11.22.3013: A Battle, A Bomb, A Priest
Summary: Hostiles attack and successfully explode a Volkan Factory
Date: October 11, 2013
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In Volkan, there have been several factory bombings of late. Patrols have increased, resulting in fewer of these of late, but they haven't been stopped completely. Over the last couple weeks, there have been reports of hostiles skulking around in the factory district in Obsidia. Patrols have increased and tonights patrol is no different. Thalo has taken some of the best out to investigate claims of hostiles lurking around a factory in the southwest part of the district, near the edge of the area. It's a rundown zone of the district, mostly due to the factories here being older and more outdated than due to any sort of criminal element or poverty. There is one factor here that does actually still do regular business, forging plating for armor. It's night, and the factory is closed, yet here the Patrol comes, Thalo in the lead, in his armor with his hammer slung across his back. He's got Anabethe and Bianka with him, as well as Nitrim and Reena.

As he moves the patrol in a sweep of an alley a block away from the Factory, he says in a low voice to the others, "Let's keep things quiet. Not sure what we are looking for yet."

Reena joined the patrol as field medic, as well as taking notes for the Notice Project as the Blue Sister had pointed out the issues in the Factory District to her. Also, she knows the Sister is looking to meet up again, so she's scoping out good meeting places. She isn't unarmed in this part of Obsidia; there is a hand crossbow at her hip beneath her cloak, and a dagger on her thigh. Over her shoulder is her field med pack. She nods to Thalo's words.

Touring some of the factories, Lord Torvald Valta is nearing some of the more rundown areas. Here for the possibility of investment and renovation, Torvald looks to Firia and her friend. "Firia, my dear, I hope this trip hasn't bored you too much?" He looks to her, the short older man wearing a brown, loose-fitting tunic. He's got his bludgeon at his side, as he is wont to do lately, strolling at a steady pace.

A shadow of black cloaks and hematite-colored armor, Nitrim blends well into the darkness of the alleyway as he walks near his sisters, Reena and Anabethe with his gauntleted hand dangling loosely over the hilt of his sword. The wind whips up, sending his cloak flowing behind him as he adjusts the targets in his HUD, setting the ones he knows to green, and everything else to a yellow-gold outline. Nodding in response to Thalo, he gives Anabethe a thumbs up and turns his gaze to check on Reena, his mask nodding gently towards her.

In black and Red defender armor, with a crested helmet, Bianka follows in formation. a spear and ten pound hammer rest on her hip as she follows the lieutenant, her helmet up as she speaks useing the comm system. "Yes Sir." She says, before setting up her AI. "Artemis, friendlies green, civilians Yellow, unknowns orange." She states as she continues to follow along, a hand resting on the haft of her spear.

Patrols are the best Anabethe has been getting lately, while she focuses on improving skillsets other than bashing things with sharp objects. Which means she's put a lot of effort and precision into the whole process. Her armor is pristine, her weapons are very sharp, and she took the time to look over every route and report before she showed up.

A young woman in a faded blue cloak and breathing mask that covers the lower part of her face keeps to the shadows, letting the patrol pass, before she continues on to an older factory that isn't in use much anymore. Along with her, a taller man in a black cloak carries a basket, and the slip around to a side alley. "I will be fine from here, thank you," she tells the man quietly, keeping her voice down to not be heard. Her hand reaches out for the basket that he carries. "I appreciate your help… I hope I see you again?" Her eyes stray to the side, then down to the ground of the alley, and she freezes.

In the rear, as it were are the two younger participants of the group. A citizen and his noble escort, dressed in a silver hemmed robe of white. A target in the darkness. "No, Uncle Torvald." She is without a solitary weapon to hand, save a dagger. For emergencies. Sean is the tall, stoic gentleman currently hand in hand with her, in a limp wristed sense of the word. As she speaks, her gaze flickers upwards, granting the DJ a strained smile.

And coming upon the group of Nitrim and Bethe, Bianka, Reena and Thalo is a single Arboren who seems to be looking for someone in particular.. not that it's hard to spot him. When she does, she walks over towards his direction, wearing her armor, visor up, steps pretty steady and sure, a confident smile tugging her lips.

Walking next to Firia, hand loosely holding hers, Sean is dressed nicely in a light blue tunic with a dark set of trousers and a faux swordbelt to cinch his waist. He smiles down to Firia before looking to Torvald. "I've enjoyed your tour my lord, you're quite the informant and very good at the retellings." neither he nor his noble escort really seem 'close' in more than a friends sense, even with their light handhold and close proximity.

Reena nudges Anabethe and tips her chin towards one of the shadows. "Someone there. Cloaked, hooded," she whispers to her sister.

"Plenty of cloaked and hooded people in the alleys, everywhere." Nitrim's voice whispers, his head turning in the direction where Reena tips her chin to see if his AI picks up anything. Not seeing anything, he gives a shake of his head and starts to look in the other direction, covering the area where everyone else isn't looking.

Having handed the Basket to the Girl in blue, Morrigan in his black cloak slips back into the shadows. kneeling against the wall of the alley, he watches the patrol Idly as they pass.

Anabethe shifts her grip on her pike as she scans the area, though she turns a closer eye on the alley that Reena nudges her toward. "Someone," she agrees. "Doesn't seem Hostile-sized, but worth taking a look at. Thalo," she says quietly, making a point of being careful not to obviously turn her attention to the alley. "Possible action." She may be the heir, but if there's one thing she knows well, it's the chain of command in the field.

"We need to move on," the woman in blue says tightly to Morrigan. "Someone's been through here, they disturbed the rag…" she kneels down to pick it up. "I always put this in the door when I come out, it's fallen down."

Bianka looks around but spots nothing, yet. Looking twoards Thalo, she waits for further instructions, easing her spear from it's holster when Anabethe and reena say something to Thalo about spotting something.

Well Thalo saw nothing at all. But then they start pointing out that there are people in the shadows. He slows, the glowing red eyes of his helmet focusing in a bit, "It's the alleys in the shittiest part of the district." he states and then moves towards the indicated shadowed area, "Best get on out of here, whoever you are. Could be dangrous out tonight." And then he looks over to the others, "Let's keep moving. The place is just across the road." And then his Armor growls and he looks over towards Brienne, canting his head to the side, "You always come to Khournas in armor, Brie?"

Giving a disapproving eye to the hand-holding Torvald makes note to tell Firia later. "Always a pleasure to provide my favorite niece with further insights to business. After all, dollars change lives. We must be great stewards of such." He motions around to the district. "There is great potential here…untapped potential is terrible. It's always been Valta's task to rebuild that which is considered lost."

Nodding to the Woman in Blue, the Black Cloaked Man rises once more. nodding slightly at the warning from the patrolling knight as he steps forward once more. "Then I suggest we take his advice."

Yes, armor! Brienne finally catches up to the group. "Yeah, and I'm late. I came earlier, heard you were out on patrol, so I went home and changed. You missed the dress I was wearing too." Waggling a gauntlet covered hand, she smirks. "It was sexy." There's a wink to him before she looks at the others in his patrol group. "Good evening. He stood me up, I came hunting." She flashes the group a grin before looking off to where they are looking. "Is there something amiss?" Her tone has changed to more cautious and quiet.

"Uncle Torvald, perhaps…" Firia lifts her head, straightening out her shoulders. An edginess to her tone, perhaps brought on by the shifting shadows. "Yes, there is much to be gained by this district, where others refuse to invest, only…I wonder if the hour is not a little late." His stare enough to disengage the link between her and Sean, with a suitable flush to accompany it.

Fortunately, no one can see Reena's expression under her helmet as she boggles at Brienne flirting with Thalo. She flits her gaze back to the cloaked person in the alley though, keeping a weather eye on them.

The hooded mask of Nitrim's combat armor looks up to Brienne, watching behind the expressionless mask as she gives her explanation of being stood up. His shoulders huff in an unspent laugh as his eyes seem to sweep over to Thalo, giving a shake of his head in response. Clawed fingers drumming softly against his sword's hilt, he steps into line and continues the patrol.

The Blue Sister nods once in assent, already moving a little deeper into the alley, her hand beneath her cloak. "We can cross the street over here, it's just," she bites her lip in vexation. "I'll have to go all the way back to the infirmary, now, and see Bertram." She mutters another cuss under her breath, but her head is on a constant swivel, now, not just looking for the patrol, but for whoever might have come through here.

Sean doesn't seem to mind or refuse the breaking of the handhold. He nods with what is being said, but seems to have little to provide to the topic at this point. He just watches the area for now, looking at the large looming buildings.

Bianka lets out a cough at Brienne's appearance. "Lets keep if professional Arboren, We have a job to do." She says, not in a mean way, but in a sense that Bianka doesn;t need their fearless leader distracted.

