on your boughs till my friends come back in the springtime?"

'In the springtime!' cried the oak. 'That is a long way off. How do I know what you might do in all that time? Birds are always looking for something to eat, and you might even eat up some of my acorns.'

'It may be that the willow will be kind to me,' thought the bird, and it said, 'Gentle willow, my wing is broken, and I could not fly to the south with the other birds. May I live on your branches till the springtime?'

The willow did not look gentle then, for she drew herself up proudly and said, 'Indeed, I do not know you, and we willows never talk to people whom we do not know. Very likely there are trees somewhere that will take in strange birds. Leave me at once.' The poor little bird did not know what to do. Its wing was not yet strong, but it began to fly away as well as it could. Before it had gone far a voice was heard. 'Little bird,' it said, 'where are you going?'

"Indeed, I do not know," answered the bird sadly. "I am very cold."

'Come right here, then,' said the friendly spruce tree, for it was her voice that had called.

'You shall live on my warmest branch all winter if you choose.'

"Will you really let me?" asked the little bird eagerly.

'Indeed, I will,' answered the kind-hearted spruce tree. 'If your friends have flown away, it is time for the trees to help you. Here is the branch where my leaves are thickest and softest.'

'My branches are not very thick,' said the friendly pine tree, 'but I am big and strong, and I can keep the North Wind from you and the spruce.'

'I can help, too,' said a little juniper tree. 'I can give you berries all winter long, and every bird knows that juniper berries are good.'

So the spruce gave the lonely little bird a home; the pine kept the cold North Wind away from it; and the juniper gave it berries to eat. The other trees looked on and talked together wisely.

"I would not have strange birds on my boughs," said the birch.

"I shall not give my acorns away for any one," said the oak.

"I never have anything to do with strangers," said the willow, and the three trees drew their leaves closely about them.

In the morning all those shining, green leaves lay on the ground, for a cold N

In the morning all those shining, green leaves lay on the ground, for a cold North Wind had come in the night, and every leaf that it touched fell from the tree.

"May I touch every leaf in the forest?" asked the wind in its frolic.

"No," said the Frost King. "The trees that have been kind to the little bird with the broken wing may keep their leaves."

"And, as the legend goes: this is why the leaves of the spruce, the pine, and the juniper are always green."

As Alistair finishes his story, he looks about the crowd, a smile on his face. "Today, we support Strong Roots. A charity devoted to building things from the ground up. Let each Havenite give as they are able, for it is often that we forget that we are blessed with more than we know. Today, we celebrate life and joy. We look to be entertained and to feast on sweets and fried goodness. Today, we are human. We are all part of the complex, interconnected web of our System. From Primus to the Ring, from the Vale to the Spine, we all feel pain, we all feel joy. Let's share in all those things together. It is a pleasure today to give thanks to Lexille Bellard and her Carnival for supporting the efforts of a worthy cause. Let's be Evergreens in winter, providing shelter where we can." He says simply as he takes the scissors, which seem far too large for him, in his hand. "And now, I pronounce this fundraiser and Carnival fun-day officially begun!"

Among those passing into the carnival after the official opening and speech is a young man a bit taller then most others present wearing dark turquoise pants, simply brown winter boots, and a thick forest green coat. Fortunately its not an overly cold day in the Spine, but never a bad idea to dress for cold. Remaining silent for the time being, Densoric Larent, for those who know him, seems here simply to enjoy the sights.

Canis stands slightly behind the senator as he makes his speech as one of the people who helped gather everything together he's got to show his support, but he's glad he doesn't haven't to make a speech or anything himself. He glances to his side giving a grin though as the talk ends he claps along with the others as the ribbon is cut and the carnival day is opened offically "Here we go." the knight says.

Kieran shows up a little late, hearing only the second half of the story. The senator tells it well, as per usual. He claps softly when it finishes. scanning the room for people he knows, looking specifically for a particular Arboren Knight.

Standing near the stage where the speech was given, Brienne listens attentively to the words of the Senator. She's wearing a tunic, pants, boots, coat. When the speech ends, she applauds the exceptional speech. After the ribbon is cut she motions towards the entrance now. "Welcome to The Wandering Bellard Carnival, enjoy the festivities!"

Offering a polite nod to Brienne as he passes by, Densoric continues on his way, after all the last time they were together didn't end on the most beneficial of terms so why return the issue when a polite greeting works well enough. Ice blue eyes scan the area, but as Alistair sees to other matters, the young noble simply continues into the carnival looking over the various rides and booths to see if anything looks to be worth trying.

