07.03.3013: A Brief Visit
Summary: After Declan's revelation during the bonfire, Ariana calls upon Keanen to find out how much he knew of this.
Date: 03 July 2013
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Ariana Keanen 

Courtyard Gardens — Summit, Nubilus
The Sky Palace's Courtyard Gardens are a vast, artistic display that circle the entire exterior of the palace. Nearly sixty feet in width, the open-air gardens are lined with a central walkway of polished white marble that leads off into tributaries that bring visitors before the many showcased pieces of art. Making good use of the atmosphere, the gardens are also accented with the soft ringing of wind-chimes and the slow spinning of double-helix wind turbines high above the walkways that provide power and motion to the devices that keep the gardens running. Tall banners depicting the crest of House Larent flap in the sky in streamers of white and blue, each blowing softly in the soft winds of Nubilus. Each section, spaced apart like a grid, is expertly spaced with benches for sitting and railings to keep visitors off of the more sensitive flora and fauna. Lastly, at the Courtyard Garden's northern quarter is a large, grass covered park with a small man-made lake for visitors to enjoy. Some of the flora of the gardens have been artificially crafted — bioluminescent lilies, carnivorous roses, and the like are just some of the chimeric species.

At the major cardinal directions, grand stairways lead up to equally grand doors that lead into the Palace. This only continues to elevate the palace above the rest of Summit, making it the central edifice of the cloud-encompassed city.

03 June 3013

Having sent out a message to the young Arboren Lord to meet her at her family's gardens, Ariana is now sauntering about her beautiful surroundings. Dressed in a pale lilac hued gown with a shiny violet trim, the Larentian maiden is enjoying her time besides a variety of glowing and almost transparent white flowers as she is seated near the entrance of the gardens proper. She idly reads a few passages from a ebook of poems from her tablet; enjoying the delicate floral scent that hangs lightly in the air.

Keanen makes his way into the garden, a bounce in his step. He hops onto a bench, walking across it, then hopping onto an iron fence along the side of a flower garden. Balancing precariously as he walks across the thin iron, at the end, he does a forward flip off it, landing on his feet. He looks around, seeing Ariana, and then begins to make his way over to her. "How is the future Mrs. Arboren this evening?" he asks, his eyes every bit dilated.

Catching some odd movement from out of the corner of her eyes, Ariana's gaze lifts as she silently watches Keanen's approach. Dimming her tablet, she rises gracefully to stand and take short steps to meet up with the young Lord as he approaches. "My, are you energetic today, My Lord." However, something which Keanen says makes her furrow her brow and she quickly states, "Mrs? What? Am I some sort of Citizen? It would be Lady Arboren, well, after your Lady Mother anyway." A pause, before she asks pointedly, "And how long have you known of this? Why didn't you tell me?"

Keanen shrugs, "Lady doesn't really implied marriage, so," he shrugs a second time, "Mrs. it was. It just lends itself to saying, 'hey, look at me, I fuckin' married Declan Arboren and shit,' better than Lady does." He laughs, "I found out yesterday. How long have YOU known and didn't tell ME?"

When Keanen says a swear, the curve of Ariana's lips tense lightly, her gaze hardening just a moment as she looks to be studying her old friend. With his revelation, she simply begins to saunter off slowly, expecting to Arboren Lord to follow. "Your Lord Brother informed me about this on the day of bonfire. To be honest, I was rather shocked to hear, especially as my own Lord Father made no mention of it. As I'm told," Her steps halt, "Negotiations are still underway, so nothing is official yet."

Keanen doesn't follow her, staying right where he is, watching her. When she stops, he walks over to her, "Do you love him?" he asks, flatly.

Turning to regard Keanen's approach and his direction question, Ariana just lifts an elegantly shaped brow as she smiles over at the young Arboren, "I barely know him, you know that. But this is where the courtship period comes in, so that newly betrothed nobles can get to know one another before their wedding." She holds her tablet against her, eyes on Keanen, when she states, "From what I've witnessed, your Lord Brother is very much a gentleman and possessing of good manners and a good head on his shoulders. There's nothing for me to complain about."

Keanen slowly nods, his lips pursed. "I see." He inhales and exhales a few times, through his nose, looking away a moment, then back at her. "A good head on his shoulders." He looks off a moment once more. "Well, good luck then." And he turns to go.

"I would expect so, I mean, being trained as an heir is a lot of responsibility." Ariana says in response, noting the young Lord's words. She then asks, "Unless you know something that I don't, My Lord? Not that anything can be done with it. Your Lord Brother actually did approach my Father about this and from what I've heard, he was in agreement. So all there is to do is set the terms. I do hope to get to speak to my Lord Father soon enough to further learn of what was discussed."

Keanen continues to walk away, but he turns to face her, so he's walking backward away from her. He tosses his hands out his side, "No no. Nothing you don't know. I think it's great, Ariana. You two will be very happy." He turns his back to her once more, "See ya," and continues off.

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