"We can discuss sexy dresses and whatever else you want later. Tonight we've got a hunt of our own to focus on." Thalo states quietly and starts to move towards the building across the street, "This factory provides armor plating to our soldiers. There's been chatter from the regular patrols about figures in the dark in the area, but nothing consistent. If it moves towards that building and doesn't announce who and what it is, take it down." And now he moves across the street.

Nodding to the Sister, The man in black Follows along quietly, Keeping an eye out as well. "how long since you put the rag up?

"Seriously?" Anabethe just sort of stares at Brienne for a moment. "Because…Yeah, okay." She would face palm if she wasn't wearing a helmet. Instead, she takes another step toward the alley, making sure that whoever or whatever is back there moves like a person and not a Hostile.

Putting her game face on, Brienne nods to the reaction from the Khournas and Ibrahm group, not bothering to back down, but she does lower her visor and draw her sword. "Count me in, then." This is what she lives for, the fight, the battle. Where Thalo and his entourage lead, she goes with them.

Reena travels behind the larger fighters, near her brother. "This is definitely an interesting patrol," she quips.

Bianka extends her spear and moves twoards the front of the building they need to guard, standing in the open and letting the others take the prime sneaky assault positions. She isnt a sneaky person, and instead places the butt of her spear on the pavement as she looks around. "Lieutenant, if they don;t announce, use deadly force, or subdue it if we arent sure if it's a hostile?" She asksd, just t obe sure, she doesnt want to kill any havenites.

The patrol up ahead register, the grouped mass conspicuous in the abandoned district. Firia is about to voice a passing remark, when her brain silences it. Heavily armoured, the gear sends a message. Straight to her flight reflex. Mutely, she raises an arm to point.

Sean notices Firia's motion and follows her extended digit to the group of armored individuals. "Lord Torvald, knights ahead of us it looks like. If they are here in force, perhaps we should escort the lady Firia to a safer location?" either way, a hand slips into his belt pouch and out comes his fingerless fighting gloves with the hardened knuckles. They won't hurt the armed composites of defender armor but they leave a nasty scoring on flesh.

Now there's other people, and that dratted patrol is going right where the woman in Blue wanted to go. At least they are away from the door and egress into /that/ empty factory. The patrol seems to be pulling up in front of a particular place, so she hunkers down and waits.

"Ah…yes, quite right, quite right." Torvald nods to Sean absentmindedly. "About time we made our way home, Firia. And will you be joining us for dinner, Sean?" He asks in a polite tone to Sean as he nods forward to the patrol, offering a strong bow from afar, looking around to get his bearings for a Waygate back home.

"If it's Hostiles, you'll be sure," Anabethe grimaces to Bianka, fiddling with the display on her helmet. "I've seen them use some sort of cloaking tech, but I've never seen them actually try to pretend to pass for Havenites. I'm not sure they can, honestly. Or else they're too damned good at it."

"That and I think they'd rather pull out their own eyes than to try to pass or integrate." Nitrim replies quietly to Anabethe, his helmet nodding as his hand comes to scratch at his throat. Finding only armor, a soft growl sounds from his throat as he has to bite down the urge for a cigarette and can't massage his neck. Service to the people be damned. "But I've been wondering how they've been going so quietly." He comments, they'll never see the smirk on his face, but it'll be heard.

As the patrol moves onto the road, there appears to be some sort of movement inside that factor. The shuffle of feet, the flicker of lights, shadows through the windows. The lights on the streets all start going out quickly, leaving only the glow of the moon, the stars, and the dull yellow glow of emergency backup lights from the street lighting.

Unbuckling her dagger from its resting place on her hip, Firia is laughably underarmed and next to the group ahead, distinctly not threatening. She positions herself between the taller men, adding "We may have to pass through them…" Rest drowned out in the onslaught, staring blind into the flickering lights.

Once she's walking with the others on the Patrol, Brienne looks towards where they are looking, moving onto the road. Seeing the movement, she glances around, tightening her hand on her sword, prepared to fight alongside the Khournas group.

Sean pulls on his fighter's gloves and ties the straps. When the lights blink out like this he mutters under his breath about not bringing much tech with him. He reaches a hand to Firia gently, attempting to affirm that he's still right there with her. "Lady Firia, stay right behind me. Lord Torvald, you're the armed fighter here. I'll be the lady's shield if you'll be our muscle."

Reena's head swivels as the lights begin going out. She has her crossbow up off her hip moments later, and her med kit more firmly secured over both shoulders, resting against her back.

In the faint light cast by the emergency system, fingers locate Sean's own. Firia raising her soft voice until it cracks with the strain of unaccustomed volume. "If it comes to a fight, I can always use my abilities…Uncle Torvald, Master Sean. Let there be light? Dare we risk it?"

"Reena," Anabethe says quietly as the lights go out, lifting her pike and holding it across her body. "Stay behind us, all right? Nitrim, try to avoid charging ahead." Behind her helmet, the Khournas heir risks a faint flicker of a smile. She can't help it. Fighting is fun.

Bianka keeps her stance neutral as she looks around. "I don't like this… be ready…" She says,k and gives a small personal prayer to the six.

"What if there's women in there? I don't know if I can help it." Nitrim says dryly, a form of battlefield self-depricating sarcasm as he draws his sword from its scabbard with a hiss of monomolecular edge over protected sheath. The words drawl out as he flexes his fingertips, hesitating just yet to engage his aura, lest it make him a giant beacon of flaming serpent that screams shoot me, the asshole with the flaming serpent. He looks to the side, trying to find some cover. "This smells like an ambush."

"I don't like this," Blue Sister murmurs the man in black behind her. "Even the poorer quarters rarely have such sudden power outages." The hand that was under the cloak comes out, bearing a sword, and the basket is tossed back in the alleway behind her. She doesn't walk out, yet, though.

Reena is just about to reply to Beth and Nitrim in some more snarkily family banter when a crossbow bolt zips out of the darkness and goes right through her neck from one side to the other. Blessedly, it passes through all the way, as her free hand goes up to clutch at the fountain of blood from the wound. She drops to her knees, slinging her medkit off her back. She wasn't anticipating needing to treat herself.

As the attack happens, and one of the patrol is hit, the Blue Cloaked woman gives an oath, and rushes out, the sword drawn to stand in between the woman who drops to her knees and the assailant that shot at her.

Bianka blinks as the poorly shot crossbow bolt bounces off her armor. "Low light vision, artemis." She says as she makes a mad dash forward, attempting to put her spear through the hostile that shot at her. "SPEED AND SURITY!" She shouts her family's motto.

Seeing The Woman in Blue run out of the Alley, Morrigan himself gives a few mutered curses under his hood, A pair of Tomahawk like hand axes in hand, He slips out moving Quick to Attack the Hostile The Woman in Blue is facing off against.

Shocked to see an arrow wishing right next to his head, Torvald takes the hammer from his back, usually kept as an ornament, and he charges forward to the filthy hostile that attempted to fight so dishonorably. "Damn mechaniks!" There's a quick glance back to Firia and Sean before he takes a swing.

Brienne had just been peacefully walking along with the others when she'd heard a sound and turned, taking a more defensive stance but too late, she gets hit in the head pretty badly. Oh yeah, that'll look beautiful with her dress, DAMMIT. Sitting up, cause it knocked her off her feet, she draws her blade, intending on fighting as long as she can!

"Reena!" Nitrim growls out through his vox as her body slumps down and a black spray that could only be blood crowds the corner of his vision. With a tightening of his shoulders, his cowl shudders and a flaming serpent rushes to life from his chest, and begins to swim around the Khournas lordling with gnashing fangs and furious movement. Protecting his sister, Nitrim moves to place his body between Reena and the danger, whipping his hand out towards the opposition with a flicker of fire from his fingertips.

"Shit!" Anabethe curses as a bolt comes flying toward her, twitching just enough to steer clear of it. The slight turn is enough to give her a glimpse of her sister, but there's nothing to be helped by standing. Snarling, she pushes forward to return the attack and hold back the invaders.

An bolt whizzes past, Sean flexes to make himself that much more of a shield around Firia. "I vote for light, lady Firia, I need to see if I'm going to fight at all." he says to Torvald just before he charges, "I'll protect her my lord, you have my promise." his fists come up into a neutral stance as he spots the outline of something heading towards him and his self-appointed charge.

The ambush was quick springing up from an alley half a block over. In retrospect, the pattern in which the lights went out was too perfect, that alley is shrounded in total darkness till the light streams from those ribbons they shot out give away their location. Emergency lights are quick, even in this area and enough dim yellow light comes about to make seeing the hostiles possible, though they are still shrouded somewhat. Thalo himself wasn't targeted and as soon as the lights start to rise, he charges towards the group, unslinging his hammer from his back, "Spike, light up hostiles red, friendlies green. Thirty percent bleed on movement. I've got eyes on target, give me full lock." The target in question is one of their elites. The hostiles drop their crossbows and draw weapons, charging out to meet the oncoming force.

