06.14.3013: A Chance Meeting
Summary: A chance meeting at a bar leads to a squire's future.
Date: 14 June 2013
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Johana Michael 

The Violet Siren
The entrance into the Violet Siren gives the illusion of a squat, round building with very little character or flair. It is only when one walks through the ellipse-shaped tunnel, under the glowing black lights, do they realize that the Violet Siren is far more than it seems. The foyer is at the top level of a vast silo that tunnels underground for several stories. Its transparent-composite floors look down through the various mezzanines ringing the interior of silo all the way to the expansive dance floor at the bottom. A series of staircases hug the walls of the cylinder, leading patrons past balconies that supply seating away from the loud thumping and madness of the dance floor and a series of bars to wet ones whistle.
14 June 3013

It's a spring morning, slowly creeping into the midday hour. The weather outside is cool and stormy, the rain falling in sheets enhanced by the occasional clap of thunder or bolt of lightning. Inside the warmer, climate controlled building, the storm can be heard but not seen. Only just having walked in herself, Johana Ibrahm leaves small puddles in her wake from the boots she wears on her feet. Black leggings are tucked into the tanned leather and a red fitted tunic is worn over the leggings. At her side a sword is sheathed and over the tunic a cloak is worn with the Ibrahm House twin hammer sigil. While she waits to be led to a table, she takes a moment to look around.

Michael Having escaped the storm outside by ducking into the first building he came to, Michael Athyros seems out of place. He is standing at the railing of one of the higher mezzanines, gazing down at the other patrons. In one hand he has a glass of clear liquid, that he takes the occasional sip from. His hood is pulled back, his hair obviously having been caught in the rain.

Once she has been directed where to go to even find seating instead of the bump and grind of the bodies on the dance floor, she stops by the bar and orders herself something. When it arrives it's purple and she accepts it, paying for it before making her way further in. Catching her attention is a man who seems out of place here. She nods to him and her lips curve into a smile. "Good morning."

Looks up at the greeting and smiles to the woman, "Good morning." He takes a moment to let his eyes quickly, but politely wander over her. He motions into the club, "Come here often? Or at least, have you been here before?" he asks, his voice hard to hear over the din of the loud music and chatter of the patrons both near and below.

When he greets her back, Johana inclines her head, just another formal nod of greeting. Though at the question, her gaze wanders round the club and there's laughter in her eyes when she looks back. "Never before have I been here. Yourself?" Her voice is slightly escalated so that he can hear over the music.

Returns the formal nod of greeting, then shakes his head slightly in reply to her own question. Raising his voice just enough to be heard better, "First place I came to off the street." Looking around briefly, he returns his gaze to her, "This will be most unorthodox, but if you've a table. May I join you?" he concludes his question of a soft smile. He takes another sip of his drink, though it seems as if he hasn't taken one yet for the glass in still nearly full.

"Of course," Johana motions to the table she'd been directed to then leads him over, taking a seat at the table for four. It's a little quieter in the corner where the table is, maybe they won't have to yell as much. "I'm Johana Ibrahm, may I ask what your name may be?" There's a curiosity in her eyes as she regards the man who was bold enough to ask to join. Certainly she admires boldness.

Followed the woman to the table, nodding yet again as she introduces herself. Then smiles softly, "I am Michael Athyros, it is nice to meet you." He then pulls out a chair and sits opposite her, resting his glass on the table. He sits comfortably in his chair, and notes the quiet of the corner. He drops his voice back to the original level he'd spoken at, now much easier to hear. "What type of drink is that?" he inquires motioning to the glass of purple liquid.

Lifting it, Johana gently tips it towards him in a somewhat silent toast. "I'm not exactly sure what's in it, but it tastes good and it's called a Purple Passion." Waiting a beat, she takes a drink of the delicious drink. "It's a pleasure meeting you, Michael Athyros. Are you a knight?"