Canis walks in along with the othersm and is glad to see people are excited for the carnival it's a win-win. "Well looks like so far so good Brie, we did it hm?" he grins though it's rare for him he's got a tablet with him with a bit of a schedule on it hard to say if it's for the carnival or for his own duties. "What do you think?" he asks after a moment.

Spotting Brie and company, Kieran walks up, smiling at the two of them. "Lord Sir Canis, Lady Sir Brienne. Pleasure to see you both again." He smiles, looking into Brie's eyes briefly before saying again. "Looks good you two, congratulations."

Lexille 's been hanging in the back, making sure everything has been running smoothly. There was a malfunction at the cotton candy maker, the poor employee had to leave to go wash off the excess sugar. Lexi manned it, giving away way more then she should have to the little ones . She has a Large bag filled with it and has started to make the rounds after the senator's speech. Seeing Brie, Lexi makes her way over and cackles, "Well, hot damnation, it's a party."

The last time Brie and Densoric had crossed paths was the spar, when he nods as he walks by she offers one in return. At Canis' words, she looks around at all the people heading in, whole families looking for a little lighthearted fun and games, a distraction from the war. "It's a success. The idea you had for the ribbon cutting was a good one." As Kieran approaches, she smiles in return. "Kieran, I'm so glad you could come after all." Meeting his eyes when he looks into hers, her smile widens. "Thank you, I'm excited about going in and exploring, but I want to stay here in case anyone has any questions about the charity a little longer." As Lexi approaches, the Arboren laughs. "Anywhere you are is a party, Miss Lexi." Leaning in to give the woman a kiss to her cheek.

Canis looks back all the same while he awaits a response at anothers approach. "Ah Lord Sir Kieran." he says in greeting a deeper bow of the head to the other "Likewise good to see you, yes its going well so far." he turns to Brie and grins "It's bound to happen occasionally having a good idea." he says lightly "Hey Lexi thank you for all this hm?" he leans in and also kisses the cheek of the carnival owner.

Densoric continues along, stopping at one of the marksman challenges and takes his chances. Though of course he fails miserably, he doesn't seem too concerned by it as he returns the 'blaster' that is barely better then a toy and moves on, leaving his account a few credits smaller.

Kieran just ignores the Carnival owner. The last time they interacted… He shivers slightly. Bad bad memories. "I told you I'd make it." He smiles at Brie, turning around to look at the vastness of the carnival. "Must have taken quite some time to transport all of this here…"

Lexille tilts her head for each kiss, patting both kissers on the cheeks. She then stares at Kieran. "We're used to moving it's part of the gig. Enoying yourself, Mister Fancypants?" there's a twinkle in her eyes as she asks.

It's her final day of freedom… after a fashion. Cyrielle Hollolas has a firm appointment at the Willowtree Hospital in Landing come morning, so she's opted to check out the carnival. Never mind that it only helps bolster the attention of citizens further to see more nobility milling about. The young woman is dressed simply; a long sweater over snug-fitting trousers, her boots coming to mid-calf. Hair is left free, still with some of the braids she wore at the cruise. With a pastry in one hand and cane in the other, Cyrielle mills her way about.

A cane-assisted noble draws the attention of another noble. A polite nod is given as Densoric says, "Greetings My Lady. How are you faring?" his ice blue eyes focused on her face and speaking as though the cane didn't exist. Though he is wearing dark turquoise pants, the fur-lined boots and forest green winter coat certainly makes the typically all blue Lord stand out from his typical attire.

"You have had plenty, Canis." Brie laughs shaking her head. When Kieran ignores Lexi, her lips twitch, even moreso as the Carnival owner refuses to be ignored. "I've been to the carnival a few times already and I have to admit the rides, games and food are a lot of fun." Still standing near the entrance, Brie notices Cyrielle, and lifts a hand in greeting. "My Lady." Recognizing her as Hollolas and also from the cruise she had been to the previous day. As Densoric greets her though, she looks back towards those nearest herself. "You did, and I'm glad of it."

Kieran's gut reaction is to correct Lexi on her nickname, but wisely decides it better to keep quiet. He instead chooses to just accept the woman's teasing. "I am so far, Miss Lexi." He says, not making eye contact. It is then he notices Cyrielle. "Oh… right." He mutters, remembering that he/ /is// in Hollolas territory. His eye twitches some, and then a notification on his datepad. "Oh gods…" He exclaims. "The advisors want to meet early…" Taking a few steps towards Brie, he embraces her and whispers something in her ear. "Take care everyone, enjoy the carnival." He begins walking, and in his most polite tone he says to Cyrielle. "Lady Cirielle." He nods to her, and when his back is turned he makes a face.