Dagger discarded, Firia erupts in a bluish glow of swirling, muderously bright energy, her eyes pinpoints of light. Tendrils of fire whip out, aiming to snare the attacker in thin, burning lines of white hot agony. Black veins spike her aura, with a look to Sean. "I'll make it for you, just…be aware, fists might only provoke them." A flick of the wrist, and there is a hovering ball of light to shed a faint illumination over the battlefield. Provided you are within a few metres.

Bianka smirks as the hostiles polearm comes whizzing past her head, and she punctures it's chest. Twirling her polearm, she moves in to strike again. "Look ma, I'm makin' shish-ka-hostile!" She says with a very evil smirk under her helmet.

"I'm getting too old for this…" Torvald says as his hammer swings wide and slow of the Hostile just before it meets its demise via the efforts of others. "Great blast Firia!" He calls back, searching for the next target and charging onward.

Nitrim doesn't dodge, he doesn't dip, he stalks, and as his hand whips out blasting the Hostile attacker rushing at him with a gout of fire that takes to its hand, he steps aside from its attempt at slashing him as the others that attack it take it apart. Dark blood splatters his armor as he turns his body sidelong to the fight and looks down to his bleeding sister. His head tilts. Something isn't right. "Sister, we need to end this fast I can't help her." Nitrim growls out to Anabethe as he murmurs down to his feet. "Stay with us, Ree. Stay with us." He turns, forearm wreathing in fire as the serpent swims up his arm. As Nitrim's arm lashes out, so does a gout of murderous fire.

Feeling his blade Bite Home, Morrigan gives a bit of a grunt of satisfaction that turns into a snarl as his target strikes back, breaking his pinky. Seeing that one Go down, he turns his attention to the next Hostile. Swinging left handed with the Hand axe. Thank god he's ambidextrous.

Hearing the name Nitrim calls out as he comes to her side, the eyes over the blue breath mask widen. "We have to protect the Lady Reena," she tells the man with her. She stalks alongside Lady Reena as she goes to treat another comatant, taking the fight to the knight's opponent to give the lady room to treat. Her sword flashes up intent to intercept any attacks, and to push the Hostile back.

Anabethe curses under her breath as she and her opponent trade blocks, hafts and blades flashing quickly in the semi-dark of the alley. "I am not doing this right now," she mutters, taking a broader stance and pushing forward again.

Reena gets a bandage slapped on her throat, but that's all she can manage. She can't see the wound to treat it. Instead she grabs her kit and staggers over to Brienne, to begin patching the woman's headwound.

Sean turns to look at Firia when her flames lance out and he gets a tap to the abs with a hammer. He swings back but the thing is a little faster than he can get to it and his fist meets nothing but air. He becomes more aggressive now to push the hostile back and make some distance between it and his self-named premier. Fighting gloves against armor plate… not in his favor.

Brie doesn't stay down, she doesn't let a Hostile take her out just yet. She's up and swinging her blade, but the loss of blood isn't so good. Feeling a little dizzy, she balances with her blade as Reena moves near her, she remains still for her. "Thank you.. so much."

As Thalo meets the…well, larger hostile, he is slammed in the chest by a huge spiked maul. His armor is thick and strong though and despite being forced back a step and leaving some scratches, there is no harm done. The elite isn't as lucky, as his hammer finds purchase against it's thickly armored hend sending the beast reeling.

And as if things couldn't get worse, a small group of soldiers led by a priest move out of the factory building. A hush falls over them at first, with some electronic whirring and clatter coming from the small group. They draw weapons but it'll be a few moments before they can join the fray. All but that priest. His High Frequency Pistol doesn't require him to be in close range…

The smell of burnt flesh wafts, giving Firia reason to gag. The hostile clutches its throat, raked open by her fire. Moving ahead, floating light wobbling unsteadily after its summoner. "Sean…keep with me. I…can, I can fight." After Torvald, pausing to turn sharply on her heels. Leaping forward, fingers outstretched.

As she works on Brienne, Reena pushes her visor up, because breathing hurts. She whispers, raspily and with a gurgling mutter, "If you hurt Thalo, I'll use your guts for garters, understood?" She looks rather stern as she says it. As stern as one can look when bleeding profusely and looking close to dropping. She gets a pressure bandage on Brienne's headwound and shuffles back a few feet.

"Ff-" Nitrim growls as his line of flames passes just to the left of the Hostile's neck that is attacking his sister, Anabethe. "«Bethe, we've got more incoming. Priest is on the prowl!»" He calls out over their secured line. Sword dangling in his left hand, saved for if it is needed, he starts forward to back up his eldest sibling as the pebbles near his feet crackle and pop with his movements. A wave of hazy air rushes around his feet as his fingers clench, balling into a fist that he punches towards the ground at his feet.

Bianka gets a shallow hit on the hostiles chest. "Hold still you… son of a whore.. you arent allowed to hit me!" She says as she moves in to attack again, shrugging off the little scratch on her arm.

Another soft grunt as an overhand strike sinks his handaxe home, Wrenching it free, he takes a quick chop at the thing's neck, muttering under his breath

"Is Reena solid enough for you to take this one?" Anabethe replies to her brother over the comm as she trades blows with her current dance partner, scoring a shallow slice across its chest. "I swear, these things must be watching some sort of tape of my fighting style."

Hearing the words from Reena, Brie nods solemnly. "We met on a blind date… I admit I can't stay away from him now." She tosses Reena a wink, but she's definitely feeling the pain of the wound, even wincing once during treatment. "Thank you. Also.. I'm sorry how my brother was at your Project. I just wanted to get him into something.." As soon as Reena shuffles back a few feet, Brienne stands back straight, holding her sword.

Giving a roar of effort, the elder Valta swings his hammer and actually connects with the Hostile. Torvald is now engrossed in the fray, focusing on his sucess and building upon that. "Still got some fight left in me yet…" He grunts, impressed at himself. "Damn mechanik scum."

Another soft grunt as an overhand strike sinks his handaxe home, Wrenching it free, Morrigan takes a quick chop at the thing's neck, muttering under his breath "I owe you and yours…Die quickly and I'll take the debt out of your brothers."

"Oh yeah!" Sean ducks beneath a blow and rams his fist into the metal plating, hearing something of a groan or crack. Then he's hit in the side by something that distinctly reminds him of… "ow." he gets out before he stumbles slightly. But he doesn't let up on the hostile right in his face, right back into the fight like he was trained.

Her flung ice needles shatter on the building opposite, Firia breathlessly aiming with a haste that deploys no accuracy and predictably does little. Grouping herself next to Sean, aura now spiked heavily with black.

"Master Sean, did you just…" Her voice trails off, the diminutive Awakened noticing the sturdy knock and punch in the bright glare of her orb light.

As their blows land on the Hostile, Blue Sister feels the slicing of actual flesh for the first time, and she seems to almost pause after the blade swings through. Not used to having the blade continue, the momentum takes her forward and past the Hostile, and then finds herself near another enemy. Not daring to turn her back to this new threat, and hoping that the Man in Black can finish off the one they were fighting, she attacks what's in front of her, now helping another lady knight.

Another exchange of blows as the bloody forray continues in the streets of Obsidia's Factory district. Thalo slams his hammer into the hostile once more. It's armor is cracked and it is having a harder time moving around. Once more it's large axe comes at Thalo, but he side steps the attack circling the Hostile. He grunts, "Spike, gimme a sweep!" And a moment later he calls out into his comm to the rest of he patrol, "Nitrim, get on that Priest man! Bianka, Bethe, we're going to get outflanked here soon. Start drawing our people back towards the alley, away from the factory, there could be more of them in there." And then he calls out something similar, not on his comm, but for all to hear, "Start drawing back towards the alley!"

Bianka stabs the hostile again, dodged it's atttack, and then wrentches her spear from it's chest. "Damnit will you die already!" She says as she moves in to strike once more.

Reena sweeps her crossbow up to fire a bolt at the priest, but it goes wide. Fortunately, so does the priest's sonic attack aimed at her. She puts the weapon back in the hip holster and begins waving people down the alley where they can get some cover. She stops talking, she isn't sure talking and breathing are copacetic at the moment.

The area around the Hostile's feet cracks as a psychometric explosion hammers against it's chest. A shadow comes in from the side and Nitrim knows what is coming. "I'm on it, Beth-ARGH!!!" Nitrim stumbles as the edge of the Hostile's polearm cuts into his stomach, stabbing into him. Giving the Hostile a hard shove, he tries to put some distance between him and his attacker, a pulse of flame forming over his body as he reaches out with his hand and opens his palm to the Priest. The serpent flies, attempting to wreath around the Priest, trying to force him to balk.

So he missed again, Torvald is heaving great breaths when he hisses loudly as a sword slashes his right hand. Nearly ready to drop his hammer, Torvald turns before he can even notice that Sean has finished off his previous target. With a roar of rage, he again swings at the foe.