Lifts his glass in a return silent toast, "I might have to try one some time." he then regards the question, "A pleasure for me as well, to meet you. I am a squire still, actually, I did not get knighted like the rest." Takes another light sip of his drink, "Are you a knight? I make the assumption from your outfit."

"They are remarkable." Johana remarks and after a moments hesitation, offers him her glass. "You're more than welcome to try this one if you like." A glance down at her own attire brings a rueful smile. "Indeed I am. I suppose I should give the whole title, should you like it. I am Young Lady Sir Johana Ibrahm. Heir to House Ibrahm." Inclining her head once more, a bow of her head she always does when she introduces herself more formally.

Hesitated but took the glass, and took one of his light sips. A smile plays over his lips, "Indeed they are, quite a nice drink." Then after hearing her full name and title, he straightens slightly. "Milady." he makes as proper a seated bow as he can, then looks back up and smiles softly again returning to his politely relaxed state. "What brings you to the West District of Imperius?" his voice gentle, curiousity tinging the edges.

"Ibrahm are much like Khournas," Johana replies even as she reaches for the glass to offer him a wide and friendly smile. "We hold little regard for proper protocol and simply follow where our whims might lead us. I was here, simply because I have never been here before and decided to see it for myself. I think I'll skip on the brothel though." Mischief dances in her eyes as she drinks from her glass again. "Who do you squire for?"

Smiles as he returned the glass, then makes a soft hmming sound. "I currently do not squire for anyone, my former mentor passed away prior to my knighting ceremony. I have only recently decided to retry my hand at squiring and become a knight." He then takes a full sip of his glass, dropping it's level by a fifth. His head turns in the direction of the outside, possibly towards the brothel. "I too have no intentions of going there, not my kind of place really." Turning back he has a friend smile and there is a light in his grey-blue eyes.

Blue eyes flicker over the squire in surprise. "You have no knight to serve and train you as of yet?" Johana takes another sip from her glass, savoring the taste of the liquid inside. Her lips quirk up into an enigmatic smile when he mentions the brothel in such a way. "Most healthy young men would jump at the chance to visit a brothel. In fact most Khourni and Ibrahm would as well," there's a bit of laughter directed at herself in those words.

There is a soft shadow that flits over his eyes, "Sir Corbin, my former mentor, trained me fully. I could have been knighted at eighteen like the rest of the squires. I choose not to, for honor of Sir Corbin. I have decided to restart training instead." He chuckles softly at her words about the brothel, "I am not like most healthy young men. I prefer a real connection, not a financed one. Besides, their lady knights are most likely fakes in cardboard armor splattered in paint." His smile quirks to the right slightly with his last words.

The shadow is noted and Johana sympathizes briefly. "I'm sorry about your loss." Though the moment is brief before she is considering him and what he has said. "In other words you are a knight in every way except the title? You do realize when you are Knighted it makes you a minor noble. Are you assisting in the war against the Hostiles? Have you a Knight in mind to train under?" Squireless herself, she does seem to take an avid interest. Though when he mentions the brothel again with the more romanticized notions in regards to it, she smiles her approval. "I am sure there are no ladies in the brothel, nor no knights.."

Smiles softly, "Thank you, she was a close friend to my mother as well as her commander." He pauses to consider her words following with considering her questions, "Well I suppose I am trained, though I was not aware of the nobility attached to knighthood." Pausing again, "I would certainly assist in the war, if I knew where to go to assist. As for a knight to train under.." Pausing yet again, he shakes his head, "You are the first knight I've met since, and the other knights I knew when I was in school and training are off fighting or on patrol now." He smirks slightly at her words on the brothel and those within, but doesn't make comment.

Johana murmurs a soft sound of acknowledgement for the thank you he had given. "There indeed is. Sir Thalo of Ibrahm has served our House well, he has become a minor noble as well and is now eligible to wed a noble." There's a story there because the smile on her face widens. "One of the Khournas sisters certainly has her eyes on him and I think she is just about to land herself a Wall. That is Thalo's byname. The Wall, because of his sheer massive size." Another pause before she finishes off her drink. "I am sorely lacking a squire. If you're interested, I would welcome the task of training you, if you've no one else in mind."