"Thank you." he says about him having good ideas. Canis can only stand back waiting and watching a moment. He turns at the new arrival likely best for him to do anyways he can clear his thoughts "Good Day Lady Cyrielle." he offers to her easily enough. "The cruise was very entertaining thank you again for your hospitality."

Lexille's eyes narrow and she'll watch Kieran leave, shaking her head. "If that's how that boy plans on running his House….that'll be a mess." Her old eyes go up to Canis, "Boy! You need to lend me an arm." It sounds like she's demanding he take her arm, but instead, she'll shove the cotton candy into his hands, so her hands are free. When she's free of bothersome sugar, "So…who's up for some games?" She'll clasp Brie on the forearm and laughs, "I wanna see what blows up first, you or a blaster if you try to shoot it…"

And there, ah, the Valta is fleeing. Cyrielle had adjusted her trajectory to intersect with the other gathered nobility. A pocket that some of the citizenry avoids, even while carnies like as not plan ways to part them from their credits. "Lord Densoric," she greets the Blue Lord with a slight dip of her head. Kieran earns something of a predatory smile as he departs, but the rest… dips of the head. "Lord Sir. M'Lady." The latter to the member of her paramount; Knight or no, she'll offer that extra step of etiquette. Just in case, perhaps.

"I am faring well," she offers finally to the Larent. "This is a fine outing for a final day in nature before I find myself learning very well what four walls for an extended period are like." Cyrielle's lips twitch and before any inquiries can be made: "I am going in to Willowtree. Soon I shall be the very proud owner of my own cybernetic." Leaning slightly on her cane, she looks towards the elderly woman and there's a slight narrowing of eyes; not in annoyance, but more scrutiny.

Densoric nods to Cyri, taking note of the others for a moment and then back to Cyri adds, "Good luck on a speedy recovery then, I may visit while you recover if you wish, I know the annoyance of being left in a bed for too long quite well." smiling softly. He then grows serious and adds, "Though I fear something has come up I must see to. I beg your forgiveness as we have only just started to speak." He then offers a polite nod to each noble in turn, and gives a more simple nod to the head of 'Carnieville' before turning to head deeper into the carnival instead of out of it. Possibly seen as a bit odd given it sounded more like he was being called away for something important.

When Kieran makes his excuses and heads out, Brie nods at his whispered statement, but the reaction to the Hollolas surprises her. As Canis greets Cyrielle, Brienne looks back at Lexi. "I think he'll do a fine job of it, Miss Lexi." As her arm is taken, she smiles indulgently. "I am indeed ready for the games. Let's go see if I can manage a blaster. It'll certainly be a first, I admit." Hearing the greeting from Cyrie, the Arboren inclines her head. "Thank you for coming, My Lady." Unable to stop from overhearing the Lady about her hospital visit, she offers, "Sir Flint is in the very same hospital. I just went and paid him a visit the other day. He tired rather quickly, but he may be more alert now. I am sure he would like more company if anyone would like to stop by."

Canis is a bit pre-occupied but at least he turns back around to accept the cotton candy instead of getting it or dropping it by mistake. He smiles at the joke Lexi makes but turns to the newly arrived noble. "I wish you a quick recovery then." he offers "We were going to sell cotton candy, and play games would you care to join us?" he doesn't wish to have the other feel like they are simply walking away.

"If you wish," Cyrielle offers to Densoric, lips twitching slightly in the beginnings of a smile. "Though I fear I may be foul company. I'm not fond of being trapped indoors for so long."

There's a shift of her features at Brienne's words; something softens there, but there's also a hint of surprise. "Did he, truly? That's fantastic news! I wonder… I had, just after my sailing trip, sent him word that I was scheduling my own surgery soon. It will be good to have a familiar face in the physical therapy rooms." Cyrielle seems a bit cheered by this, all told.

The invitation from Canis does earn a brief, grateful glance. "If it would not be a burden, I would be glad to join. Thank you."