"You heard the man, people!" Anabethe calls over the comm, making broad sweeps with her pike. "Fall in behind the front line of knights and start moving back. Take it slow, we'll take the brunt." An upward thrust and twist of the blade opens up the Hostile's chest, and one more broad step takes her toward the Hostile attacking Nitrim.

Brienne is able to cut through the Hostiles armor and dispatch him rather conveniently, thanks to some of the others around. Only then does she look over and see a man attacking with his.. fists? It almost gets her hit, but she shakes it off. "Thalo? He's punching Hostiles.." It's an incredulous statement..

Muttering a bit louder as he misses his target, Morrigan shifts the grip on his hand axe, then his attention shifts to a new target as his own goes down. Swinging in a tight overhand arc at his next opponent as he shifts trying to make way to the skirmishing line.

As she hears her Knight calling to Nitrim to get the priest, Blue Sister turns from the Hostile falling in front of her. "I have you covered, Brother Shadow," she tells him, and the Hostile trying to attack is her next target. She doesn't even look for the man who entered the fray with her, she knows he's with her as she protects the Lord Nitrim.

Ice gouging out the swordarm of the Hostile averts the deadly blow of the chittering attacker, followed up by a crackling arc of electricity. Firia closes the distance, gaze alighting on a piece of heavy refuse. Somebody left a rusted gearbox. A crooked grin disorts the young womans face, as she makes an overarm throw at the encroaching hostile.

"No! Stop it." Sean says as he slaps the hostile's hand and then socks him in the arm. This causes the thing to reel back away from the citizen to get better leverage into it's swing, only it finds a 'low bridge' to the back of the head and falls forward to the ground. Out Cold. "Leave that for the knights." Sean turns to Firia to check on her, "Lady Firia are you alright? My chest hurts pretty bad, but I'm still good to go." He dashes to attack the hostile attacking Firia.

This time, that huge hammer swings wide in an over the head swing and Thalo misses for the first time tonight. Off balance from the miss, he doesn't get out of the way as that axe connects with his arm and there's a screach of metal as a gouge is wrenched open in the armor. "Fuck!" he growls out and manages to turn and see more of them coming out of the building, moving faster than the ones before. Then something happens that causes him to call out, "I've got some kind of signature coming from inside…Spike is analyzing…" a pause and a moment later he exclaims through the comms, "Holy shit, bomb! They planted a bomb in that factory." He starts moving to create enough room to move for the factory now.

When Reena hears the word "Bomb" and then sees Thalo running for the factory, she stops in her tracks, and begins to rush back in that direction. She can't let him go in alone, even if she's not good with electronics, she can do what she's told to.

Bianka blinks. "I'mm getting a alien electronical signature Thalo, if you say it';s a bomb, it's a damn bomb. I'm following the wall, the rest of you, please clear civvies from the blast radius, whatever the hell the radius might be." She says, she isn't going to be the one to inform her sister that their knight LT is in a body bag… or a dosen body bags.

"Reena!" Anabethe curses as her sister runs after Thalo, then steps into the breach as the others rush off. "All right, people, new plan," she says through her suit's speaker. "I want everyone who can fight in a line with me. If you're injured, step behind the line. If you're fighting ranged, get behind the line." She pauses long enough to step in and push the Hostile attacking Nitrim back with a deep score across its chest. "FORM UP!"

"He's wounded," Reena rasps over the comm to Anabethe and the others. "I can keep him conscious to defuse it." She continues her trajectory towards Thalo and the factory beyond.

The Hostile she was attacking dodges, and then Blue Sister hears Reena, and reaches out to grab her. "MY Lady, please… stay back, I will go with Sir Thalo. I have skills in electronics. I will take care of him, you have my word. Onyx!" She calls. "Guard the Lord and Lady Khournas, this is something I can do." Then she's at a run, forming up with other fighters to press into the Hostiles guarding the door.

Between Brienne's sword strike and Torvald's hammer, they down another hostile, but only after it has gotten the chance to slice him again with a sword to his chest. The unarmored Valta is obviously bleeding as he groans loudly in response to the gash. "Koth damn you all to hell!" He grunts as it falls, giving it a kick for good measure. Turning back towards Firia, he moves cautiously to ascertain the field.

Bianka nicks the hostile again, and backs up, avoiding the retoring attack. She moves in closer to thalo. "Thalo, why dont I go in, you're worth more on the battlefield." She says as she twirls her spear.

"If you can get me to it and it's light, not wired down, I can move it." Nitrim replies to Thalo, his voice a dead calm as he concentrates on making the Priest's life a living hell. As the flaming serpent finishes its work, leaving the Priest to attack again, another stab comes in, this one cutting deep. Nearly dropping his sword, Nitrim stumbles to try to let Anabethe's body form a wall. "Wounded!" He calls out, a hiss to the crowd as the serpent reappears on his arm. "Priest is back on. HEY!." He barks out to the Priest, trying to draw it's attack as he lashes his arm out at it, sending a wave of telekinetic force to it that cracks the concrete like an invisible shark's fin, rolling out to crush him.

Hearing the announcement over the com? Brienne follows Thalo, her steps quick, trying to slash at the Hostile that's on him too. "Why are you going in there, Thalo?" She asks into the com. "Call someone in at least!"

Another miss and Morrigan growls, Turning his attention to another Hostile as he takes up position on the skirmish line, his face a controted snarl beneath his Balaclava and hood He wasn't communicating now, it was simple lesons learned from childhood. Kill the big guy aiming sharp things at you.

Out of the pan and into the fire, Sean uses his running start for some leverage and gets a solid fist into the hostile's chest. If these things made noise it probably grunted a bit. However, the momentum of the strike has him just beyond it and unable to protect Firia from that sword, he sees her get cut and curses. But the hostile is down and he notes another coming up, he turns and goes after it.

The metal object bounces off the armoured head, denting it. Not enough to halt the sharp blade and resultant spray of vividly red splatter pristine white robes. Firia staggers, focus shattered in an instant of contact, trying frantically to place distance between them, only to discover herself in stabbing reach of a second assailant. Fire curling in her wake, she pirorettes and blindly extends the whiplike flames at the looming target.

The Wall is a stubborn Knight, he growls lowly as others start to move for the factory. He's still tangled up with this hostile, every move towards the factory is an opening. The first results in an axe blow to his left leg that leaves the Knight limping, but he smashes the hostile once more wih his hammer. Still he presses on, "Bianka, stay with Bethe. We've got Civilians and Nobles who need protecting. There may be more of them in there. And that bomb could take out half the zone!" Of course it could just take out the building. Who knows. He shoves the hostile back with the haft of his hammer with a grunt, "If you can handle a bomb, with me. If not, stay back. I want everyone pushed back in that alley. Bottle neck and take cover there. MOVE IT!"

"Brienne, Bianka, get your asses back on the line!" Anabethe barks as half the line tries to run toward a bomb. "Cover him here and give him a chance to work!" Luckily for the other knights, she has Hostiles to take her frustrations out on, and as one attacks her brother, she sweeps the shaft of her pole arm beneath it's leg, knocking it to the ground before crippling it with a vicious slice across the tendon.

Bianka growls as she is ordered back. "Yes sir." She says with clenched teeth as she moves back, taking a hit to the chest, ouch." She says, her spear shortening as she activates her shield and takes a defensive posture, to hold the line. "Stubborn man…" She says.

Reena just gives Thalo a look. He knows the one, the stubborn one she gets from her father. She's going, because everyone who can handle a bomb is banged up and she's the one who can keep them going. She doesn't say anything, because that last comm transmission felt like she was gargling lava. She keeps circling towards the factory that the bomb is in, She tosses a smaller kit of pressure bandanges and such towards Anabethe. "Help whoever needs it. Stop any bleeding."

Staying back behind the line that Anabethe forms, Nitrim's telekinetic attack scores paydirt, exploding the area around the Priest in a clamor of garbage and brick. A split second later, however, a polearm skips over the line and SLAMS into the Khournas' chest, biting deep into his armor. As the attack comes free, a line of blood spurts out of his armor, blessing his form in dark blood as he falls to one knee. Dizzied, he pushes to his feet and his shoulders begin to heave, staying up with effort. "I'm not leaving you till you say, Bethe." His voice crackles over his vox, turning to face his enemy…the Priest. Psychometric armor shimmering in flame and hazing mirage, the serpent roils over his shoulder and lashes out once more, seeking the Priest.

"Bomb? Lady Firia, Lord Torvald I should get inside that factory. I did just finish my masters in computer engineering. I can help!" Sean says even as he lands a decentish strike to the hostile's chest. He's not letting his guard or his aggression drop either.

"Bethe! Incoming!" Nitrim growls out, his tall shadow in the firelight suddenly side-stepping to stand back-to-back with his sister.

