06.20.3013: A Dashing Escort
Summary: Percival escorts Eirene through the Bazaar in The Ring's Blue District.
Date: 20 June 2013
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Percival Eirene 

The Bazaar — Blue District, The Ring
Stepping off the lift and into the Blue District is almost like stepping into another world. The senses are assaulted with a complexity of scents, sights, and sounds. Light that abscribes to the same hours as the rest of the Ring glows from insets in the dark metal ceilings. The Bazaar is one of the central hubs of the Blue District — also known as the Entertainment District. There are dozens of shops and emporiums that clutter around the outer edge of the bazaar with stands and kiosks making organized chaos of its center. There are some shops that have been there for generations, including the famous — if not a little infamous — Gregor's Strange Meats. This is the place to find the weird and the bizarre. It is known that the Blue District hosts the impoverish and underworldly inhabitants of the Ring, making it not only the most mystifying but also the most dangerous district on the space station. There are several corridor-like thoroughfares that branch off from the Bazaar, leading deeper into the District.
June 20, 3013

The strange wonder that is the Bazaar draws Eirene in like a moth to a flame. From the lift, she is quick to leave Percival's side to explore, stop, turn around and flash a brilliant child-like smile and swing her arms open. "Look at all these amazing things!" She exclaims a bit too loudly and begins to catch attention from a few unsavory merchants. "Lord Captain, isn't this spectacular?" Sure there are many trinkets that shimmer and sparkle, most of it 'junk' that is entertaining or other items which may have 'fallen off the back of the ship'.

Percival is familiar with this part of the station, as he is most of it; while it is the Orelles who rule the Ring, the navy is stationed and operates from it, and so the Larent lord has spent much of his life here, in one bit of business or another. Naturally, that time included more than a few trips to the bazaar, as sailors are somewhat notorious for occasionally enjoying the unsavory aspects of life. A thin smile shows at Eirene's enthusiasm, and he nods a slight agreement. "It is a very interesting place, although not one I would recommend you visit alone. Some merchant might try and swindle you." Of course, he suggests only the more tame of dangers, not to frighten or disquiet the young woman. And while some may eye her even now, when they see Percival beside her in his naval uniform and gold pips, hand at his hip just inches away from where he always wears his sword, they may reconsider giving her trouble. He may have a bit of a reputation here as well, for all his years on and (more importantly) off ships.

Eirene is somewhat oblivious to the dangers as everything seems more 'mischievous'. Through the eyes of babes, everything is magical and mystical. The young Volen returns to stroll beside her companion for the evening. "It was fate then we ran into each other before I started exploring." She replies to his warning about traversing the Bazaar alone. "What sorts of things here pique your curiosity or catch your eye? Surely there must be something to entertain a Lord Captain." All her attention falls upon the older gentleman while she takes each graceful step further into the market place. They pass Gregor's Strange Meats on the left - the name alone causes the noblewoman to halt and gesture lightly for Percival to reply. Her eyes sparkle with impish delight.

"I do enjoy collecting old trinkets," the man remarks in reply, gesturing around among some of the shops selling curious wares from all the different moons and planets of the Haven system. "Although it's infrequent they have anything of real value here. But occasionally, an interesting antique may catch my eye." Then a smirk. "More frequently, I'll buy something pretty or charming as a present for one of my girls." With several beautiful daughters to dote on, Percival is in surely in need of a steady supply of said baubles. Or could his list of girls to buy gifts for be larger than that? When Eirene brings them before the oddly named meat store, his nose scrunches just a little. "Not the place I'd usually go for gifts, but we can go in, if you'd like to see it."