Lexille gives Cryi a matched look back, but doesn't comment on the scrutiny, instead, "Willowtree is a good hospital. We've had a few accidents that were fixed there." She'll purse her lips, patting Brie, "If that boy can't handle me teasing him, how the hell si he gonna run a House? Don't get all defensive cause you're all blinded. I see clear." Lexi will start making her way over tot eh game booths. "Canis learn to joust first here, I'm pretty sure.." She'll throw him a grin over her shoulder.

"I'm sure you wont be a burden M'lady." Canis answers the other back at hearing his name and chuckles "It's like her showing everyone my baby pictures really." he grins a moment "Yes, I still prefer a polearm to a sword due to this game." he looks it over unable to stop from smiling at it and chuckling a little bit "She wont say i'm the worst Valen trained knight ever preferring to fight on foot all the time."

Brie is pleased to note that Cyrielle seems cheered by the news. "He was in good enough spirits, but tired all the same." Looking at Lexi as she pats her arm, she nods, "I'm not being defensive, just an opinion. Let's go have some fun." She assists the elderly lady along, allowing the use of her arm. Her lips twitch at the words from Canis, "I understand your fighting style, since it's my own. You should see how my brother teases me about it while he remains out of the action with his bow."

"I've been to Willowtree often in the past weeks. The injury is old enough that the… adjustment will be a good deal more difficult than for a fresh replacement." Cyrielle gives a small shrug, finishing off the pastry she'd been nibbling at and brushing fingers against her leg. There's a glance to Canis and something of a smirk.

"I thought you Valen knights were required to prefer the polearm." It's a light bit of teasing for the Ligonier; something shared to a friend. Brienne earns, however, a bit of a snort. "Nothing wrong with archers! I'm one myself. You front-liners need someone who can keep an eye on the whole of the battle." Cyrielle shifts her grip on the cane, preparing to move with the others. "However, I do intend to learn the use of a trident once I'm firmly upon two feet again. I figure it only fitting."

Lexille cackles, "I have those too, canis. Don't tempt me!" How she would have access to those, who knows? Lexi leads them to a blaster shooter game, "It's a simple blast the Drakes game. thing ya can handle that?" And so it is. There's blasters and dragons that pop up making goofy faces at the players. Lexi digs in her pocket and pulls out a token for her blaster. Grinning, "Who's up for the challenge?" There it is, the gauntlet has been thrown. By a 94 year old woman.

"Nothing at all wrong with archers. I was also trained with the Valen in my more formative years, my preferred fighting style is with a lance on my destrier." Brienne offers a warm smile. "I admit you archers are very effective in helping us front liners and have saved us on more than one occasion." As they arrive at the blaster shooter game, she reaches into her pocket and pulls out a few tokens. "I will, Lexi."

Canis watches about seeing if everyone is enjoying themselves for a moment "I've never been much of a ranged fighter myself, though it's appreciated all the same to have some on a patrol." the knight will stand by and watch so the others can take their turns playing the game here. He looks back. "You'd think so but my house is known for it's swordmasters so my sister thinks i'm quite crazy or too lazy or something." his head finally turning to Lexi shaking his hed "I'd never think about it."

There's an eye for the blasters and with a heavy sigh, Cyrielle steps up to one as well. "I've rarely even seen the real thing," she admits, finding one of the tokens she'd secured upon her arrival to the carnival. "It's part of our purpose," she says towards Brienne, offering a smile. "Awakened and archers alike. Provide cover fire and keep a lay of the field, so you in the melee can focus on your task."

Canis, however, earns a laugh from the Hollolas. "That's what siblings are supposed to do! Poor Ephraim, the least martial of us all. I don't think he hears the end of it… but he's more an eye for trade than even our elder sister has. I'm beginning to think that's purposeful." Here, she glances to Lexi. Perhaps pondering what the elder may have to add. "Make sure all the kids have different… areas of expertise, to suppose whoever the heir is."

Lexille picks up her blaster, they're obviously not real blasters, but they are all comfortable worn in the right ways from years of play. "all types of fighting are nessiscary in this war, Kinds, Don't let anyone ever tell ya different. We need everyone. Sword arms, archerys, awakened, politicians, nobles and citizens."She cackles as she hefts the blaster and takes aim, "Even us entertainers are important." She'll stop and turn to cyri, "See, I've never understood that…they don't teach it no more, but thousands of years before all of this, swords were irrelevant. Nothing is irrelevant." She'll shake her head, "You wanna shoot a real blaster, finish this game, and I'll let ya."

