08.03.3013: A Cease Fire
Summary: Reena and Kadmus have another talk. It starts rough, but they find some middle ground eventually, and make an effort.
Date: 03 August 2013
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Indoor Garden — Blackspyre, Volkan
This lovely indoor garden is part greenhouse, part showpiece. Winding trails wend their way, snakelike, through beautiful displays of trees, shrubs, and flowers. Fruit trees and vines add a citrus scent to the air. Orchids abound, with countless varieties in hundreds of shapes and hues around every turn. The Phalaenopsis gigantea var aurea is prevalent, being yellow and red, in line with the colors of House Khournas.

A small man-made stream runs through the center of the garden, with footbridges crossing it at different parts of the trail, and ending in a pool with a gentle waterfall, surrounded by bench seating and filled with golden fish. In the back there is a separate area behind french doors for herbs and vegetables, as well as tables and equipment storage for potting plants and the other dirty work of maintenance.

03 August 3013

Reena has been working diligently on preparing to launch The Notice Project for the last few days. Today though, she's in her garden at the top of the Blackspyre, wearing casual garb, leather breeches and a red blouse, as she puts shipping information and handling instructions on tray after tray of vegetable cuttings she's taken from her own garden, earmarked for the Volkan Down Below's community garden once it's built. Her hair is in a simple braid down her back, and she's perched on a stool at one of the potting tables through the French doors, label printer in hand.

Kadmus comes walking into the garden, his gaze wandering casually across the greenery and flowers that are contained within the indoor greenhouse. After a moment of admiring the display he approaches where you sit and work, "A lovely Garden you have, Lady Reena." He compliments.

The sound of the Young Lord's voice comes as a surprise, being as their last conversation did not go so well. Reena looks up from her work and her eyes widen slightly to see Kadmus there. She quickly looks back at the labeler as she taps at the screen. "Thank you. I've been tending it since I was a little girl. Now it will be the beginnings of the community garden for my project." She prints out a label and affixes it to a crate-like tray of small plantings in cardboard pots. "How has your visit to Volkan been?" she asks, idly.

"Indeed, well you can see the care that has been invested in it." Kadmus nods, "And it will no doubt be a strong resource for your charity." He adds, "And my visit has been quiet, so far, though I admit much of my attention has been directed towards matters on Mare Maris still."

"I believe your sister would like to see you, Lord Kadmus. She is still adjusting to the Crescent." And trying to claw out Soleil Sauveur's eyes, but Reena leaves that part out. She gestures towards another crate-tray of what might be lettuces or cabbages, still small, but recently transplanted into the little soil pots. "Can you bring me that tray, please?" she requests.

"I'm sure I'll run into her." Kadmus nods a little at that, moving to the indicated crate and lifting it to carry it over to the table. "I'm sure she will be fine however, it's not like the crescent is terribly different then her captor's home."

"There are similarities, yes, but she had friends there, and people she considered family. We are all fairly new to her here in Volkan," Reena says, as she accepts the tray and slides it to where she can check the condition of, and tally up, the tiny cabbages. "I imagine I will be glad to see family visit me in Mare Maris when I'm getting settled in. I know it's been a long time, but you are still one of the earliest people in Lady Devon's life, and I think seeing you would do her some good." She pulls a mister bottle from a shelf and spritzes each plant carefully.

"Well, I understand one of her abductors frequents Volkan often, at least, so there is that." Kadmus says dryly, "But I will gladly host any of your kin who wish to visit New Atlantis once you have made the move. I suspect we can arrange a hydroponics bay for you as well if you wish to expand your Botanical studies." He gestures about. "But, I will make an effort to visit with Lady Devon before I leave Volkan, however."

"Lord Flint Grantham was hardly one of her captors, Kadmus, nor was Marah, nor Young Lady Ashleigh. As far as I know, Lord Sir Zakary, the one who actually had her given over to Ignis, has never been a visitor here." Reena shrugs and labels the tray before turning on her stool to look at him, setting the labeler inside. "This is something you need to shelve, Lord Kadmus. The Hostiles are here, earlier than anticipated. There are people dying at the hands of an enemy who has paid far more insult to you and yours than House Grantham has. Put this feud aside, please, until all of our people are safe." She folds her hands in her lap. "I really hope our every conversation from now until the grave isn't going to be about something that happened twenty years ago."

