07.19.3013: A Better Look
Summary: Nithya takes up Demos' offer, she visits Inculta
Date: 19th July 2013
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Nithya Demos 

Outside of Detritus
Wall on one side, sand on the other.

A change of scenery, luck, time, convenience, stars aligned, Demos is going to Inculta, it happens Nithya is in the neighborhood and could see the wall. Inculta is how one would imagine it, warm and arid. To some, that is down right hot and uncomfortable. Demos may have given enough warning, hopefully. Himself, he's not in his usual synth-fabric get-up. Rather, he's wearing loose cloth wrap leggins, more tight over calves, loose over thighs almost appearing like a kilt as loose as they are, as if to improve air flow. His shirt is a simple sleeveless design as well. He doesn't come off as the bravado type, but wearing less clothing probably reveals the stone mason is a lot more solid than he lets on. One could mistake him for one of the soldier/knightly types even, its apparent he lefts a lot of stones. That and his feet are covered in sandals, he is the desert man in all ways.

As if preparing to go into the heat and walk the perimeter, he grins a little, looking to Nithya, "Have you walked on sand before?" He doesn't know her history with holosuites, or other worlds, "Just, its a slightly different gait to get used to is why I'm curious." Most people don't go out here, unless going to other cities, and then by normal roads. He's meaning to walk into the dunes themselves it would seem.

Nithya seems to have taken some of the warning in that she's not wearing a cloak and she's not wearing her all-black catsuit. What she is wearing is lighter, but still exposes none of her skin outside of her face, neck and hands. A thin sheen of perspiration is visible, but it doesn't seem to be a source of any discomfort. There are, however, some sweat stains visible around the collar of her kurti.

"I can't say that I've walked on sand much, no," Nithya says, now looking down suspiciously at it. "What is the difference? It's a bit shifty, but I don't think I could possibly fall over from it." One definite concession she should have made to the heat is water. She's made the beginner's mistake of not carrying water with her. Her lips are already beginning to dry out, despite the perspiration ringing them.

"No," says Demos warmly, "You won't fall over, its more a different muscle group. It will strain lower in your calves, the sides of your thighs a little more is all. You probably won't notice it much, but maybe a little when you wake up tomorrow." He says moving towards the sand along the outside of the wall, away from those paths travelled, but pauses to look back as his feet begin to move. A pause then, whether pondering water levels or not, his eyes note her lips. Then he half grins, asking politely, "You are well hydrated? The further we go, it is that much further to return to Detritus, even if its just on the other side of the wall."

"I took a shower this morning, yes," Nithya says, completely misunderstanding the question. "Should I have used moisturizing cream or something?" She's oblivious to her surroundings at the moment as her attention focuses on her walking. "So, what am I looking at here again?" she asks. "Unusual means of ingress? What about egress? Is that something to watch for as well?"

"Ingress, yes, but if there are means of egress that seem likely or apparent, we might assume others may have tampered with it, thus reducing the functionality of the wall. I am looking at avenues of approach, but I don't want a military eye, there are plenty of them. I am figuring the Hostiles may consider other means as the conflict develops to capture a Waypoint." Then he reaches a hand over to her shoulder, and he promised no traps. While it might come out of nowhere, he explains, "I mean, have you drank enough water, it will leave your body quickly in this heat, as the day warms, your body might feel dry but it is merely evaporating too fast to prespire as normal. I see you didn't bring any with you is all Nithya."

Nithya looks a little worried at the warning. "I didn't drink any more than normal, no," she says. "Nobody told me about the evaporation thing. And I thought we'd be going somewhere nearby anyway," she adds. "Should I go back and get something? Maybe some wine?"

Poor city girl that she is, the prospect of going out into the desert is looking less and less enticing. "Can't we take, like, a cart or something?" she asks. "I mean, that looks pretty wild out there anyway."

With a shake of his head, Demos offers, "I have several quarts." Lifting his shirt some, not for a peek so much, but to show the straps that ride up his chest, over and around his neck, under his arms. Then a pat to his back, "Its tucked into the small of my back, for both shade and body temperature. I'll be cooler than the air today." Looking at the prospect of continuing forward and going back, he considers it a moment as the sun continues to rain down. "We could strike an accord, walk inside the wall today, more shade, more water available to us? But, only if we attempt outside we we both are better prepared. Dusk might be a better time, if you trust your night-vision?"

Nithya releases an impish grin at that. "Night is when I thrive best, Demos. It's when I'm most comfortable." Why this should be the case is left unexplored. "Let's do it that way." A quick flick of her eyes to the desert. A small, barely perceptible shudder. "I'll bet you there's not even a nightclub out there," she mutters to herself before looking back up at Demos briefly. "You actually live like this a lot?" she asks curiously. "I mean I'd never have thought of that water rig of yours. How long did it take you to think of it?"

Grinning, sheepish, Demos shakes his head, "I didn't have to think of that one. I think a lot of us who go into the sands learn it at a younger age. I learned from my parents, but as an apprentice mason, its part of the basics." Spoken like one who tends to go on just a little much when in comfortable subjects. He looks up and out where she asked about nightclubs. "You'd be surprised what you might find out there. It is a long way to the rock quarries, but there are hidden caves, water sources, small oasis, the like. Its hidden treasure, most people see the sand, only the surface, but beneath that, its something beautiful all together." Then he looks more sheepish, "Lets get to some shade, but, first you should drink, otherwise you might cramp when we start to cool off." He works his shirt up to get to the water, so he can hand it over. "Drink as much as you like, we're close enough to more that we don't have to preserve it."

Nithya accepts the water (and peeks when she thinks she's not being watched; she's in love, not dead) and takes a few mouthfuls before handing it back. "You really like it out here, then?" she asks, quietly, contemplatively while looking at the desolation with a dubious expression on her face. "This is so … outside anything I know I really don't know how to react. I honestly can't see the beauty you're telling me is there. I'm one of the ones who only sees the sand."

She turns to look at (and past, as is her wont) Demos. "I hope I'm not disappointing you. I'm … well … I live in the streets. I grew up in the streets. My world is the streets and alleys and such. The closest I get to "nature" is parks. (Left unspoken is that she uses the parks because they provide good cover.)

Again she looks at the desert. The sky. The cliffs. The desolation. "If you left me here," she says, "I think it would kill me. Because I don't even know to bring water."

Of course, not knowing he's being looked past, Demos says off handed, still looking out, "I wouldn't leave you." Then just a smidgeon of a pause, as if tacking on, "Out here … not like that." His warm smile comes back to her. "It is the realm of Light. I find it fascinating, wonderous, and an enigma all at the same time. If you wouldn't mind seeking that beauty, I wouldn't mind showing it to you. No traps again. Within the month, I'll probably take the apprentices out to the quarry. Its hard to request the rock you need, if you don't know what it comes from." Its a rhetorical offer. He lifts a hand, suggesting the shade of the wall awaits them within Detritus. "We have streets and alleys here too, as close as we lived to them, it was like I was always trying to escape or avoid them, but I am curious now, perhaps they are like the sand, a mystery and a beauty of their own?"

"That could well be. I know that I sometimes have to see things through the distortions of the lens before I can find anything of interest." There's a hint of an ironic smile as she says that, like she's layering meanings. "And I know there's food and drink that it takes experience with to appreciate. So maybe cities and deserts are that way as well. Until you've learnt to see them with the right eyes, you can't see them. Come, let me be your eyes in the city now and later tonight we'll go out and you be my eyes for the desert."

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