Eirene doesn't think outside the scope of daughters and wife for said pretties or charming baubles. "You are a very kind and thoughtful man, Lord Captain." A compliment that holds much merit in her heart. Her hand reaches for the knob of the mysterious meat shanty but quickly retreats as she giggles and skips aside. The train of her skirt swishes with her frantic motion. "No, I couldn't. The idea of mysterious meat turns my stomach a bit. But I thought perhaps if you wanted to peruse, that is a more manly thing to do than to go antiquing. I would indulge you, Lord Captain." Her arm slips in his and she guides him towards a merchant who sells all sorts of weaponry. "What about some of these? You must have a keen eye for such craftsmanship. How would I know what is a good buy and what might be a cheap imitation?" Perhaps there is a special someone she wishes to gift.

Percival laughs a little at the explanation she gives of her train of thought."Since we have no forests to hunt in, but an abundance of birds, fowl is really the only sort of meat that features prominently in Nubilus' native cuisine," the man explains. "I suspect hunting strange beasts and eating them is more of an Arboren pastime." He seems mildly disdainful of the notion himself. "Of course we do import all manner of thing via the ways still." Still his brow furrows just a little at the comparison she makes. Did he suggest he's not manly?! "It is merely a fondness for rare and ancient things. So much is easily lost to history, if no one thinks to keep and care for it." Readily he follows toward the stall, although a laugh and a shake of his head is given as he surveys the wares. "Not a good day, I'm afraid. No, most of these are simply made from scrap metal, to resemble pre-Reversion pieces."

Absolutely not! Eirene is way too naive to think such things or rather, to obliquely suggest a venerated naval captain is not manly. If anything, in her pretty little mind, the effervescent songbird most likely assumes Percival would not take a lady to such a place. Brownie points for him! "I like fish." She comments in reply to 'fowl' or Arboren hunting expeditions. "I usually eat a light fare and mostly white fish with lemon. The lemon really helps keep my vocal cords healthy." Eirene's eyes dance over the different weapons; Guns, knives, swords, and other appealing weaponry. She turns to Percival with a gasp as wisps of blonde hair lightly smack across her cheeks. "You don't say! How can you tell? Excuse me, Sir, might I look at one of these? My friend is going to tell me why it is not a good purchase." She plucks a handgun from the table with a sweet, endearing smile despite the merchants grumbling. "Lord Percival, if you please.." Others start looking over their way and then eye up the table to compare.

"Coming from Mare Maris, somehow, that does not surprise me," remarks Percival with a rather light sort of laugh. "I suspect, much like on Nubilus, you do not have too much choice in the matter." However, as the young woman starts peering at the weapons more closely, and more over, begins to create something of a scene, he lightly reaches to take her hand - the one with the gun - and gently guide it back to the display table to return it to its place. "There's nothing wrong with them in terms of purchasing a weapon for the sake of a weapon," he explains. "But few originals remain, and their craftsmanship is very distinct. Remember, there was a time when we used only the most advanced weapons, blasters and the like, because our technology had progressed so far. Old fashioned weapons were antiques even then, owned as family heirlooms or by enthusiasts, hobbyists, and the like. It was only when we discovered their effectiveness - and the uselessness of more modern weapons - against the hostiles, that many pulled those old weapons off their mantles or from their museums and martial studios. And after those weapons were used to repel the first attack, technology went to work again: a modern sword is still very advanced, with a monomolecular edge and gravitic enhancers. But those old weapons, from before we started modernizing close combat weapons again, are very rare. I do have an original in my office, but there are not many around."

It is when Percival so kindly guides her weapon clad hand back to the table that she becomes aware of her surroundings. Usually one who is so astute, Eirene feels much like a kid in a candy store, overwhelmed by all the wares the Bazaar has to offer. Her cheeks flush into a bright pink hue and she slides her arm once more, threading it into Percival's and lingering close by. The veil has officially been removed and a sense of excitement and fear hits her like a slap across the face. As she listens to the lesson on weaponry, so do others in the stall. They go about purchasing their products and the merchant himself looks relieved to hear the naval captain address the situation with such aplomb before something terrible could happen. One blonde noblewoman could actually incite a riot. "I was not aware of all of that, Lord Captain, but I find it fascinating now that I have some knowledge. I quite enjoy history and often spend some time reading on the subject. Though, I suppose you are not surprised that I purposely skip over the sections pertaining to war." Then what is really left of history, one might wonder? Eirene smiles and begins leading Percival out from the weaponry stall. "Oh look, instruments! Now that is something I know.."