"It would seem, so yes Ines is Heir she is oldest, and a sword user." Canis says this with a chuckle as is his isn't a coincidence "I agree Lexi everyone has a part to play and it's a balance of each of those that keeps the war effort going the way it needs to." he looks to Lexi "I think i'd manage to injure myself even with a fake blaster." he grins.

Brienne looks at the blaster thing and picks up hers, holding it, feeling the unfamiliar weight of the toy/controller in her hand. "I agree, Miss Lexi, it takes all kinds. That's kinda what I like about everyone, the differences." Depositing her tokens, she lifts the blaster and takes aim at her target. "You have a real blaster, Miss Lexi? Can I see what it looks like sometime?" Looking over at Canis she grins. "You and me both, I just want to look at it."

"I am a blaster," Cyrielle says with a soft laugh, picking up the toy version. She fits her hands around it, much as she's seen in the various holovids. "That's why we all get put in our various bubbles, I suppose," she muses aloud. "Ephraim with his trade. Irvette with her Knighthood. And…" The young woman's brow furrows for a moment as she lifts the toy to try to figure out the aim. One eye squints. "Well, I was meant to be a Captain to support Fiona. Guess I'm the resident druid now." She does live in a tree, afterall.

Lexille snorts but seems proud that the idea of her weapon is getting such a reaction, "It's blaster, not an ancient relic! My Cladious and I used to do an act, I'd stand against a board and he'd shoot a pattern around me. Singed my hair once.Once." She laughs at the memory, before looking to Cyri, "Awaken powers and swords are no match for a good blaster at your side, darling." She sounds like she may be quoting something, maybe an old holovid. She'll turn and shoot, not aiming so much as feeling where to hit. She nails a Drake picture in the wing.

Canis sits back and watches the others he grins as they all seem to be ready to take their shots at the target down range. "Much better then I could do for sure. He goes reach up the game infront of him the light carnival polearm feeling a bit odd in his hands but he will shrug and drop a coin in and prepare the targets which pop up he'll take shots at them.

The Senator has been making the rounds since his speech. Collecting stray trash, buying random games for kids. Alistair had thus far strayed far from the nobles, mingling with voters…er, citizens. Upon talk of blasters, he pipes up. "Oh! I've been training with one of those for a drake hunt -" And then there's a sizzle of his blaster…at his shoes.

Canis misses and frowns slightly it seems he's out of practice at least on this machine and not with the real polearm it represents, but he'll adjust the way he holds the weapon and wait for the next wave of targets to have another go at it.

"Ahh," Cyrielle says to Lexille, waggling the toy blaster slightly, "All of my combat thus far has been in hunting, where a bow is preferred… and against Hostiles, where blasters are useless. You can keep your blasters. I hope to not need them, mm?" She turns then, lifting the devices and sighting along it. Perhaps it's those skills with archery and aiming the lightning she wields, but the woman actually manages to hit a few of the targets solid on. Cyrielle does, however, cast a glance to Alistair and is unable to smother the giggle.

"I guess we now know why I'm not private Alistair." Senator Hartcliffe chuckles at himself good naturedly. "Miss Bellard…" He says, turning to her with a smile. "Let me offer my own sincere thanks among what I know must be a choir of those who've already said so." He beams to her and offers a polite nod to the woman.

"Good Gods, man. You're going to be the first person to kill someone with a toy blaster.That's not a drake." Lexi cackles at Ali. She'll shake her head back at Cyri, "Sure, hunting and Hostiles are very different. I mean, for life, in general. My Claudious was amazing…He could knock things out of your hand 100 feet away. Made sure I knew so I could protect myself and my family when he couldn't be around." there a small amount of saddens, an old hurt to Lexi's voice that she covers up by turning back to Ali, "Oh…No need ta thank me. it's for good. Half the ragamuffins would just end up here underneath my wing, anyway. better ta help them now." She's smiling, she wouldn't mind more kids, really, but for the others she wouldn't be able to help….

Having been around this place for a while now, Tristan's keeping to the outskirts, looking between the others present a bit quietly. Not moving forward towards the others at the moment, shrugging a bit to himself.

"I'd recommend more time on the practice range," Cyrielle says to Alistair, with a bit of a wink. The woman turns back to the game and adds another coin. Perhaps she can win something to foist off onto one of the children running about. Her shots this time aren't as solid as the rest, no, but she's at least hitting some of the targets. No aiming at people here.

Then Lexille is called over by a grandchild/employee. Something about animals and food. She gives a quick apology and rushes as fast as she can to fix the issue.

