04.22.3014: A Blessing and a Promise
Summary: Lord Advent asks for Lord Canis to join him in the great hall, and they talk. A promise is made and a blessing is given.
Date: 26.12.2013
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Canis Advent 

Grand Hall - Royal Tower, Landing
Through doors that are three stories high and which open with quiet grace is the Grand Hall of the Royal Tower. It is a cavernous antechamber that truly embodies the wealth and grandeur of the Royal House of Sauveur — which is why it is also the foyer. The floors are polished marble inlaid with violet metallic accents that could be described as Old Earth Parisian. Luminous chandeliers that resemble white suns float midway between the floor and the ceiling, and they dim or brighten depending on the desired mood. Enormous, floor-to-ceiling pillars are evenly spaced along the outer edges of the room, keeping the center free for feasts, dances, and other events. When the hall is still, it can feel too large and empty, and noises can echo too easily.

Toward the back of the Grand Hall are a pair of mirrored staircases that sweep up either side of the room toward a mezzanine that looks over the grand hall and gives access to the turbo-lifts, and thus the rest of the Royal Tower. Beneath the mezzanine are various doors that lead into the kitchens and Royal Dining Room, where most of the Sauveurs and their guests take meals when there is not an event being held.

It is rare for this room to be empty, as there are at least guards standing watch and on patrol.

April 22nd 3014

Advent has just gotten fitted for his new armor as his old got ruined. He has a few people helping him get the armor off himself. Each piece is meticulously and carefully pulled from him and tested. He stands there like a statue. He's sweaty and his face is pale. One of the ones removing the new armor pokes lightly at his shoulder then his stomach. Advent stares as the pain hits him. "You didn't need to make your point like that. Thank you for helping." They all just stare at him before bowing and moving away from the man, leaving him mostly alone. Turning around he has a table set up with tea and small bits of food.

It seems shortly after his meeting in the Bistro a letter arrived and he was called to Landing. He has changed into his more formal attire beyond what the letter said he had to keep up an impression for his house. Canis approaches the grand hall though unsure of what questions he would be asked here. The young knight will wait outside until he's shown inside or greeted or something of that like. He looks about the hall while he waits.

A man approaches and smiles up at Canis. "Lord Canis I presume! Very much welcome to the Grand Hall. Please follow me. Lord Advent awaits you. He made tea and shortbread cookies. Both are fantastic." He walks up to the table and Advent stands quickly wincing and holding his stomach. "Oh my six, good Lord. You should be resting and not preparing for war." Advent waves his hand and grins. "There is much to do and things must be done." The young man nods quickly to Advent and turns to Canis then back to Advent. "Lord Sir Advent, this is Lord Sir Canis. Be well met and I shall be right outside." The man rushes off and Advent grins watching him before turning to Canis. He bows his head. "Lord Canis, it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance."

Canis looks as he's greeted nodding to the question "Thank you, it's appreciated. When the young knight finally does find the other he bows his head respectfully "Lord Advent, likewise to meet you . I believe we've only met the once on the battlefield which is hardly time to meet properly. He will stand and wait patiently for the other to be done and continue there conversation so far.

Advent gestures for Canis to sit and he keeps the warmth playing over his face but his eyes tell another story. Distress. Once Canis decides to sit, Advent would follow suit. "I wish to broach a subject that … needs to be broached. I will cut to the chase. Lord Canis, do you love Lady Brienne? Do you wish to marry her?" He holds his stomach and keeps his eyes on Canis.

The young knight will sit down as directed. Canis is watching the other for the topic of conversation to happen when it does it's the feeling of being smached in the gut with a hammer all over again. He does his best to keep his face straight but it's likely to betray him all the same. He will clear his throat as to make sure his voice will work. "My Lord, the two are seporate questions but I will answer." he looks across the table. "Yes I do love Brie." he uses her informal name as usual pausing but it's said so move on. "The second is not my choice, I asked her direct once and she declined. It would have to go through her family and I would not wish to soil her reputation. I'd rather remain her best friend in that case and for her to be happy."

Advent sighs quietly and leans back with his hand in his hair. "Tis as I feared. May I be honest with you, good Lord Canis?" He doesn't wait for a chance to respond. "She came to me today asking for a match between myself and her. She spoke of you and your dear friendship with her. However, she is under the impression that you do not love her and only wish for her to be your friend." He shakes his head and lets his hand drop. "I told her I would speak with you first before providing an answer. My deepest worry is a rift between Lords and having a Knight torn from the heart due to a misunderstanding. She advised she did decline you before but I fear, your love for her… How can I get between such a thing? What kind of a monster would I be to do something so disrespectful…"

Canis should look surprised but he does not. "When last we spoke she advised me she was going to get married, but she did not say who she was going to marry." he motions to the other as it's obvious she was going to speak to him now that they are here. "It was a hard conversation we had, but both of us made realizations, but it seemed that she wanted only to be a friend I advised her and her brother that I will not break my promise to remain her best friend. I think a connection requested between us would be declined which would hurt her more. It seems both of us have the same intention and that's her to be happy."