Swinging and missing Torvald grunts and throws caution to the wind as he tries again to strike the Hostile that seems to have grown a fixation on his niece. "Aaarrgghh!"

There's a holler of surprise from the Blue Sister as she is shot while attacking a Hostile in front of the door. It's more surprise than pain, because she knows the one in front didn't hit her. But she doesn't look around to see where it came from, she presses on. There's a bomb in there that needs to be shut down.

Another Miss and Morrigan makes a mental note to check the bloody weapon later if he lives. Standing to Anabethe's left he takes a moment to call of his shoulder t the Lady in Blue. "Go Lady, We'll hold!" This would have been miuch more convincing if a hostile spear didn't take this opportunity to impose it's presence in the upper part of His bicep. Snarling, Morrigan lashes out once more with his Axe.

That axe comes back in menacingly and Thalo grunts, ducking under it. His luck buckles under him and causes him to falter, but in general Thalo fashion (get it, General Thalo?) he's back on his feet a moment later and slams his hammer into the hostile then thrusts out his hammer to force it back a few feet. "FUCKIN GET YOUR ASSES IN LINE NOW!" he roars out at … well everyone. Even Brie who his helmetted eyes glare at for a moment, "I want Knights in front of the unarmed, get them back in the alley. Reena, get over there and help your brother. I got this!" And once more he's moving towards the Factory. "Bethe, get them formed up, let's get a wall to defend the badly wounded. We onlt need to hold out a big longer till the fortress guard get here!"

Overbalanced, the growling Hostile is prey to the wrath of the Awakened and the enhanced fists of Sean thudding his chest. Hearing Seans yell over the roaring of blood in her ears. "Do what you have to, I'll…guard my Uncle. He has no sense of danger in this state!" Grasping a thin wire rope somebody seems to have discarded, Firia faces the Hostile. "Time for a little lesson." She grunts, spare hand clutching the spreading blotch on her robes. A spark, and it hums with an electrical vibe. Winding it round her wrist, she cracks the makeshift whip at her tormentor.
Ordered back from the Khournas heir, Brienne reluctantly goes. Electronics were about as far from her forte as that stupid datacom device thing-a-ma-jigger she'd ended up tossing when she couldn't operate it. She falls back, but has every intention of fighting as needed.

The direct order is something Reena can't ignore. She looks hurt, and worried, but she heads back behind the line. She punches her brother in the back of his shoulder so she doesn't have to tell him to turn around so she can patch him up.

"Take the civvie kid," Anabethe calls to Thalo, trying to step into his place in the line so he can safely break for the bomb and taking sword to the shoulder from another Hostile for her trouble. "Something about a degree, and he's less use here. Just go, we'll hold this!"
The rush of fire is absorbed by the Priest's armor, and Nitrim flinches as its pistol fires, sending an high-velocity shot through the air that CLAPS against Nitrim's armor. Effectively taking a bullet meant for Anabethe, his shoulders spin at the impact, a pained growl flowing out over his vox at the impact. He still stands, breathing heavily as he stares downrange as his foe. "Ree, gods-damnit do what you're gonna do fast, he isn't gonna stop." He turns his chest to her, keeping his eyes all around them.

Twisting his body as another Spear is shoved at him, Morrigan growls, sinking the Tomahawk into the Hostile's neck he yanks the head out at a different angle, making the wound worse and attempting to pull the thing off balance as he strikes again with his injured right arm.

Reena grimaces at the state of Nitrim's chest wounds, all three of them. And his stomach wound. She grimaces and hits him with a combo antibiotic/painkiller hypo in the neck before putting pressure bandages on him in eerie silence. Her own bandages are already soaked around her throat.

There's a loud yell of rage from Torvald as he misses the damn thing again. When he sees Firia get hit yet again, he's lost in sea of red, rage replacing any sense of self-preservation. Just a massive swing from the hammer follows a yell. One thought possesses the eldest Valta, even as the physical effort was taking a toll, on top of his injuries. The older man frustrated at his aging physique's inability to follow commands as deftly as it once had.

"If that bomb's going to go off, Ree, please, get to cover then come back. Whoever survives it is going to need you." Nitrim's mask turns to Reena, ignoring the fight around them just enough to try to make his point stick. "…and Father and Mother wouldn't accept all of their daughters dying at once. For me? Promise."

As Anabethe gives the advice, Thalo nods, looking around, and calls out towards Sean, "Get your ass over there. I'll meet you there!" Still, this Hostile is coming at him, and doesn't seem to back off, so he will need a few more moments to extricate himself.

The damn thing steps out of the way, and then a slice across his chest, "Hey! That's my only tunic! I get your sword to pay for it!" Sean calls back to the thing. Then he hears the armored lady say something about a civvie kid and looks to her for a moment, "I'm a civvie kid! And I have a degree! So… me!" He looks to Torvald and Firia, "I'll take care of this, then I'll come back." He turns and starts to sprint for the factory door.

Once again, Brienne takes a hard hit and finds herself flat on her back and dazed but just in time, she lifts her sword to avoid another sword slicing into her. She rolls to the side and gets to her feet, aiming her sword in a slash against the Hostile.

Bianka frowns as she holds her position at the mouth of the alley. "Firia, Toirval, Behind me!" She shouts as she defends the line.

A second hit, blown for six. Robes definitely not salvagable, those gaping tears a deep, bloodied mess. Crumpling a little, the younger Valta looks up at the frenized man that is her uncle. Condensing a few slim needles to ice to hurl with an unsteady hand at the Hostile, encased in a faint shimmering light. Staggering to her feet, she watches Sean run off in a red rimmed daze, turning to regard Bianka.

Reena just gives Nitrim a look. She's not leaving her brother and sister on a battlefield with a bomb set to go off. Jevon will get over it. He has two other sons and a grandson to carry on the family. She shoves his shoulder from the front when she's done, signaling him to go back and fight again, before she dashes over to Lady Firia. Brienne is at least on her feet still.

A bomb is unpredictable, so once ordered, Brienne doesn't go back in. Instead, she stays outside fighting the Hostiles that are out there, swinging her blade, slashing at them ruthlessly, doing what she can do to help.

"Six fucking damn it, Ree…" Nitrim growls as he sees that look on her face, understanding distinctly that she's about as bull-headed as the rest of their dysfunctional family of stubborn monsters. "Alright, whatever." Nitrim gruffs and lets his aura flare, listening to the sound of the damned Priest's pistol firing off once more. "I need to bring that fucking bastard down," Nitrim turns, still writhing in pain despite the painkillers, and reaches out with a flaming palm towards the Priest, aiming his shot.

"Nobody's dying," Anabethe snaps at Nitrim over the din of combat, skewering the elite's shoulder to hold it still for Thalo's killing blow. Of course, while she's occupied, another Hostile is still hacking away at her. With the elite out of the way, though, she turns the blazing gaze of her helmet on the next target. "I am BUSY. Wait your fucking turn."

From the corner of her eye, she can see that her protector is being hit from all sides. Giving a scream of frustration and concern, Blue Sister swings around, bringing her sword up higher, aiming higher than usual.

Letting Out another Snarl, Morrigan strikes at the shostile in front of him, missing as a sword Grazes his arm, An invisible round strikes him in the body and his opponent drives a spear into his chest. Letting out a Choked rasp as Blood flecks his lips, The man in black looks down at the spear, then up at the Hostile on the other end of it. Sagging against the weapon, using it to help hold him up, he swings again Shouting "Run woman!"

"FIRIA!" Torvald yells amidst the rage in time to see her fall limp by the hand of the Hostile. That fucking mechanik was going to die. Seeing Reena's move towards Firia, he decides in his fury that he's better suited at killing the damn thing first.

Finally approaching the door, Thalo grunts and shoves into one of the two elites guarding the doors. That damnable priest is there as well, but frankly the elite is a bigger issue. He sees Sean approaching, "I'll hold them, get eyes on the inside, kid. Tell me what we're dealin' with!" So that's an order to peek in, or go in?

Sean can't look back, not even when he hears Torvald's bellow. He's focused on free running through the mayhem towards that factory. Bombs, not something normal Academ talks about, but definitely something someone with some chemestry knowhow and a lot of electronics building knowledge has picked up along the way. He moves in a straight as the crow flies line and gets to the door. The order to get eyes on the inside? Perfect. Hand into the belt pouch and a little ball is rolled in, out comes a tablet. "Alright, RollCam going in. Thank my healthy love of technology, and you all wanted a reversion." he snorts lightly as he fires up the device, "You want a link to your AI? I'll need a passcode." He starts to tap quickly into the tablet's screen.

Blood again mists the surrounding participants, Firia collapsing in an undignified huddle of white, red and more red that paints the girls ghastly white features. Moaning softly, her fingers twitch as she strains her overused muscles to move. "Mother…seems I'll be meeting you two…"

Now that she's actually paying attention to her attacker, Anabethe neatly sidesteps its blade. Her shoulder weak from the earlier wound, though, she's not quite able to get the force needed to break through its armor, her blade skittering off of its arm. "Steady, people!" she calls to those with her. "Steady!"