Michael nods with her words about Sir Thalo's nobility. He notes the widening of her smile and listens with intent to her story. He chuckles softly at the byname, and it's use. He then considers her offer, taking a long drink from his glass and near finishing it. The way the liquid moves, gives away that it is only water. He smiles softly and makes the same seated bow he did at her full introduction, "I would be honored, if you'd take me on as your squire and retrain me." After straightening though, his gentle formality is only broken with a soft smile and a warm light in his eyes.

When Johana realizes it had been water, amusement touches her eyes. "Not much of a drinker?" The question is softly spoken and she pushes her own glass aside in favor of clasping her hands together now as she regards him now with friendly warmth. "Then I would be honored to complete your training. I have already been in a few battles against the Hostiles, I do hope you are prepared to ride in with me in the future? How are you with armor? Do you have appropriate defender armor? What weapon do you excel at?" Now that he has agreed, she seems very interested in getting to know him and his talents.

Michael chuckles at his glass, "Oh, well if this had been stronger I am sure I would be sprawled on the floor both eyes black. I kind of have a thing for lady knights, and well.. " he drops off, seemingly on purpose. His face belies nothing however as he switches to the topic of combat and armor. "I have only light combat armor, my parents believed in paying one's own way and defender armor can be expensive. My armor does have all the helmet systems, with low light vision, comm system, and a heads up. It does, also, have a shield generator." he pauses to smile, "I excel in swords, mostly long bladed ones. However I am quite confident with short swords and knives. The only weapons I have no training in are bows and crossbows." He seems to have opened up at her interest in him.

The confession surprises her and with an almost wary expression, Johana regards him in silence for only a moment before she breaks it. "A.. thing?" There is also a curiosity in her eyes that she manages to tamp down in favor of the question of the armor. "Light combat armor is fine for normal things, and you have the shield which is even better… though Hostiles are known to pierce the armor of even the defender. I wear aggressor armor myself without the shield so I am able to keep both hands free to swing my sword." The words about him and the bows bring laughter. "I am also not trained in bows or crossbows so well. Only the basics."

Notes the question, but offers only a light shrug with the words, "Nothing to worry about." He then continues on with the discussion of armor, "I can look into heavier armor, though I would need to train in it for a time before I'm able to fight. I worked almost exclusively with a shield and sword technique during training, however I am never opposed to learning new ways of fighting." He smiles at the comment on bows. Then seems to consider something for a moment before speaking, "My armor is the colors of House Sauveur, to whom I have affiliation through my mother's service, and through Sir Corbin. Do I need to consider altering those colors?"

"If you wish to serve House Ibrahm, I can assure we would be more than glad to have you do so. Our colors are red and black and the sigil are twin hammers, though truly if you want to stay committed to House Sauveur where your mother and Sir Corbin were affiliated, you can still squire with me and keep your colors. I would not ask you to change something you feel strongly about." Though they do also use different methods of fighting, it seems to not bother Johana. "I think if you have already trained with a shield and are more comfortable doing so, we should keep it like it is."

Michael nods with Johana's words, and smiles. "I will give the options consideration, but I would still be glad if you'd have me squire for you." His smile softens, "Flexibility in combat is important, perhaps we can work learning your style of combat into my training when we have ample time." He seems out of place again, not uncomfortable but lacking in something as if his purpose here was undefined and has now lost its definition again.

"Take your time in deciding, there is certainly no rush in making any decisions. I am pleased you are agreeable to squire for me and I look forward to training you. You won't have any qualms about joining me in battle will you?" Johana does offer a warm smile at the talk of different combat styles. "How are you with polearms and riding in combat?"

Smiles and nods his head, "I look forward to training, I feel I should be training or in the field fighting. Working in a store was not what I was born to do." He then considers the question, "I think I am capable of doing both, as I've had some small training in them, but I am not as good with polearms as I am with swords. I do, however, like them second to swords and wouldn't mind continuing to train in their use."