Alistair nods in agreement with Cyrielle. "Always more gifted with bows. Triggers require little forethought to activate." He grins a bit as he looks around the group. And then his eye catches another noble. "Lord Tristan, yes?" He gives a deep bow, having been thoroughly re-briefed before coming to this event. "Enjoying the carnival, my Lord?"

Tristan blinks as someone's talking to him now. "Errr…." he offers, before he nods, a bit slowly. "That's me…" At the question at the end, he shrugs a little bit. "I… Not sure?" A brief pause as he seems a bit thoughtful, before he finally adds, "You?"

"Blasters seem to lie somewhere between my Awakened abilities and archery. Less preparation and thought into the aim and release than a bow, but more than releasing lightning." Cyrielle considers the game and decides for a final go of it- seems she could win something small from that, if successful. And her aim is, again, just good enough. The blaster is put up; tokens saved for future games. She does select a small plush, tucking it under an arm. She turns towards Tristan, eyebrows rising slightly at seeing the man. "Well, good to see you survived the cruise."

"Well, perhaps you'd enjoy some food, my Lord? There's tasty treats. And please pass along my regards to your sister for inviting me to help with this event." And then Alistair is picking up a piece of litter off the ground. "Makes sense, my Lady."

Canis does actually strike a few targets this time getting his rythem back from how he used to be able to play the game. He smiles as his score tally's at the end of the game and he sets the polearm back down in it's holder. "Well not my best but still pretty good."

Tristan just nods as he hears Alistair's words, looking around as the man seems to be moving again. A brief pause as he hears Cyrielle, he shrugs, "Who said I did?"

Brienne had gotten called back to the stage at the front of the carnival and had spent her time speaking with a few large contributors to Strong Roots. Once the meeting and the thanks had ended she decided to head for the food stands, seeking out all the good stuff like cotton candy and
corn on the cob.

There's a quirk of Cyrielle's brow at Tristan's words and she takes a few steps closer to the Arboren, leaning lightly on her cane as she does so. It minimizes the limp, but perhaps makes her condition even more obvious. "Well, you're here in the flesh and haven't been taken by the Crone. I'd assume that means the Wave-Mother saw you fit enough to spit back out to your trees." Lips twitch, amused.

Barton does soon enough get spotted somewhere in the crowd. Either just arrived or just not spotted. For a big dude he's a hard to miss though. Along on his arm is his wife, quite a bit shorter. Offering a kiss to her cheek as the two wander along. Giving waves to those he knows.

Although, it should be noted that Talayla is not exactly short. She's even slightly tall by some standards. Barton is just one tall dude. She smiles up to him, accepting a cheek kiss. She waves to people, walking alongside Barton. Why not? She still seems quiet and shy somehow, as if awkward were a net cast by a dozen vengeful platypi.

"Something like that, yes," Tristan replies, shrugging once more. "Why does there have to be so many people everywhere?" he adds, a bit more quietly. Spotting Brienne, he watches her for a few moments, but remains where he is for now.

Eyebrows rise slightly and, after a moment's thought, Cyrielle's curiousity gets the better of her. She steps in a bit closer near Tristan, leaning in on the cane. "Likely because that's what people do. They breed, they spread, then they gather every so often in large groupings. Why come, if you dislike us so much?"

After gathering a cone of cotton candy, Brienne looks back towards the games, seeing the group she had been speaking with earlier. Tearing a piece of spun sugar off the paper cone, she stuffs it in her mouth, the blue coloring her tongue. By the time she reaches Tristan, she's got a contemplative look on her face. "Tris, tonight when we get home can we talk?"

Barton smiles as he looks to Talayla, "Want to take a ride on something or wander?" He asks as they move towards Tristan and the others. "Hi!" He offers with a beaming smile. Perhaps mostly recognizing Brienne.

Tristan blinks at Cyrielle's words. "Dislike? I don't dislike people, I'm just…" Trailing off as Brienne approaches, blinking a few time as he hears her words, and sees that contemplative look. "Hmm? What's wrong?" he asks, a bit quietly now. Looking over to Talayla and Barton as they arrive, offering them a bit of a nod, but otherwise keeping quiet now.

Talayla hmms, smiling back and considering her options. "Both sound fun. How much time did you want to stay here?" She asks Barton. She waves over towards Tristan and the others as Barton does. She smiles a little, too. She seems curious, recognizing at least a couple of them.