"Get back!" Blue Sister calls out, jerking her hand back as it's hit once more, but she quickly takes a new grip on her sword. "Onyx, get back, they'll take care of you. Guard the Khournas!" With that, she's swinging around at the Hostile again, growling as it goes after her Knight. "No you don't, I have to fix that armor enough as it is," she snarls under her breath.

"I'm not a people… I'm a MONSTER!" Bianka says as she roats and twirls her one handed spear and aims for the current hostile that she wants to kill, while useing the hard light shield on her arm.

The fury starting to drain out of him and the burst of adrenaline wearing off, Torvald finds his successive misses to be a case in point that he may be best helpful back with his niece. He rushes to her side as Reena finishes treating some of her more grievous wounds. Pulling his flask from his pocket, he pours the potent liquid on one of her larger cuts.

The wave of crushing heat and force sent from Nitrim's fingertips blasts against the Priest, scoring another hit that does not bring it down. His frustration apparent in the way he turns his heel into the ground. When that gun points at Reena, he starts to stalk over to get in the way, hand shooting forward in a screeching roar of flame that he sends towards the Priest as he tries (and fails) to block his sister. "No ones dying today! Alright, we can do that." He calls out to Anabethe, staying near his kin.

Sean starts tapping into the tablet and firing up what he needs to. "Pictures grainy, need to get the thing set better. Will start that link once I have an AI name and passcode." he states like a report as he works over and over on his table. His fingers flying across the screen, "I'd so love for my AI to be here right now… cake and eat it too I s'pose." he mutters. (editted)

And once More Morrigan is Struck Sword to the guts, and the Spear pushes through the back of Morrigan's Armor. Sagging as it's pulled free, he nods blearily to the Blue Lady, nearly collapsing backwards as he bilindly follows orders, making a dead man's walk towards the Alley

"A passcode??" Thalo growls out, "I'm a little fucking busy here dipshit, call it out!" He squares up against the Hostile just as both Morrigan and Blue Sister take some heavy hits. Now it appears both the elites have focused their attention on the Wall. He sighs a bit, "Let's get this shit over with…"
So.. Ow. Brienne keeps taking hits on her armor, through her armor, under her armor, around her armor.. or that's how it feels! As Reena approaches her again, she gives her a grateful look, putting herself in between any Hostile and Reena. "Thank you, again, My lady."

Firia screams, a thin wail of agony on the antiseptic sting of alcohol to her open wounds. Wavering in and out of consciousness, rambling openly to everyone and nobody. "I feel so pretty and witty….pass the salt counter clockwise…Mother, stop it, I got the message…" Twitching, muscles knotting and visible with all the sucessive rents in her flesh.

Reena quickly goes about bandaging Firia's abdominal wounds and giving the girl a hypo in the neck, the same antibiotic/painkiller combo she gave her brother. She grabs Torvald's wrist and pulls him down to stay near the girl and try to wake her, as she moves to Sir Brienne.

Blood seeps from beneath the edges of Reena's throat bandages as she administers a hypo cocktail to Brienne's neck, and then clamps a brace around her chest to hold things in place, whatever smashing the bludgeon that hit her did to her insides. With a tap of a switch the material hardens to support the Lady's ribcage. She gives the knight a grim smile, before turning to tend to the next incoming wounded. She heads towards Morrigan and jerks to one side as she is shot by the priest with his sonic weapon. It hits her in the left hand and spins her around. She staggers a moment, then soldiers on.

A ragged cough sounds from Nitrim as his attack fails to hurt the Priest, the man's vision blurring from inside of his helmet as the blood loss fights against the adrenaline, keeping him half-awake and twitchy like the late night crowd at a hospital. Arms feeling stiff, and in some places numb, the diagram-like hand motions he makes are starting to suffer as his flame attack fails. His foot crunches forward, securing his stance as the serpent swims over the back of his shoulder and around his hip. Fingertips twitching, a crackle of electricity forms, a spark that becomes a bolt he sends out for his prey.

"You're a little bit nuts," Anabethe replies to Biaka's exclamation, taking a half a step to the side as a hammer glances across her helmet. In turn, she cuts some of the guts out of the Hostile attacking the Ibrahm knight, a grim expression of satisfaction behind her helmet.

The Hostile finally goes down, and the woman in Blue backs up a step or two. She turns in time to see the priest firing again, and doesn't even look to see if he hit someone. He must go down next. Pushing herself to keep going, she steps forward, her blade sweeping up once more.

Brienne is so grateful, she opens her mouth to say so only to see Reena soldiering on towards the next. Respect is given to her with just an incredulous look. She was as much a warrior as the Knights out here it seemed. Without taking the time to think about things further, she continues attacking the Hostile attacking her.

Eyes glazed under the hood and Balaclava, Morrigan turns to look blearily at Reena To say he was a bloody mess was an understatement. Scout armor was better known for it's ability to let you run away rather than take severe damage and in true scout armor fashion…it didn't. There's a moment's pause as he inclines his head towards Reena's bandaged throat. "That…looks painful."

Thalo slings his hammer out at one of the elite guards, but it isn't quick enough and the guard is able to slink out of the way. As they both come at him, he relies on that veteran experience of having to deal with multiple combatants, ducking and thrusting back, and around to the left of the hostiles. That opens up the hostile for Blue Sister. One down, one more to go…"Come on, kid, what's the word???"

Bianka smiles behind her helmet. "That's probably why I'm still unbethrothed… no one likes a Crazy ass monster." She says with good humor as she moves in to attack the hostile attacking Anabethe again.

"Alright, I'll call it out then. HUGE factory floor, looks like a central hub of sorts, some machine by looks. I count five supports wired up. I need a look at this hub thing." Sean reports as he taps on his screen for another moment, "I'm not armored but I'll go in." he says as he sets the tablet better in his hand for more running.

Tears starting to fall from his face, Torvald is holding Firia. "Come on, my girl! You're stronger than these damned mechaniks!" He pours more alcohol on the wounds, hoping it snaps her away from the darkess rather than as an antiseptic.

No response, the girl is limp and unresisting to the watery eyed encouragement of her uncle. Firia twitches a little when the alcohol is applied, brown ale dripping off her in thin streams. She is unconscious, past the point of wakefulness.

Reena looks the worse for wear by the time she reaches Morrigan, but she doesn't hesitate. At this point it's become muscle memory for her. Hypo, bandages, surgeries will come later. Feeling her own bloodloss hitting her hard, she amends the last thought with Other people will do the surgeries. For now she has to stop the chance of infection, dull their pain, and stop the bleeding. The cloaked man's comment is met with a tight-lipped grimace. If she was capable of speaking at the moment, she'd probably yell "DUH!" at him.

"Sure, that sounds like a good reason," Anabethe replies to Bianka with a bark of a laugh. As she strikes at one Hostile, another hits her hand, pushing her blow lower to the leg and robbing it of some of its strength. "Swap me!" she calls to the other woman, switching targets to the Hostile that's actually coming after her.

Seeing Firia wake up, Torvald gives her a soft pat, tears still running down his face. "Atta girl! Now you get out of here and find yourself some medical help." He turns right around targets the nearest Hostile he can find…they all deserve to die bloody deaths.

Coming to some as Reena manages to plug most of the holes in his torso. You couldnt see Daylight though his sternum anymore at least, He Takes a moment to catch his breath before turning and unsteadily making his way back towards the front. Afterall if you're gong to do something stupid, you may as well do it where the action is at.

Like a wound up marionette, Firia jolts into life. Gulping down air in big, eye watering bursts. Blearily looking at Torvalds tear streaked face, then at her stained robes and stapled torso. Fingering it lightly. "Uncle…I have the feeling we must retreat." Slowly, she begins to stand and deliver, ready to lash out a patent gout of fire at any that would harm her uncle. Automatic, instinctual response kicking in.

Bianka moves around Anabethe to attack the one that gashed her. "Lord Torvald, once I get this line thinned out, I'll get her medical treatment." She says to the lord and his ward behind her. She would ask Reena, but the medic is banged up, and will probably need Bianka's other shoulder to get to a medical center as well.

Days of slogging it out sparring somehow haven't felt this bad, even though she's only been at it half the time that she spends in the ring. But Blue Sister's sword bites through the chest armor, and she comes back to that weakened spot once more, battering through the spot.

With almost robotic movements, Brienne continues on with her fighting, her blade getting less and less accurate. By the Gods, she was tired and with too many things on her mind lately, she draws from that and tries to boost her own morale to suck it up and fight.

"Lady Bianka." Firia adds briefly, recognising the giantess even in her hazy frame of mind.