Advent takes a moment to listen and he frowns. "I do want her happy but I fear she will not be happy with me. I am not a … lover as the term is. I am a Knight who fights all my waking hours again the Hostiles. What kind of husband is that?" He leans forward, pushing his hands against the table. "How can I .. separate a man and his love because a chance?" His eyes lift up to Canis's. "It is a risk to love and to ask. What if it doesn't work out? Nay I ask you a different question… What if it does? You speak of thought and requests but you have yet to try beyond asking her. I want to make you happy as I do want to make her happy. You will be miserable seeing her on my arm and I too would be miserable seeing her laugh and smile and be who she is with you…only to come home to me and be morose." He takes a quiet breath. "What should I do?"

Canis considers a long moment once the other has spoken, and it's not an easy thing that's for certain. He does finnaly come back to the present once he's come to a conclusion. "My Lord you speak hard words and true ones, but I believe that the way that I love Brie has changed. I wish to see her happy, but for my part I would stand as her best friend." he says the point doesn't make him happy exactly but it's something he's coming to see. "Brie is a warrior too, she understands that duty and does it about as well as i'd ever seen. If you are looking for my blessing." he pauses here "I give it Lord Advent. It may be difficult at first but in the long term it would be for the best."

Advent nods slowly, bowing his head to Canis. "You love her. Blessing or not I feel like a thief." He sits back and puts his hands in his lap. He looks very distressed. It's not easy for the Knight to speak of matters of the heart. "I wish to make her happy, as do you… will you promise on your honor to tell me if she becomes miserable with my company? I know she will not tell me. I know she will try it hide it to make me happy but I cannot live in a lie and I am an idiot with women. I cannot see things so clearly on their faces. They are hard to read, a mystery. How… good sir, can I make you happy?"

"That is something I can promise, if she says anything about being unhappy you will know." Canis says to the other and it's something he can do. It's a bit of silence which greets the other "I am in-experienced myself i've read things incorrectly more time than I can count." the last question brings about silence once more. "I am not sure my lord to be honest. I suppose when my family deems me ready they will find a match otherwise I will look to better myself and do what I can for the war effort."

Advent nods quickly. "I wish to be your friend as well, good Lord." He bows his head. "I feel hearing that I'm making Brienne miserable would be better taken from a friend." He still does not look happy. "She says I will make her happy but… I see your love for her. I don't have that. How is that fair?" He stands up and moves around the table to Canis and goes to his knees beside the man's seat. "I am so sorry."

Canis looks to the other as he begins to speak. "I see no reason why we cannot be friends Lord Advent, we've fought on the same battlefield prior to now and continue to do so." The young knight says though he shakes his head "If it were returned my lord it'd be another matter but i've never heard it from her in return though I believe as a friend she returns that enough." he seems confused at the last "Sorry for what my lord?"

Advent takes Canis's hand and brings it around his neck. He leans forward, resting his forehead against the chair. "I would not fault you for strangling me." He lifts his eyes and frowns. "I have been in your shoes. It hurts to watch another love the one you love." He bows his head again. "I do not wish to hurt anyone with any choice. I do have the blessing of your lips but not your heart. Anything you ask of me shall be done."

"It is not of your doing my Lord, Brie seems to belive that you two would make a good match. You are the second to tell me as much that I would suffer at seeing her paired to another and perhaps it will be so, but if I can remain her best friend than it is worth it. Canis stops a moment to think. "I truly cannot think of anything which I desire that's within your power. I seek only to help my house and all of haven." he says after a moment

Advent stands up and puts his hand on Canis's shoulder. "If ever you should think of something… speak it and it will be yours." He nods to the guard at the door and the guard leaves. "I will never stop you from being her best friend. I will send word to my parents and should they agree to this match than I will do all I can to keep you two close. If however, they decline, you must request from your parents the match." He grins. "I will back your requests."

"I think you Lord Advent, I appreciate the chance to speak with you." Canis says to the other he will move to stand "I should head back to Honor's Keep, I am helping rehabilitate a noble accepting guestright and so must make sure nothing has gone amiss." He will say though he nods "I appreciate it, she is a really great friend." he will say though he wont really provide an answer about his own request should something happen. He will begin his way out of the great hall but will wait for the other's response.

Advent bows his head and stands there. "Thank you for your time, great Lord Canis." He keeps his bow. "Be well and do take care. I hope to see you around soon." He stands up again and keeps his hands behind his back. He waits for Canis to leave before sitting heavily in his chair.

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