After a moment's pause, as he finished his water and pushes the glass over to meet Johana's off to the side, he continues, "As for riding and handling animals, I am somewhat able to. I won't fall off my horse during a normal ride, but I'm not so good as to joust effectively. My animal skills would match my riding skills in that I can command the horse in the direction I'd like to go and can keep a trained horse from bolting."

"Then if you are agreeable, we could meet tomorrow or the next day, I will give you the time to gather your belongings to make your home on the Crescent for the duration of your training. When you've done so, we can begin your training together and I will enjoy getting to know your skills and preferences." Johana nods about the riding and polearms she smiles. "If you like we could train you in polearms and riding and make a tournament knight out of you as well."

"I have little in the ways of stuff, and most of it is still packed. Tomorrow is a fine day for me, as I'll be ready well before then." He nods after his words, then seems to shy up at the mention of tournaments though a soft light dances in his eyes. "I'm, um, not entirely sure that I can show off like that…" shakes his head slightly, and regains his relaxed composure. "I will think on it, I do like the polearm and I'm confident that with more training I could do well on horseback."

"Even after you are a Knight, we could continue training together, if you like? We have no time limits to worry about. It sounds as if you basically know everything there is to know, just need some reminders since it has been awhile. I'm impressed you came back to it. Another thing, what would you prefer me call you?" Johana smiles her encouragement when he gets a little shy.

Michael smiles, "I would like that, the training with you that is…" Then he seems to ponder for a moment, "I was not given a byname by Sir Corbin, nor called anything other than Michael. I am open to whatever you feel you prefer to call me, since you'll be the one calling me that for a long time it seems." ending that with another of his soft smiles.

"Then up until you're a knight, I will call you Michael, and after that it'll be Sir." Johana nods and offers a smile in response to the one he gives to her. "And the training, I agree with. Are you very well at unarmed combat? I admit that is a weakness of mine. I'm not so talented when it comes to hand to hand without a weapon."

Michael shakes his head slightly, "I have only the rudiments of martial arts, with no real brawling experience. My focus has always been the sword, as it feels natural to me." Looking up and turning to see the door, he notes the weather is still stormy and turns back around. With a light smile, "I do not know what your plans are for the rest of the day, but I'm considering lunch. Would you like to join me?"

"Then we can focus on training with weapons and focus on the unarmed at the Gym during our spare time, if you'd like." Johana offers, At the offer of having a meal, she remembers she had not bothered eating yet and nods. "Lunch? I would like that. Thank you." Glancing towards the door as well. "Here or is there somewhere else you'd rather go?"

"I took a look at the fare here when I ducked in, didn't have breakfast either, both far over priced and I doubt all that fantastic." he chuckles, "Granted I don't normally eat out. Well, do you know of a place? Or perhaps just a stroll down the Esplanade to see what catches our attention?" runs a hand through his now dry hair, and then adjusts his cowl.

As a lover of storms, Johana is all for that. She rises from her seat and offers a nod to the squire. "That sounds lovely, I'd like a walk down the Esplanade to see what there is." Pulling her cloak around her, she leaves the hood off for now. "Ready when you are."
Michael smiles up at Johana and rises from his seat. "I've always liked the rain, it is a refreshing experience to walk through the rain with only your thoughts." He then checks his clothing and with a nod. "I am ready, would you care to lead the way?" he asks with another of his light smiles.

Leading the way out once he has stood, Johana hears a message over her comm and pauses at the door. Turning and facing him, she's has regret in her eyes. "I will literally have to take a rain check on that lunch, I've been called away for a few hours. If you'll forgive me, I will buy you lunch when we get together next, in the place of your choice."

Followed to the door and then nods at her words. "It a pleasure to meet you Milady, and it will be another pleasure when we have that lunch. I hope all is well, and that all goes well for you. Contact me when you get the chance." he smiles again, and bows briefly. "Until then." he finishes with that same light smile and steps out into the rain, pulling up his hood as he passes through the door.

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