"Any word from the team inside?" Nitrim calls back over his shoulder to Bianka and Anabethe, sparing a glance as his attacks switch over, like selecting modes as he tries to find something that will hurt the Priest. A spark of electricity caused some pain, but not enough. The fire is called back once again as his aura flashes out in a wreath of heatless flame around his torso, claw-pointed fingertips curling into intricate gestures as he focuses his will. The serpent responds, tongue lashing through the air as it races out once more…

"UH HEY! Sir Big-and-gruff! TIME TO RUN! I'm going to try and slow it… tell Firia I said thanks for being my friend!" Sean calls out loud as he can before he's running toward the hub he'd spoken of. That ominous sound of counting down ticking away like a pendulum. He'll decide what to do minute he finds some sort of control panel, he's also tapping into his tablet like a mad man.

Hearing that news Thalo growls a bit, "Bethe, get everyone down that alley, ASAP!" And then he's shoving the haft of his hammer int he the Elite Hostile before him trying to move for the door, "Get us more time, we're gonna come in, and try to help. Just get us more time!" He looks over to Blue Sister, "If you can be useful, get your ass in there, pronto! I'll hold them here."
"How FUCKING heavy is this thing, Thalo!" Nitrim growls over the tactical. "Find out if it's heavy enough for me to move!"
As she's ordered, the Blue Sister turns. "Yes, sir," she calls out, running towards the doorway.

"Kid said it's like 5 different fucking bombs, Nitrim!" Thalo shouts back over the comm. "Unless you can move half that fucking building, we don't have time for that. I'm going to try and buy them some time, just get everyone out of here!"

Reena jabs herself in the neck with a hypo cocktail, to steady herself and keep conscious. She begins urging the others down the alley to cover just in case the bomb goes off. "I go if you two go," she says stubbornly to her siblings even as she bends to try and rally Brienne and get her to get off the field.

Bianka stabs the hostile, after getting stabbed herself. "Anabethe, cover my retreat, going to get Lady firian and Lord torvald to saftey!" She says as she backs up and turns to scoup up the small lady, and uses her other hand to grab torvald by the back of his collar. "C'mon you two, there is a medical facility near the shard." She says in a commanding, yet pained, tone.

Seeing his hammer swing is accompanied by a burst of flames, Torvald turns to look at Firia. "Damn it, Firia! Get to safety." The elder Valta seems fairly wounded himself as he points some direction for her to go, waving for her to go with Lady Bianka/

Wading Back into the Fray, Morrigan isn't entirely sure what's hapening anymore. Blood loss and pain have mudl things somewhat, but people were running, and at the moment' he's past running. And so he decides to make himself Useful and possibly a priest scalp.

"Got it!" Anabethe acknowledges Thalo's order, ripping the blade of her pike across the Hostile's chest and turning as it goes down. "Everyone to the alley! I'll hold here! Nitrim, help Reena get the others off the field. I'm good." Which isn't entirely true, but with just the one slice in her armor, at her left front shoulder, it's hard to see it from behind her.

The cowl that covers some of Nitrim's helmet falls back, revealing the dome as he steps into place near Reena and Anabethe, surveying the battlefield ahead. He looks to Reena, helmet stopping in silence on her, then to Anabethe. "Better here than anywhe—" Nitrim cuts off, sliding his sword into its scabbard. "Fucking Six, give them hell, Anabethe. All my love." Nitrim says to her as he reaches out to try to drag Reena towards the alley. As he walks backwards, he raises his arm, extending it towards the Priest for one last attempt. "Reena, please god-damnit don't make me hit you and carry you."

"What of Master Sean?" Firia's own struggle is that of a weakened kitten, her aura faltering underneath the strain of upkeep. All that energy, draining her enfeebled body in currents. In a last flare, hands raised she sends a scrambled message to the dark haired Sean. A jumble of imagery and words. Mostly concern, laced with a warning. Don't die. Cutting it off short, the exhausted noble slumps into Biankas arms.

The wear and tear of battle and multiple injuries have taken their toll on Thalo. He's moving more slowly, swinging with less ferocity. He growls a bit and mutters, "Spike, shield mode!" causing a light shield to come out of his left bracer. The haft of his hammer contracts and he's got a one handed hammer now. He sets himself into an aggressive posture and tries to ram his shield into the hostile, still determined to hold this line.

There's a moment where Sean's two people, one is a mad typist and the other is just mad. He's able to bypass a subroutine here and a timer-lock there, thirteen goes to by sloooow now. "Right, we need more though… I need clock functions dammit. This thing's a nightmare, who the fuck wrote this shit?" he's back to typing though. Then, that message and he stops for a split second. "We get this thing down as slow as possible then get the fuck out. No dying today, k?"

Working quickly, the Blue Sister automatically starts opposite Sean on the controls. She rolls over on her back, pulling a couple wires through to bypass a circuit, but she grimaces when they don't get as much time as they wanted. "Someone who hates us." She's biting her lip as she looks at the wires around her.

Reena is dragged to the alley by her brother. She looks upset about it, her expression livid, but she's too weakened to fight him off. She sees both Thalo and Beth take more hits and struggles, but she's close to dropping from bloodloss.

Torvald gives the nearest Hostile a good smash with his hammer. Then, satisfied that Bianka and Firia have gotten a decent pace or two ahead, he turns and starts to hobble-run to what he hopes qualifies as safety. He's lost a decent amount of blood, and his age isn't doing him any favors.

Bianka watches the armor damage on her HUD with Thalo and Anabethe. "Fuck…" She says as she dodges an attack of her own and tries to get Firia to saftey. "Lord Nirton, I have a free arm if you want me to carry her." She says to Nitrim about Reena.

Anabethe adjusts her stance, trying to cover the space left by the retreating members of the party. Polearms are good for keeping space and claiming it, but the broader motions - especially when already slowed by injury - leave an opening for an alert opponent. The Hostile engaging her must have been watching, because as she's drawing back for a strike, it manages to land a blow square in her abdomen that leaves a crack across the metal…and probably more than cracks in her ribs. She goes down to one knee, bracing herself on the butt of her pike as she tries to draw a breath, only to push herself up once more and spend that breath on a shout. "Keep moving back!"

After falling again, Brienne forces herself to her feet. She looks at the factory, then the alley and turns from the factory towards safety, all the while fighting.

Thalo was slowed and weakened and he'd turned to deal with giving orders, so when that Greatsword slams into his arm and the HFP blast slams his armor and scours his insides up some more, he lands on the ground with a thud. He groans and pushes back up to his feet, turning on the two, mostly on the priest and sets himself again. "I'm gonna kill you fuckers…"

2 more go down, and Morrigan notes this in a half bleary, half despairing kind of way, still though he grins his teeth red with his own blood under the Balaclava he wears as he calls out to Nitrim. "I think we've lost…might be a good idea to run. I'm past it." With that he strikes at another Hostile, th strike accompanied by a strange laugh. Sometimes you had to laugh or you'd cry.

Stopping as he gets Reena back to the alley, Nitrim looks back to Anabethe to see her struggling. With the Priest still fighting, Nitrim looks to Bianka and reaches out to give her shoulder a squeeze. "If she fights you, choke her out." Nitrim says grimly as he turns to head back out of the alleyway, wreathed in fire that he sends out towards the Priest as he moves to Anabethe's six o'clock. "I wasn't there for Flint, Bethe…" Nitrim calls out to her, trying to make his point clear as he stands to fight alongside her.

Okay, so typing typing… then code that could be written in braille on a computer screen. "What the?" he shakes his head and puts down the tablet. He drops down and starts to help the blue person with wires, cards, and circuits. "I think it's slowing down." he says as he reorders a set of chips.

Dazedly satisfied by the message she recieves, Firia uses the opportunity to fade into a light doze, jostled by the movements of her gigantic carrier. Every movement costs energy, she notes this and settles on being quiet and unresponsive as possible. Her injuries feel like they are on psychometric fire, and the words of Nitrim pierce her brain in a foggy, prophetic sense. "Master Sean…if only my body weren't like that antique paper people used to write on…"

"Gods-damnit, think like a Hostile, girl," Blue Sister mutters to herself. "Hostiles hate, they're programmed, they're programs…" she's thinking as she lays underneath the relays of wires and conduits, looking up towards the center and trying to find a pattern in the network. "Yes it's slowing down," she replies to him, "or wait if you… crap," she says, too late to change his movements. "I just don't know how far it's going to blow…"

Reena opens her mouth to protest Nitrim heading back into the fray, but no sound comes out. She slides down the wall of the alley, exhausted and terrified for her friends and family still out there.

Bianka reaches out and attempts to hoist Reena over her shoulder. "Mourn later." She says as she looks to Firia. 'I'll keep you safe, and Thalo will keep Sean safe, just don't die on me…" She says, not wanting the little lady to die, because she has an important question to ask her once all is said and done.