Percival is not shy on worldly experience, and so such little things do not tend to ruffle him much. Well aware of the realities of the world around them, the situation is put back to order, and the merchant offered a slight smile before the two of them are off toward their next destination. Thankfully, this one is a little less controversial and an area where the woman is a little better versed herself. "Well, you have this one on me, then," he tells her, grinning. "I had often thought it would be nice to learn to play an instrument, but I never managed to find the time. There is not a lot of time for hobbies at the Academy, and since then I've always been swept up by one thing or another. If you do not learn young, I suspect, it is much harder later on." He looks around the stall. "Tell me about them? Which do you play?"

Eirene takes to the instruments like second nature. Her hand glides and caresses over the tops of a few wooden pieces, giving them respect while inspecting them. The strings of a well made cello are lightly plucked mere moments before glancing over her shoulder to cast a beautiful smile at Percival. "No time for hobbies at the Academy? That saddens me, my lord. Surely there is some time now. I can teach you." With a swish of her skirt, Eirene makes her way over to a piano and plays a few light cords of a sonata. "The piano is my instrument of choice, but really, I adore being in front of an orchestra."

"I fear my time now may be even more limited," Percival laments, shaking his head slightly at the offer of lessons. "Before, we were merely running constant drills and simulations to prepare for the hostile invasion. Now, we are actually fighting it. When my ship is not actually deployed, I spend a great deal of time in staff meetings, discussing various strategies. What little other time is available, I do like to spend keeping up with friends and peers; one cannot ever fully ignore the social circuit, nor one's House and its obligations to its allies." Still, the man smiles a little as she sits to play a few quick bars. "And I've also promised a little of my free time to your next performance, if I do recall."

"That is true, Lord Captain. You did, and I will hold you to that promise." Eirene's smile is a shy one and perhaps she feels a touch guilty for appearing as though she may be flirting with her childhood friend's father. "I have spent too much time in my studies and in my career as of late. I have purposely avoided much of the social circuit, but, realize it is wrong of me." The young songstress rises from the seat and glides hither and yon towards other, more elaborate instruments - namely the brass instruments. "Have you seen how some musician's cheeks' puff out when they play the tuba or the trumpet? It is like their skin is elastic! I'm often fascinated by it. Silly things, really. I'm fascinated by silly things."

"Well, I am sure your performances will draw a lot of attention themselves, not just to yourself but to your house," Percival points out. "So your efforts are not without their benefit in that regard." The man turns slightly to watch as she drifts from place to place, instrument to instrument, ending with the brass and her humorous comments. "I don't know that I've ever watched one closely," he admits. "They're usually in the back, besides! But I suppose it must require a fair bit of breath to produce sound from one of those things."

"Oh! They're truly amazing to watch. I can only imagine the kind of breath one needs to be able to sustain those notes. I suppose it is very much like singing." Eirene smiles and glides back to Percival's side. She looks over some of the other kiosks and stalls but wonders something else. "Join me for dinner, Lord Captain. I hope you do not think me presumptuous. Your company has been a pleasure thus far and I do not think I am ready to return you to your duties. If you'd be so kind to indulge me. I'd like to learn more about Nubilus, especially if I am to spend time with your daughter, Lady Ariana. I would very much like to impress her with my expertise of her home." The young Volen makes a delicate pleading face while leading Percival away from the Bazaar. "If you are lucky, I may even sing one of my favorite arias for your personal enjoyment!"

And so the dashing escort known as Lord Captain Percival Larent joined Lady Eirene Volen to dinner and was thusly treated to a semi-private concerto at the restaurant. The impromptu entertainment was welcomed by all. Many patrons returned home that evening speaking highly of the noblewoman's talents.

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