"I have little interest in friendship with Sir Jacob, nor do I excuse him of his house's actions." Kadmus says, "And I think it unfair to say I do nothing to fight the Hostiles, far more than most in fact." He adds, "But you need to understand, Lady Reena, that I'll never put this feud aside, not even if we are married, or my sister is 'released' from her imprisonment." He continues, "I however, have no problems with you Lady Reena, and in fact find your company quite pleasant, so I hope you understand that my displeasure is not with you in any way."

"What are you, twelve, Kadmus?" Reena barks at him with a scowl. She gets off the stool and strides over to another area where potato cuttings have been drying. She pulls on a leather apron and begins to set them into prepared pots, with perhaps more force than necessary. "Maiden's tits, man. Grow up and let it go. Devon was not unhappy where she was. Did you know that? Or is this some stupid point of pride that has you clinging to the past?" She doesn't seem to care that her hands are getting dirty, or that she's perhaps speaking too loudly. "And if you find my company pleasant, you have a funny way of showing it!"

"Indeed." Kadmus says, a bit more dryly at that, watching the potato pot stuffing for a moment, "I should leave you to your work, I suppose." He says, "It was good talking with you none the less though."

"Is that how our whole marriage is going to be? Anytime we disagree you're just going to walk away from me?" Reena asks, angrily. "I suppose we'll be making our heirs in test tubes too." She scowls and continues her work, muttering under her breath. She is not used to being treated so…politely is the only word for it. Like she's some untouchable trophy, to be looked at but that's it.

"Well, I do not see the point in arguing when you seem to already have me all figured out, Lady Reena." Kadmus says, turning back towards you, "And I imagine how our heirs are made will be a matter of your choosing in this."

Reena growls and, in a fit of pique, chucks a wad of dirt at Kadmus. "Fight with me! Scream at me! Do something to show me you have one iota of personality and aren't going to just ignore me for the rest of my life like I'm some doll that's pretty to look at and left somewhere, maybe dusted off occasionally!"

Kadmus is hit by the dirt clod, grimacing a bit at that, "I had come to your garden because I was interested in your hobbies, and your charity work, and wished to see just what it was you did, Lady Reena, not to be told I need to forgive the Grantham and make peace with them. I think if my sister wished to see me, she has had plenty of opportunity to come visit, our Waygates still function in New Atlantis, last I was aware."

Reena rolls her eyes to the ceiling, and scrubs her thumb across her forehead, smearing it with dirt. "What I do, Lord Kadmus, is administrate and council, as I have done for my father and my sister for most of my life. I never thought I'd meet anyone as obstinate as Anabethe, but you make her look positively malleable by comparison. I didn't intend to marry you, Lieutenant. I asked my father to try and negotiate your sister's release so maybe, possibly, we could be friends and later, if we were compatible, more. My father decided immediately betrothing me to you, and your sister to my cousin, was a better idea."

"If you cannot accept that I will not be friends of the Granthams, it will be difficult for us to move forward, Lady Reena, and you just might become the wife you are afraid you'll end up." Kadmus says at that, "You do not have to like my opinion, as long as you respect it, and I will not force it upon you. If you can come to terms with that, and we can move beyond it, I think we can probably come to enjoy one another's company."

Reena just shakes her head and goes back to her plantings. "As you say. You are the Heir after all. I will be a quiet and obedient wife." It's spoken a little bit numbly. "I leave the arrangements up to you, Lord Kadmus, whether you wish me here or in New Atlantis." Her expression goes sullen and somewhat resigned as she more gently resumes placing the potato cuttings into their pots.

Kadmus just shakes his head slightly, "You do not have to be passive, Lady Reena." he adds, "But, if you are not happy with this arrangement, it's quite likely I will die rather prematurely, with the war going as it is."

Reena sighs. "Don't say that," She folds her hands and rests her forehead against them, elbows propped on the table. "I just don't understand you. You seem to be consumed by this hate, like it's the focus of your life. I had hoped that when I married, I would be the focus of my husband's life. And that he would, at the very least, feel some sort of passion or attraction to me. All this dancing about with polite words and politics is not what I expected. I have fire in my veins, I was born with it. And in your presence it has been slowly flickering out."

Kadmus walks back over to the table, "We are in the unfortunate position of having our marriage be politics, however." he says, "It is an inescapable fact, that does not mean that I will not treat you well, and you are an attractive woman, Reena. There is more that drives me then my dislike for the Grantham, however."