Barton shrugs a bit, "As long as you wish." He assures her. Moving to be able to talk to the others.

Seeing Barton and Talayla, Brienne smiles warmly, turning towards them. "So glad you both came, I hope you get to enjoy everything. Everyone seems to like the Blaster game here, shooting at the Drake's, it's been popular so far." As her brother questions her, she lifts her shoulders in quick shrug. "We can talk later."

There's a look over to Brienne and Cyrielle tilts her head a bit to nod at the woman. Her dark gaze, however, returns to Tristan. "Perhaps it's the difference between being a Paramount and a vassal… or perhaps just due to my druidic training. I spent so long sequestered from people that I love being surrounded by them at times." She leans in towards him, lowering her voice to offer something quietly to the Arboren.

The young knight Canis returns after picking out a prize for his polearm game. He's gotten a bit of food himself chicken on a stick a classic of course. "Sorry about that needed a bite of food." he shows the stick. He chuckles moving over to where Brie is "I got this from the polearm game. If you'd like it?" he says holding up the little stuffed knight on a horse with a lance.

Talayla smiles back. "Thank you for having us, and will do," She nods. "That sounds adorable." She quirks a smile to the others. "We'll give them a shot." A look to Barton, and they totally will do stuff! And things. "How are you? I hope this day finds you well."

Tristan pauses a little as he hears Cyrielle's words, offering her a nod aand a brief smile in return. "Maybe, I don't know…" he replies, before he looks to Brienne again, expression perhaps a bit more uncomfortable now. "Okay…" he offers to her in return. Loking around the area again now.

There's a few chirps at Cyrielle's belt and she pulls free a small tablet. Her nose wrinkles slightly. "As ever, duty summons." The device is tucked away and she looks to Tristan. There's a brief smirk and the stuffie she won at the blaster game is offered his way. "Cheer up. It can't be all that bad." With something of a cocky wink — some of her friends must be rubbing off on her — she turns and makes her way off. It'd be quicker, were it not for the cane she's relying on.

"I am doing wonderfully, My Lady," Brienne greets Talayla in return. "There is so much to do here, so fun. Maybe you can meet Miss Lexi sometime, she's around somewhere taking care of her carnival." Brienne really tries to give her brother a reassuring look, but then Canis is there offering her the stuffed knight. "Aww, really?" She reaches for it, accepting the gift. "Thank you, Canis, I love it."

Blink. Talayla seems a little surprised. She lets her polite smile linger. Then she bobs her head respectfully to Brienne. "I can imagine, and will do. I think we'll try some of the rides, then the food booths," She considers. "I am glad I got to see you." And then, they'll totally do that.

Tristan pauses a bit as that stuffie is offered to him, hesitating momentarily before taking it. Muttering something under his breath before he waits until the Hollolas has made her way off, then handing it over to Brienne. After aall, she seems more comfortable with those things.

Canis offers a wave to the retreating Lady before he's back to those standing about him a moment. He does offer the stuffed figure over "I'm glad you like it." he says to her offering a smile to her "What did you think of the food and things seems Lexi's outdone herself."

Brienne doesn't take the stuffed item from her brother, shaking her head. "No, I have one already. You put yours in your room." Not taking mercy on him at all. As Cyrielle leaves, she waves, but looks back at Canis with a smile. "It's really sweet, Canis. And I had a great time today. We'll have to take Lexi out for dinner sometime as a thanks. Or at least to the Taphouse for a party. As for the food," she offers the cotton candy over to him, having already had her fill. When Talayla leaves also, she smiles and offers a wave. "Thank you for coming."

Lexille comes from around the corner, sighing and mumbling something about "Who lets their kids into a petting zoo with carmel apples anyway…" She'll tug on her tunic straightening it before looking around to see who's still around.

Talayla smiles and waves back. "Thanks for having me. Ooh, that one looks neat." Whee!

Tristan grimaces as Brienne doesn't take the stuffed item, looking quite unsure of what to do now. Bliking a few times, "In my room? Why would I…" he begins, shaking his head a little now. "Wy would I want that in my room?"

The man nods smiling to the other knight at her words "I agree it'd be fun to plan a dinner." he chuckles and accepts the cotton candy trying a bit of it, as she has her brother keep his stuffed animal. He looks at the voice of the carnival owner he winces slightly "Heya Lexi, I cant imagine when that'd be a good idea."