"Nitrim, I need to focus on the fight," Anabethe says through gritted teeth, wincing as each motion strains her shoulder and sends shards of ribs into things they probably shouldn't be poking. "Defend from the back. The sooner everyone's safe, the sooner I can get back and behind a shield." Sooner would probably be better, in this case. There's just no retreating until she can safely disengage.

Growling as his Hand axe skitters across the Hostile's armor, Morrigan concentrates a bit more. Swinging the weapon again at the creature, flecking ichor in an arc with each swing.

Brienne scowls towards either Thalo or the factory before she draws the one Hostile she's fighting back with her, away from the blast zone, if there's gonne be one.

"Sir, we've got about a minute to clear out this building and get about a hundred feet away" The Blue Sister calls as she crawls out. "We can't disarm it, but we slowed it down… and figured out that's about how much is going to blow." She's picking up her sword and diving back into the fray, trying to take the one who is on the knight.

Torvald continues to struggle his way to safety, following just a few paces behind Bianka.

Thalo mananges to make contact this time around, but it's not enough to get through the hostile's armor. It bangs against it loudly and Thalo draws back, grunting.

Nothing has blown up yet, which is a good sign for Nitrim as he guards Anabethe's back, keeping one eye on the priest as he continues to pelt the leader-caste with fire and electricity in turn, a proverbial light-show of flaming aura and flashy attacks. Both hands being used, his arms arc forward, the electricity crackling between his hands before it lashes out to his target.

"Oops! Almost had it, damn it." Sean then curses enough to make Hollolas captains cover their virgin ears. "Alright lets G.T.F.O!" Sean's getting up and grabbing his tablet. and heading for the door, "Oh! Triplaser." he reminds on the way.

There's no audible reply to the babble of conversation, as the young lady Firia is out for the count, folded up small and grey faced in the giantess's arms like a child. The fighting with powers left to the more adept Nitrim to point, spin and crackle.

Again Morrigan's feeble attack scrapes off the Hostile's armor and once again Morigan strikes at the thing. Eventually he'd annoy the thing enough that it would just go away.

The electricity that courses through the air to the Priest arcs over its shoulder, leaving the Priest to raise its pistol and fire off a round that sails through the air. In a shatter of sparks, metal plating, and blood, a gout of blood splashes Anabethe's armor as Nitrim's neck is peppered with shrapnel. A hand shoots to his neck, pressing hard to the wound. Having taken a serious amount of punishment and somehow still moving, he roars, arm lashing out as a lined explosion of gravel and puffed-up dust scores out between him and the Priest, trying to bring him down.

Anabethe presses a button on her pike, shortening the haft to something that can be handled with one hand and lighting up a shield on her other arm. "Nitrim!" she exclaims as her brother takes another hit, trying to slowly work her way back without giving the Hostiles license to follow. "Take care of the ones in front of us so we can hit the rest from a safe place!"

Bianka keeps running with both Reena and her latest Crush, Firia, in her arms. "Torvald, keep up! You got at least fifty more years of living to do, that's an order brew master!"

Torvald huffs from behind Bianka and Firia. "If all I am is a brew master, then you're probably wrong." He grunts sarcastically as he struggles forward, resisting the urge to rest on that soft, soft pavement beneath his feet.

The Blue Sister jumps on her way out, getting ready to speak, when she hears a beep behind her as Sean comes through the door behind her. "Gods-dammit! RUN! At least a hundred feet away! NOW" She plows into the back of the Hostile fighting Thalo, and then keeps going. "Sir, you have to run, he tripped it again, I don't know how much time we have. RUN!"

Brienne doesn't run off immediately, but stays to fight her Hostile. Hearing the sounds from the door, she does turn and run.

So much for listening to his own caution, Right as he's about to hit the trip he remembers and saves himself from fully cutting the light. He's getting woozy and dazed and something's not right with his chest, it feels like fire's burning in his lungs. He starts to run again though, just blindly heading into the fray.

Time is running short. When Blue Sister told him how much time they had, Thalo called it out to the field, over the comm first, "Let's move, we've got less than a minute…" And then Blue Sister tells him what happened, "Fuck, move!" he looks to Sean, "Haul ass boy, go!" Thalo waits till everyone else has gotten away, holding back the hostile from grabbing anyone and keeping them there. He does move back, but does it while fending off the hostile.

Firia simply moves in time with the powerful striding pace of Bianka, with her loyal Uncle bringing up the rear. She is definitely out of it and not about to regain consciousness, given her fragile physique.

The group makes its way towards the safety of the alley. Actually the safety is halfway down the alley, but it's close enough, those walls will withstand the shock wave…hopefully. Thalo had put out a call for backup when the ambush happened, just a beacon he activated really. Still the response time is several minutes. For his own part during that retreat, Thalo manages to hold his own against that elite, but that isn't saying much. His strikes either hit armor, or are dodged, and he gets stabbed in the chest nice and good. That's going to scar. Limping, bleeding and raggedly breathing the Wall gets to the alley mouth, still refusing to let anyone stay longer than he does, still demanding he'll hold them off. And then the blast comes. It is deafeningly loud, and the building collapses in a heap of rubble under it. The shock wave slams into those present and into the buildings nearby, causing dust to rise and the ground to shake. Still though, it knocks the Hostiles on their faces. And moments later the guard shows up and within moments the remaining hostiles are riddled with arrows. Except that Priest. Somehow, someway, that priest managed to escape in the confusion.

Bianka takes a hit to her lower back, and stumble abit, keeping hold of the two smaller ladies in her grasp as she moves to try and regain her step and continue running. "Ouch…" She says as she keeps running, turning down a side alley. Once she gets out of the danger zone, the shock wave hits her and she is pushed into a wall, though, being the person who breaks the fal of the two ladies. Letting her helmet collapse. she looks over the two who are now passed out in her lap, since the shock wave landed her on her ass.

Something about people shouting "It's gonna blow!" really works to sharpen one's mind. Tossing his hand axe up in the air in a lazy manner, causing the hostile to look up to follow the trajectory, Morrigan strikes with the other one, burying it deep in the thing's throat. first axe picked out of the air, the man turns, checking where the Blue lady was at and heading for safety at a shambling half run leaving a blood trail on the pavement as he goes. The shock wave rattles him some though he did manage somehow to get far enough away. At this point, he keeps moving. Slipping deeper into the alleys and into the confusion. he had work in the morning…and he heeded to be home to come up with a really good excuse as to why he wasn't going to be there for the next month.

In the dust that billows out from the blast, The Blue Sister is glad of her face mask. She closes her eyes, and ends up flat on her face. Picking up the sword she dropped, she stows it in the sheath under her cloak. With the dust still in the air, she's just another person stumbling away, coated with the same color as everyone else. She looks around for the man in the dark cloak before she slips away into the darkness. She'll have to get a new basket.

Torvald was mid-way through kneeling down to the ground when the blast goes off and he's thrown face first into the pavement. Out cold for the moment, he lays there, unconscious amidst the chaos ensuing around him.

The explosion doesn't scare Nitrim, even as he limps to safety with a blood-stained gauntlet pressed to the shattered armor on his neck. The blood loss has slowed, but hasn't completely stop, and the last few steps down along the wall of the alley end in a stumble that forces his gloves to crunch against the brick for support. He gets a second to think, his HUD blurry through a water-haze of wavering vision. "Bethe, I'm really fucked u—" Nitrim manages before the blast comes. His knees buckle. The shockwave follows and he tilts over, his helmet banging hard on the corner of a dumpster as his body crumbles to the floor, and all of his senses shift to the sleep-like atmosphere that a lack of consciousness brings.

It's all Anabethe can do now to hit the Hostile she's watching enough to keep it from getting past her to the alley. She doesn't manage to hurt it, but at least it doesn't hurt her, either. She's not going to fight Thalo for the chance to get caught in the blast radius, either, falling back with good order until she's safe - relatively - in the alley. She barely has time to go to one knee and duck behind her shield when it goes off, and when the dust starts to settle…she's not getting up. Instead, she pulls herself over to Nitrim to check on her brother, then promptly stays right there to wait for the professional help. Before she punctures a lung. Or another lung.

Sean stumbles and then gets knocked around like a rag doll by the shockwave. He picks himself up and starts to pick his way through the chaos to find Firia and Torvald. Thankfully they are with someone who's hard to miss, and he slips down next to her on the Firia side, hand going to the small noblewoman's and giving it a gentle squeeze. "I did as you asked." then he rests his head back agains the wall for now, eyes closed.

Rattled out her slumber, a tousled head lifts and Firia props herself stiffly up for a moment, before buckling underneath hazy streams of dark grey that cloud her vision. Sleep tinged with the dark red pains shooting through her drugged bloodstream. Catching the tail end of Seans remark, lips tugging into a ragged version of a smile, able to drift into a blank, dreamless state.

Bianka looks down at Firia and then to sean. 'Sean… you cock block me and I will rip your head off." She says simply to the musician, wather it's a joke or not, she says it anyway.

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