"Would you have preferred Lady Elodie?" Reena asks quietly. "I realize the two of you were quite engaged with one another at the pool party in the Palace. I'm not blind or stupid. Or is there a citizen you fancy?" She doesn't look at him, she just maintains she just reaches to untie her apron and hang it back on a nearby hook.

"Anything there was between Lady Elodie and myself is of little importance now, she is betrothed, and so am I. It would be cruel and unfair to you, Sir Sammel, and the two of us to pursue it any further." Kadmus says.

"But you did like her," Reena confirms. "Why? What is it about her that you liked so much?" She's sad, but curious as she questions him, wiping her hands off, and her dirt-smudged brow, with a shop cloth.

Kadmus shrugs his shoulders, "She was quite pleasant company, I suppose." he says, "But I do not know that there was anything serious between the two of us, at least not yet, perhaps there was a spark there that with time would have grown. But like I said, it is the past."

Reena nods as she works the dirt out from beneath her nails meticulously, using it as an excuse not to look at him. "Yes, it's the past. All just ghosts now. If there is anything you wish of you, Lord Kadmus, you know how to contact me. I don't want to take up too much of your time, as I know you are needed for the war effort." She is giving him an out, clearly.

"I am here to spend time with you, Lady Reena, if you wish to be alone, I will not force my company upon you, but if you wish to spend time together, I would not mind." Kadmus answers, "I do not know that we will have the luxury of a long betrothal, I fully expect both our families want us to start producing heirs as soon as possible. The war has only just begun after all."

"I'm relatively sure you don't want to pot potatoes and cabbage. So what things do you enjoy doing?" she asks quietly. "Is there anything in Volkan you wished to see? Or other parts of the Blackspyre?" She's reverted to her training, to play the proper hostess. But it's better than the sullen anger at least.

"Well, if you wish the company while you tend your garden, I would not complain." Kadmus says in response, "But if you wish to show me about, I know very little of the city, or the fortress."

His willingness to remain here seems to relax Reena a fraction. "Are you up for getting your hands dirty?" she asks him, finally looking at the man with her pale blue eyes. "I have a dozen more trays to get through before they can be invoiced for the project. I'm still waiting for a meeting with the Volkan Chantry and our local senators who I've asked to help with things." She gestures to the numerous trays already prepared that she's spent the last few days toiling over. "This is where I come to work out my frustrations. Something about nurturing things, helping them grow, it's soothing. Otherwise, if this isn't your think, we can go to the Public House for a drink, or the Gym, or the Bath house. That's usually a shocker to people who aren't from the Crescent though."

"I will leave the remainder of my activities of the day fully in your hands, Lady Reena." Kadmus says, offering a smile, "If you want help planting I can, though, I admit I know next to nothing about soil farming. Otherwise, you can show me any of the other destinations you like. I tend to go diving, or other athletic pursuits when I have some frustration I need to work out myself."

"Well," Reena muses, "I can show you what I do; it's not hard when someone instructs you. Then we can hit the baths because we'll probably need it after messing about in dirt." She offers. She moves to hand him one of the aprons, not bothering with putting hers back on. She gestures to what look like slightly dried out chunks of potato, each one with at least one "eye" on it. "These are just the scraps from the kitchen here in the Spyre. A new potato plant can grow from each eye on a regular potato. You just have to let the cuttings dry a few days so they don't rot from the moisture in the soil." She picks up one of the pieces and then digs a little hole in one of the cardboard pots with the fingers of her other hand. "Just make a hole, put the cutting in, and cover it up again, without pressing the soil down too much. It needs to breathe a little bit."

"Huh." Kadmus says, "We grow most of the produce we eat locally in hydroponics gardens." He syas as he follows your example of how to plant the peeling, "But if you want I can see about having some soil brought in for a garden for you."

"I know a little about hydroponics. I might see about studying it further," Reena notes, reaching to help guide his hand in the covering of the cutting to make sure it's not too lose and not too packed down. This requires hand touching of course. "If Project Notice takes off, I expect to extend it to other cities, and some of those might be more hospitable to hydroponic gardens rather than soil-based ones. But volcanic soil here in the Crescent is very nutrient rich, so it gives this garden a strong start."

Kadmus nods his head slightly as he listens, "Well, you will certainly have what support I can offer for your project." He says as he follows your guidance on how to pack down the dirt, not shying away from any hand touching or the like.

And so it goes, they work on planting the remainder of the cuttings, labeling them for transport, and then a call comes in that Kadmus must take. And so the baths will have to wait for another day.

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