"Just save it or something, or give it to one of the kids who doesn't have anything Tristan." Brienne says quietly. When Canis takes the cotton candy, she smiles and sticks her tongue out. "Ih mapes ih boo." Laughing at her attempt to say, 'It makes it blue' while the blue tongue is stuck out. When Lexi arrives, she smiles at her. "We should all meet at the Taphouse again soon. Thank you for all of this, Miss Lexi. For everything."

Lexille nods, eyeing Tristan, "IS there something wrong with your prize?" Grinnign to the two others, "Oh, it's been my pleasure. I think it's gone well. We can meet at Motts. I bet my group will be thirst after this."

Tristan nods a little as he hears Brienne's words, pointing to one of the kids passing by and tossing the thing to him now. There's a brief smile as he sees how happy the kid seems to be to get it, before he blinks at Lexille's words. "My prize?" he asks, after a few moments of pause now. Turning to look around again, a bit slowly. Especially towards the outskirts.

Canis smiles big and cant help but laugh as he listens to Brie try and tell him about the food turning his tongue colors. The knight eats some of the cotton candy himself enjoying it but he turns to her in return sticking his tongue out a moment and pulling a face like he's trying to see his own tongue before he looks to talk to Lexi "It's gone very well indeed."

Brienne laughs when she sees the blue on his tongue now too. "It's blue, also." There's a quick nod of approval to Lexi. "I was actually thinking about heading out after cleaning up here, we could meet at Mott's if you want when finished?" Since the evening seems to be winding down and she doesn't want to leave a mess. As Tristan gives it away, she shakes her head. "You should just take things at face value sometimes, Tris."

"Yes. Your prize." Lexi will snap her fingers, pointing at Tristan, "If there's an issue, you best tell me now. i'll find out, either way. Save me time, and you heart ache." She'll narrow her eyes and then grin, "Ah! Unless that's your play! I'll gladly let you take me out for a drink, you don't need to be shy." She's all smiles now, and will start walking towards Tristan, although she adreeses the other two. "Well…I suppose I could join you, although my kids gotta stay here and watch the stuff. Not that i don't trust roger, but I'd rather not have things going missing."

Lexille says, "Yes. Your prize." Lexi will snap her fingers, pointing at Tristan, "If there's an issue, you best tell me now. i'll find out, either way. Save me time, and you heart ache." She'll narrow her eyes and then grin, "Ah! Unless that's your play! I'll gladly let you take me out for a drink, you don't need to be shy." She's all smiles now, and will start walking towards Tristan, although she adreeses the other two. "Well…I suppose I could join you, although my kids gotta stay here and watch the stuff. Not that i don't trust roger, but I'd rather not have things going missing.""

"We match." Canis says about his blue tongue with a chuckle. He looks about a little bit "I'll be back in a second had one other thing on my list for today to do, then I will help with clean up and then time for some ale." he gives a nod to each before moving into the crowd towards his destination on the other side of the carnival.

Tristan blinks a bit, "Wasn't mine…" he begins, before he adds, "And it was… I don't know…" Blinking a bit as he hears the rest of what's being said, stepping back a few paces. "No. Not going out for… anything, really." Looking between the others for a few moments, taking another few quick steps backwards.

Brienne watches as Canis heads off, then back to Tristan. "You aren't going to help clean up once it's over and then meet at Mott's?" She seems genuinely surprised. Lexi gets another grin. "I don't blame you, Miss Lexi, your carnival is amazing. I'm glad you have all these kids helping."

Lexille snorts watching Trist back away, "oh… don't ploy coy with me. You're akan on a mission." She's clearly teasing, by the twinkle in her eyes. She'll wave good by to Canis, "Sucha good boy…Oh, yes. My kids are all good. i raised most of them. They've done me proud."

Tristan winces a little as he listens, looking quite unsure of what to say now. "Sure?" he finally says to Brienne, a bit quietly.

"I think they are lucky to have you, Miss Lexi." Brienne says, then grins at Tristan. "Sounds good then. Ok you two, I am going off to clean up, I'll meet you both down there as soon as I am finished here.

Keanen makes his way through the carnival, looking for his sister. She's supposed to be here, but he keeps his head low, trying to avoid the ass pinching old hag that runs the joint.

Lexille laughs and shakes her head, letting the Arbroen twin go…for now. "Brienne, You have no idea. Half of Haven is connected to me, whither they want to admit it or not." Spotting Barton,Lexi calls out loudly, "You lose something there?"

Tristan remains nearby no, looking around a bit carefully. Muttering something to himself.

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